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What to Look for in a Cordless Phone

By:Mike Freemen

When the first cordless phone hit the market, it represented a new and extremely useful technological innovation. With the advent of the cordless phone, taking a call no longer meant being trapped within a ten foot radius of the phone. Now, callers were free to roam around the home, or even go outside, all without losing their connection.

Of course the first cordless phone models were absolutely primitive by today’s standards, and the cordless phone is one of the few things that has decreased in price while increasing in quality. While the first cordless phone models ran on a limited number of radio frequencies, usually 10 or 25 channels, the 900MHz and 2GHz cordless phone models today are clearer, easier to use, and cheaper than their forebears.

This represents good news for the cordless phone shopper, and the cordless phone has become so cheap and so commonplace that many people have more than one in their home. Shopping for a cordless phone can yield some great deals, and some highly attractive phones, for the savvy shopper.

There are of course many places to start the search for the perfect cordless phone, including discount retailers, department stores, electronics retailers and office supply stores. Most of these sources will have a great many cordless phone models, by a number of different manufacturers, from which to choose.

Given all this variety among cordless phone models and brands, it may simply be a matter of finding the cordless phone that best meets your needs. The functionality of the basic cordless phone is largely the same from brand to brand and model to model, but some of the higher end brands will have additional features, like conferencing capabilities and extra handsets.

This conferencing capability, and the sophistication of the modern cordless phone, has led many businesses to embrace the cordless phone as an extension of, or even as a replacement for, the traditional corded phone. The cordless phone makes a great deal of sense in the business world, and many smart business people are equipping their staff with these great communication devices.

There is no doubt that the technology surrounding the telephone has come a long way. From the first clunky cordless phones to the slim and sleek cellular phones we see today, the technology that allows us to communicate with the outside world is ever changing, so it is important to constantly keep up with the latest in technology.

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