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Is Blue Cross And Blue Shield Health Insurance Right For Me?

By:Mike Singh

You have plenty of options when choosing a family insurance plan that suits your needs. Whether choosing a plan through an employer or through a private company, you will have a choice at what type of family Blue Shield plan is right for you. You have the option of PPO, HMO, and POS insurance plans that fit almost all budgets. The size of your co-pay will determine how much you pay in monthly coverage fees and can be raised or lowed depending on your family’s medical needs.

For those families who do not have any chronic medical needs, the Blue Shield POS or PPO plans can be highly affordable and flexible. This plan offers the carrier the option of how much of a deductible they are willing to pay per year. Deductibles under the family Blue Shield insurance plans can range from $250-$2500, depending on what the buyer can afford each month for coverage. Most Blue Shield, PPO and POS plans that are most popular carry a $1000 deductible. This makes monthly coverage fees and co-pays affordable as well as the deductible itself.

If you or a member of your family needs more chronic or consistent medical attention, the family Blue Shield HMO insurance plan may be a better deal. This type of plan covers your primary physician in the network and all your referrals to specialists in the network as well. You will also not have to meet a deductible and have a smaller co-pay. The difference lies in a slightly higher monthly coverage fee. For those who need a lot of medical coverage more regularly the HMO is the better plan for them.

When choosing the right insurance plan, be sure to not only know what your medical needs are, but your budget as well. It is important to pick a plan that offers you the most services at the best cost. If your family Blue Shield plan is through your employer you will most likely not be able to choose the type, but will get a lower cost. If you are purchasing your plan through a private company you will be more able to choose options that best suit your family’s individual needs at a price that is affordable for you. As your needs and financial situations change, you will be able to modify your family Blue Shield plan. Choosing the right insurance plan may not always be easy, but choosing a family Blue Shield plan will be beneficial and serve your family well.

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