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Two companies merge to provide higher security against spyware threats.

By:Mitch Johnson

In an effort to offer computer users who utilize Internet Explorer an initial protection device against spyware, Jayde Online Inc. and Xblock Software announced a partnership they planned to take on in 2004. The two companies planned to merge the spyware tool X-Cleaner, provided by XBlock, into Jayde’s Internet Explorer search engine toolbar, ExactSeek.com. The ExactSeek toolbar already provided features including web search, pop-up blocking, highlighting and drag and search along with Alexa ranking information.

Executives at Jayde Online are seeking to provide internet users with multiple new features upon the release of each new free toolbar. By working with XBlock the company hopes to provide users with an initial line of defense against spyware threats. Because computer users are constantly being preyed upon by spyware those involved in the industry predict spyware could far surpass the threats computer viruses bring. Executives at XBlock believe the use of anti-spyware tools on the ExactSeek toolbar will not offer computer users a complete defense against spyware but it will protect computers from the most prevalent spyware, adware, keylogger and Trojan problems.

The XBlock company has provided several online security tools for consumers and corporations since its beginning. ExactSeek.com is part of the Jayde Corporation which is comprised of several online network sites. Jayde also focuses on publishing several email newsletters.

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