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Custom Rubber Bracelets -- Fundraisers To ID Bands

By:Joseph Barrett

Initially used for spreading awareness about cancer, custom rubber bracelets are now the darling of every non-profit organization – both for awareness generation and as a great fundraising tool. The Red Cross has its own red custom rubber bracelets for supporting Tsunami victims, while the relatives of American servicemen wear green custom rubber bracelets bearing the message ‘Support our troops.’ Besides, each cancer charity has its own custom color bracelets!

Custom rubber bracelets also serve as a fashion statement. That’s one of the main reasons for their popularity. Ace cyclist Lance Armstrong had returned to win the Tour de France title for a record seventh time after his successful fight with cancer wearing one of these rubber bracelets. Since Lance Armstrong cycled to victory wearing his famous yellow LiveStrong rubber band, the Lance Armstrong Foundation has sold 52 million rubber bracelets and contributed millions to cancer research. Snapping at the heels of the LiveStrong cancer rubber bracelets in popularity, we have the pink breast cancer awareness bracelets.

There are rubber bracelets worn by Hurricane Katrina rescue workers and custom rubber bracelets with the tsunami theme as well. You also have NBA, MLB, and NASCAR custom rubber bracelets, rubber bracelets with team symbols, or ones with any specific designs you like.

Now you can even design your own custom bracelets: when you shop online you can have silicon custom-embossed extra wide bracelets, twice as thick as the standard silicone bracelets; you can select the colors, the design, and the text you want to print. There are colors and designs that glow in the dark. Obviously, the more you want to customize your bracelet, the more expensive it becomes. Silicone, leather and metal custom bracelets are more expensive then the rubber ones. The former, though, are really great fundraisers.

There are also screen-printed silicone bracelets. These cheaper than the embossed versions. Contact the custom rubber bracelet agencies and they will provide you with the different color and design options they have for their bracelets. Once you select your color, design, and even the material (whether silicone, metal, or rubber), the agency will send you a full color proof. You can make further additions or any other changes to the proof. Once you are satisfied with the design, the agency starts the production of your custom bracelet.

Custom rubber bracelets are used as identification devices. In hospitals, custom bracelets are worn by patients. These bracelets have all the medical information of the patient imprinted on them. This is really useful in emergency situations when doctors can access all the information they need from the patient’s wrist. Newborn babies have bracelets around their wrists for identification in neo-natal wards.

Custom rubber bracelets are not just about a message or an attitude, but they are now important information tools as well.

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Lisa Hyde-Barrett, a registered nurse and wellness advocate has become passionate about the new research behind cancer and the fundraising efforts supporting it. www.buy-rubber-wristbands.com

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