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You Can Completely Alter Your Life With “Profound Knowledge

By:Saleem Rana

In the field of psychology, many people are aware of how trauma can ruin a person’s life, throwing it off-track, bringing misery and chaos in it’s wake.

But what most people are not aware of is that the opposite can happen. Something really good can happen to a person that elevates their lives to the level of greatness.

For lack of a better term, I am calling this experience “profound knowledge.”

This is something fascinating and worth exploring.

A 13-year-old-boy boy in Singapore went to an accelerated learning workshop called Super-Teen that used many of Tony Buzan’s ideas.

He went from the bottom of his class to the top of his school in academic performance in a year. He topped his “O” level examinations, scoring in the 1 percentile bracket. Then he did the same thing with his “A” level examinations and was admitted to the best university in the country. He also became a multimillionaire by the age of 26.

Today he is a leading educational and business figure in Singapore. Millions seek to learn from him how to shift their lives. His books have been on the best-seller lists.

Similarly, another boy, this one an American, went to a Summer Camp. He, too, was at the bottom of his class.

He was taking remedial learning classes in this camp, but, as usual, not doing well.

He spent his afternoons at the bottom of a swimming pool, practicing how to hold his breath.

Something remarkable happened.

This little game expanded his carotid artery, literally allowing his brain to take in more oxygen from his lungs. And he went from straight F’s to straight A’s to everyone’s amazement, including his own.

All he did was accidentally learn how to breathe in a much deeper way!

Years later, when he was a leading educational figure in America, he recalls this incident as the turning point in his life.

Today he has a doctorate in education and is creating programs and systems that teach people how to think like a genius. In fact, in his own right, he is considered a genius.

I’ll give you one more true story.

Again, this is another American boy. He loved to play baseball but was hopeless at it. He could barely bat.

His father took him to see an educational expert (the same one mentioned earlier) and after a brief session of guided imagery, the boy had an unconscious perception of how to swing the bat and connect with the ball.

From that point on he began to play well, and in a short time started to star, until he ended up becoming an MVP, a Most Valued Player, in his school district.

Sometimes, this “profound knowledge” can affect a whole culture.

When Edward Deming went to help post-war Japan recover, his ideas so impacted his audience that it made Japan one of the world’s leading manufacturers of top quality products.

Usually, this is the cycle of the reception of “profound knowledge:”

There is an upset. This happens usually in childhood, when we are more open and vulnerable, more naïve about how the world works.

Then something happens, usually by accident, that completely changes our world-view overnight.

This is a piece of information that completely solves our major problem. Someone or something happens to give us “profound knowledge.”

We then embrace this experience, “take it to heart” and it transforms our world.

Now the most interesting thing about this “profound knowledge” is that it not only starts to work immediately, but increases in “profoundness” over time, until it reaches astonishing proportions.

It does happen in adulthood as well, but rarely. This is because adults are generally less open and impressionable.

Most cases occur in entrepreneurial businesses, where one day, someone is struggling, with barely enough to eat, and then, to everyone’s surprise, they connect with “profound knowledge” and go on to make millions.

Now that you have become aware of “profound knowledge” review your own life and see if you can find any incidents that could have lifted you to another level.

Once you find this incident, see if there is a way for you to revisit it and embrace it’s silent and invisible power.

You are looking for three things: (a) an upset; (b) a receptivity; (c) exposure to profound knowledge.

If you can find this incident in your past, it will be well worth your while to see if you can nurture it and bring it into your present experience.

It may have been a course you took or a book you read or something someone said to you. It may have been a person who helped and inspired you and made you realize your own special gifts. It may have been an insight you suddenly stumbled upon while doing something quite mundane but that made you stop in astonishment.

Once you find it, see if you can evoke the mood, and also note how you just missed embracing it. Now, in the present moment, see how you can amplify it; then, make it alive enough for you to transform it into “profound knowledge.”

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