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Harness the Power of Breathing and Live A Better Life

By:Arun Pal Singh

The importance of breathing is obvious and we depend on it to sustain our lives. As human beings we have to eliminate the things that our body is no longer using, and breathing takes care of 70% of this process.

Other than eliminating the air from your lungs, after it has been depleted of oxygen, breathing also takes out toxins from your body.

You can also eliminate non-chemical items such as emotions or stress. By harnessing the immense power of breathing you can create a better connection with your inners self, preparing to efficiently combat outside stress factors.

Many cultures see breath as the connection with the soul. Every one of us may be considered an expert in breathing – after all, we are doing it every day! However, this is a wrong assumption and many people never even see the hidden potential breathing incorporates.

By becoming more aware of your breathing you will be able to reduce any outside negative elements. Focus your attention on your breath and direct your mind to think only about it. The rhythmical sensation your breath produces will help your mind, and your body, relax and slow down.

Thinking is responsible for most of the tensions and upsets we face, and this little exercise takes thinking into a harmonious and peaceful location.

Quite a number of our thoughts are negative in nature. We often use or think about words like “won’t”, “can’t”, “shouldn’t”. Their negative connotations reflect on the way we feel, increasing nervousness and stress.

Our brain processes millions of thoughts on a daily basis and focusing it on your breath gives it a much-deserved break. Temporarily lowering your mind’s activity gives you extra peace and helps relax both your brain and your body.

In order to reach a goal you will need to improve certain skills. You can’t just be an Olympic athlete – you have to become one! This can be done by building up your strengths and stamina, as well as improving your techniques.

Improving your breathing works exactly the same way. Right now you are at a low level, as you didn’t do any additional exercises to improve your breathing. Your subconscious mind usually takes care of this process, leaving your conscious mind to deal with other things.

However, this is the time to take things into your own hands, and consciously control your breathing for the duration of the exercises

At first, try to analyze yourself every time you inhale and exhale. Do this until your mind gets used to the rhythmic tone of breaths and let your brain preoccupy itself only with your breathing.

It might be hard at first, as you will get distracted by sounds or movements around you. In time, however, you will manage to ignore outside interference and sustain a prolonged period of clear focus.

Regularly practicing with your breathing and you will soon begin to see some of the positive effects of better understanding and controlling one of the vital elements that keep us alive.

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