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The Power of Ultra Sound

By:Mike Freemen

The past few decades have been witness to an explosion in the world of medical technology, and one of the most exiting new medical innovations is that of the ultra sound. There are a great many uses for ultra sound in the world of medicine, and new uses are popping up every day.

Ultra sound is often used as a diagnostic tool in hospitals and even in many doctorís offices. Ultra sound can be used to find obstructions, growths and even tumors, and it is often used as a way to rule in or rule out a medical diagnosis.

In addition to the world of human medicine, ultra sound technology is increasingly being used in the world of veterinary medicine. The uses of ultra sound in the veterinarianís office are much the same as in human medicine, and the technology continues to grow and evolve.

Perhaps the most well known use for ultra sound, however, is to allow mothers to be to get an inside glimpse of their baby long before he or she is born. The ultra sound has a great many uses in the world of prenatal care, and doctors and hospitals routinely use ultra sound to detect possible problems with the pregnancy. Ultra sound technology has allowed many potential problems to be caught early, and in some cases these medical problems have been fixed while the baby is still in the motherís womb.

And of course ultra sound technology has been used to provide those mothers to be with a keepsake photograph of their unborn son or daughter. Ultra sound technology has long been used to determine the sex of the baby, and many parents love to show off these ultra sound photographs, even framing them as one would a baby picture. This trend has led to a new industry of ultra sound photography clinics. These special photo booths allow mothers to see their baby in various stages of growth, and these ultra sound photographs can be a great documentary keepsake for years to come.

No matter what you use it for, there is no doubt that ultra sound technology is one of the most important medical advances in the history of medicine. Like the x-ray before it, ultra sound provides a unique glimpse into the world beneath our skins, giving us a head start on diagnosing serious diseases and of course giving us a precious look at the growing fetus as well.

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