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Timeless Childhood Toys Series: Imaginative Toys

By:Christine Harrell

In this week’s Timeless Childhood Toys Series we’re focusing on favorite imaginative toys for kids. With our hectic schedules, television overload, and shrinking budget for arts in schools, the amount the creative fire in most of our lives seems to have dwindled to a dull flicker. Here we’ll introduce the top 3 imaginative toys as seen by children, parents, and our team of enthusiasts:

Puppet Theater: by Alex
The first time we saw on this fun and colorful puppet theater by Alex Toys, it instantly ranked among the favorites. The bright colors, stripes, polka dots and stars seem to spark creativity and smiles among children and adults. Kids love this puppet theater because they can get inside of it comfortably, draw the curtains and prepare an imaginative puppet show. Alex Toys does a great job of designing toys from a kid’s point of view. With the Alex puppet theater, the inside where the imagination takes place is designed to be just as colorful as the outside.

3 Wishes Fairy Castle and Wooden Camelot Castle Toys: by Papo
Richly detailed castle toys are always a big hit with kids, but our favorite of the castle toys for girls is the 3 Wishes Fairy Castle by Papo. Papo’s castle toys seem so life-like, yet so whimsical at the same time. No detail has been spared from this fun pink fairy castle. Similarly for boys, the Wooden Camelot Castle by Papo is just as intricately detailed and whimsical. Looking at any of Papo’s castle toys you can almost imagine yourself in the scene – to a time where chivalry was not dead, costumes were ornate, and magic was in the air.

Art Easel: by Alex
The key to an imaginative toy is that there is just enough to spark creativity. The art easel by Alex Toys not only give children a canvas on which to create, but all of the art supplies as well. Unlike other art easels, the Alex art easel has two oversized trays on each side to hold art supplies so that children can use a variety of creative mediums. Paper for the art easel is plentiful and dispensed from a paper roll so that kids can paint, color, and draw without having to stop for more supplies.

Imaginative toys create a sense of wonder about the world and an ideology that anything can be possible. It is those with a vivid sense of imagination that become the inventors, scientists, artists, and authors that enrich our lives. Best of all, children are naturally creative and toys that really spark a child’s imagination are often the toys that they remember most fondly throughout their lifetimes.

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