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Create Interesting Presentations With Microsoft PowerPoint

By:James Hunt

Microsoft has created a new and interesting way of creating presentations. However, if you are not familiar with this program and how to use it you may get very frustrated and decide not to use it at all. The PowerPoint program that has been created by Microsoft is a great program and once you know some of the tricks then you can become a master at using this program.

Here are some things that people have trouble with when using PowerPoint. One of the main things that people have trouble with when using PowerPoint is resizing certain elements. When you are resizing elements in this program, you want to size them so that everything is the same size. Make sure that when resizing things that you do it all at once. This way you can ensure that everything is the same. To resize pictures so that they are all the same, what you have to do is,

• Click on the picture
• Hold down the shift key
• Click the other pictures that you want resize
• Then you mouse drag the picture to the size that you want

Sometime people use the PowerPoint program but they are using a later or outdated version of Microsoft word therefore they are having trouble enabling the slides that they have created. To fix this problem all you need to do is,

• Open the Tools menu
• Select Options
• Then click the View tab, and deselect the check box labeled Picture Placeholders

This should enable the slides and they should come as if they normally would.

The more fun you have with your PowerPoint presentation then the better it will look. What makes a presentation look good is when people add shapes and images to their slides. People might have trouble doing this, but in actuality it is quite simple. You can add shapes to the PowerPoint slide by simply using the AutoShapes button from the Drawing toolbar. You can also add symbols and test to the shape if you like to do so.

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