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10 things to do in the Arabian Peninsula

By:Jacob Fiennes

1. Embrace the remarkable Beit Sheikh Isa bin Ali on Muharraq Island in Bahrain.

2. Wander about coconut, frankinsense and camels along the Dhofar coast.

3. Slap on a scuba mask and tank and take in the breathtaking coral waters of the Khor Fakkan coast in the UAE.

4. Stand in jaw-dropped amazement at the foot of the Madain Salah in the heart of the Saudi desert. A stunning array of architecture carved out of the rock face.

5. Take in the scenery from Yemen's most isolated and remote hilltop dwelling of Shaharah in the North.

6. Enjoy the recently declared Unesco World Heritage Site of the ancient city of San'a in all its architectural splendor.

7. Explore the lush date plantations, rolling gardens and traditionally built houses in the Wadi Ghul in Oman.

8. Barter for frankincense from the many sellers in the markets of Oman.

9. Stroll along the water-lapped sand dunes surrounding Khor al-Adaid in Qatar.

10. Peruse the endless gleaming gold merchants in the Dubai Gold Souq.

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Jacob Fiennes is an enthusiastic traveller and photographer with a passion for discovery. He is a founder and regular contributor to the hugely popular worldwide hotel reservations site TravelBX.com. Visit the site for your next hotel room reservation, flight ticket, tailored holiday package and much more. www.travelbx.com

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