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Digital cameras compared to 33mm cameras

By:Joseph Then

The Digital Cameras are more compact than some of older 35mm cameras. They are capable of producing a higher quality of pictures with better details when they are done properly.

The Digital Camera also has the capability of holding more pictures so you would not half to change the film as often. Plus you do not have to worry about the film being exposed to the sum and loosing all of your pictures that you took on that fabulous vacation with you family.

With the Digital Camera you have the option of purchasing a memory card that will give the capability of storing for pictures on your camera. If you would happen to get the larger memory card you could double or triple your storing space on the camera.

You do have the ability of viewing the picture before you would have the picture printed out from the memory card or camera. When you view the picture you have the choice of keeping the picture of you could throw the picture in the trash and try to take another one in its place.

This makes it nice because then if someone is making a funny face you could tell them that you half to try again and if they don’t like that then they will do it right then next time. Plus you do not half to wait until the pictures come back from being developed and finding that some of the pictures did not come out like you expected.

The other advantage of the Digital Camera is that you have the capability of sharing the photos with your friends and family through the computer or even making a slide show and saving it on a disk then send it to them if they cannot be there to see you very often.

With the Digital Camera it takes less time to develop the pictures so it would even cost less than a traditional film would. Even when you are able to do them on the computer you would even save the time and gas when you would have to go to the store to have it done.

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Digital cameras compared to 33mm cameras
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