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Viewing Your Time as a Valuable Commodity

By:Jeff Casmer

Sometimes the keys to successful time management have nothing to do with planners, schedules or organization technique. Instead, changes of viewpoint can make all the difference in the world. These epiphanies can transform one’s outlook regarding time and how it is handled. One of the most important recognitions is understanding time, not as a menacing clock ticking away, but as a valuable commodity.

How do you treat your valuables? You aren’t reckless with them. You treat them well. You covet special items and afford them the very best possible treatment. When you begin to understand the value of time as a commodity of sorts, managing its use can become almost second nature.

Look at it this way. Time is valuable. It is the window of opportunity for everything we accomplish. To make it even more valuable, it is a prerequisite to our very being. When we “run out of time,” in the largest sense, we die completely. Recognizing that time is truly worth more than anything and that it is the basis for everything repositions our thinking.

Suddenly, we can begin to approach our decisions with time truly in mind. Instead of merely focusing on deadlines and must-do’s, we begin to think in terms of ways we can truly maximize what we have. We may also develop a strong reluctance to engage in practices that fail to contribute to our larger goals.

One is less apt to “waste time” when they think of it in terms of its nearly infinite value as opposed to when it is perceived as little more than an annoying timer. One begins to relish time and to milk it dry of all opportunity. That is an amazingly empowering step to take. The lists begin to look less oppressive, the chores seem to become opportunities for celebration and progress.

How do you feel about time? Is it merely a hurdle for you to jump or can you begin to appreciate it as the foundation of all things--including life. When you are able to truly comprehend the value of the commodity called “time,” you will naturally begin to approach your daily tasks differently. You will seek to complete them, but you may also find yourself enjoying them even more in an effort to imbue each precious moment with greater significance.

Just as one would never play a game of pick up baseball with a Faberge egg, no one who truly senses the boundless value of time would ever squander precious minutes on meaningless distractions. Instead, he or she will naturally focus on maximizing the value of time with respect to individual goals.

A solid organizing system and a good plan may be critical to the ability of some to better manage their time. However, a simple shift of perspective may have a far more profound impact on outcomes.

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