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Subaru WRX Ė Buying a Used Oneowner Cult Classic

By:Kerry Plowright

There are certain vehicles whose previous usage warrants a close examination. In this particular instance, since its introduction into Australia in 1994, the Subaru Impreza WRX has been extremely popular and widely recognised for frequently being punished by owners. Not only was the turbo-charged WRX fast, it handled like a rocket on rails thanks to the All Wheel Drive system. Today, the WRX is as popular as ever, and has rightfully earned the status of cult classic. But, you want one of these speed machines and canít spare $42,000, a oneowner used car might be your safest option.

Drive through any suburb and youíll find the young and baseball-capped driving around proudly in their Subaru WRXs. If youíre young and in need of a little street cred, then all you need to do is get behind the wheel of your very own WRX. Buying a brand new car is often out of the question for many of these younger drivers so a used car is usually the only option. But if youíre not careful when buying a used WRX, your dream car could cost you a lot more than what you anticipated.

Firstly, when considering buying a Subaru WRX, you need to find out how much your insurance is going to cost you. A word of warning; if youíre under 25, comprehensive insurance is going to cost you a bucketload! Get quotes from a number of insurance companies. If you find you canít afford the insurance, donít buy the car.

Why is insurance so high on these cars? Well firstly, they are prime targets for thieves. Many will remember that the WRX was favoured above all by ram raiders and they are still being used in illegal activities today. They were in fact so successful among the criminal element, that the NSW Police used some as Highway Patrol cars as they were sick and tired of being outrun by ram raiders. Another reason for the sometimes extraordinary high insurance premiums may be that they are involved in a higher number of accidents.

If you decide that you can afford the annual insurance bill, then you need to find a suitable used car. As many of these are driven hard, look for wear and tear, especially on the clutch in manual models. Check for oil smoke when the accelerator is pushed hard after a period of idling. Also, look for body damage or repair work and listen for turbo whining. Itís highly advisable to get a professional inspection before you buy.

Remember, the car youíre inspecting may have previously been owned by a young driver who drove it hard and was financially unable to care for it in the way that it should be cared for. So, be careful! If possible, look for a car that has had one owner only: and an older owner at that. As the WRX is also popular with the older guys, youíll do best buying from them. They usually donít thrash the car as much as the younger hoons and they usually have the financial means to keep the car purring like a kitten.

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