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Single? Meet and Greet on a Yacht!

By:David Dunlap

If sailing’s your thing, just because you’re single doesn’t mean you have to miss out on some of the world’s greatest excursions! You can book a cruise with an agency or a cruise ship, which organizes all the activities, on-board meals, and other amenities. There are a plethora of packages from which to choose, so there’s a “matchmaking” cruise on a sailboat or yacht for anyone!

Also, the entire yacht will not be comprised of only single people. Some couples like to join in on the fun, too, but one thing’s for sure: you won’t have to contend with any families, or the pitter-patter of children’s noisy feet running around to disrupt the “mood.”

Most cruise yachts catering to singles tours carry from 250 to 400 people, reserving a block of cabins for the groups of singles and the “couple’s groups.” However, some yachts and cruise ships can carry up to 2,000. You’ll have no trouble finding the right number of people for your individual preference.

You’ll have a blast sailing the ocean blue while your hosts schedule the parties, games, lectures, pool parties, and nightly get-togethers that’ll keep you entertained. These tour guides specialize in this kind of cruise, so they’re very experienced and not apt to seat a 24-year-old free-wheelin’ single gal from Pittsburgh next to a 55-year-old male librarian from Santa Fe.

There’s usually a yacht online message board where you can start “chatting” with your sailing mates before actually meeting, if you’d prefer. And, some agencies organize a special “meet and greet” before the cruise so you can get to know your travel partners ahead of time.

And there’s also variety: you’ll never find a “typical” cruise; unless you’re signing on for a very specific type of cruise, i.e., “Vegans Only,” you’ll meet singles from all walks of life, involved in all kinds of trades and professions. And many will be returning to reunite with friends they made on their last trip; maybe you’ll be next!

Traveling alone has never been so much fun! Just think “yachting” for this year’s upcoming vacation, and you’re guaranteed to meet new people; maybe even a special someone. So whatever your tastes, interests, or age, there’s a sailing adventure waiting – just for you!

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David is the founder and owner of multiple online boating and sailing resources. For more information on sailboats, yachts or other sailing topics, feel free to visit http://theoceansailingguide.com

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