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Anxiety - Unnatural or Natural?

By:Barney Garcia

There has always been the existence of the feeling of anxiety - anticipation of danger and the fear of some untoward occurrence in the back of our minds. However, in the modern age of stress, cutthroat competition and uncertainty, the problem of anxiety has become chronic and has developed into a menace. This has posed a major challenge towards the maintenance of our good health and well-being.

Characteristics of anxiety

Anxiety is an uncomfortable emotional state. This is characterized by a feeling of apprehension, worry, nervousness, dread, feeling of stress that may stem from the anticipation of some non-specific source of danger. Some physical symptoms are also associated with anxiety. Rapid heartbeat, dizziness, fainting tendency, trembling, irregular breathing, sweating, palpitations, hypertension, chest pain and shortness of breath are common symptoms, all/some of which are observed in persons suffering from anxiety.

It can be that anxiety is the outcome of situations of stress. Again, the apparent outcome of tension of stress can be part of a bigger problem. It can be associated with several other medical problems, which all may also be pertaining to the psychiatric state. A proper diagnosis can reveal much.

A person suffering from anxiety displays hyperactive behavior and can display hyper- attentiveness too. The anxiety sufferers tend to be irritable. They often suffer from insomnia and get tired easily. They have the feeling of living on the verge of losing out.

Large number of children has also been reported to suffer from anxiety nowadays. Since childhood is a crucial period of life, it is common for the children who have been abused and neglected to suffer from anxiety. This may even reach such enormous proportions as to interfere with a child’s ability to function normally.

It may be noted that anxiety may actually prove beneficial in some respects too. The feeling of anxiety helps cope with the intense situations arising in life. In a way, it helps motivate persons to prepare in the best manner and perform to the utmost in public speaking, at an exam, in working towards meeting some deadline etc. However, it turns into a malady if it goes beyond a certain limit and threatens health.

Treatment and remedial measures for anxiety

Psychotherapy is an effective way to get rid of anxiety. Talking to the person concerned often eases out many of the underlying causes of anxiety. Behavior and cognitive therapies are other common therapies for curing anxiety. Behavior therapy sees to it that unwanted behavior are got rid of and the individual is rendered more capable of facing difficult situations in life. Cognitive therapy concerns changing unproductive or harmful thought patterns.

Medications for relieving anxiety, stress and tension are also suggested. This is often used with psychotherapy and cognitive behavior therapy. Anti depressants and anti anxiety medicines called ‘anxiolytics’ are used with benefit in alleviating anxiety. Relaxation procedures also help in this situation. Herbal medicines inducing a soothing feeling and bringing about relaxation are much helpful in relieving anxiety.

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