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Interesting Facts To Consider When Shopping For A Watch

By:David Arnold Livingston

The real score on what is the best brand among all watches is always a debatable topic for wristwatch fanatics. The different features and uniqueness in style of each brand of watch makes it even harder to rank which one is better than the other. Although, when you talk about Rolex watches, there is an instant public perception of excellence that makes the big difference from all other brands of watches.

For a fact, Rolex watches are undoubtedly known to be the best fine watch brand internationally. Their brand has long been well-known to be the maker of superior watches. Rolex is the pioneer and inventor of numerous major watch concepts.

Examples of these are the first “certified chronometer”, the first successful “waterproof” and dustproof watch casing, the first automatic changing date wristwatch, and the techniques applied in the manufacturing by the bulk of premium watches.

In the 1980’s the image of Rolex watches surged from popular to one of world’s renowned watch brand. Rolex watches have become the status symbol of rich people throughout the world. Rolex watches’ popularity rose astronomically with its price. From a Rolex watch sold at $900US in 1981 it increased to a staggering $2,350 by 1991. This happened without any major modification to the watch design.

The Rolex watch phenomenon though has some myths accumulated through time. Here are some of them:

• That Rolex watches are handmade per unit individually.

This is a myth. Majority of the Rolex watches are mass-made by state of the art factories that apply various construction methods invented by Rolex. This high-end watch brand finishes around 1 million watches each year. There are special edition watches however that are really handcrafted.

• It is a myth to say that the most accurate watch of all time is Rolex.

Even a 25 dollar worth Casio watch can tell time as accurately as a Rolex. The expensive price tag of Rolex is brought about by the jewelry that accentuates it. Money therefore is not a factor in choosing the most accurate watch.

• Years are spent in the making of a Rolex watch.

Untrue. Although this claim is bombarded by Rolex watch advertising campaigns, there is no scientific proof that proves this. This marketing strategy is just designed to create an image of laborious craftsmanship that takes years to make, to justify the price of course. The idea behind is to cover up that in reality Rolex watches are mass produced.

• Rolex watches can be resold at a high price.

Although it is true that Rolex watches have higher resale value than other watches, it does not assure that buying a Rolex watch is a sound investment. Any watch when resold was meant to depreciate in value. So be sure that business of reselling a Rolex watch is not the reason for buying one of the world’s most expensive watches.

Are Rolex watches the best in the world?

It all depends on what your purpose is. If you like the most popular watch and a status symbol and you have the money, then by all means have it. But if you are just looking for a good performance watch, it will be more efficient to pick a watch for your type of activity.

Examine the features, the durability, looks and match it with the owner’s personality.

The most comfortable watch and the one that you really like to wear is always the best choice.

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