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Why Most People Fail To Achieve Their Goals

By:Terence Young

We have all set a goal at one stage of our lives or another, whether it be only once a year as a new year resolution or maybe it was a weight loss goal. Whatever it might be, we all experience different levels of success with accomplishing the goals that we success. Some achieve moderate success, while others are just abysmal failures when it comes to achieving the goals they set.

With the abundance of goal setting books out there and the number of self help/motivational gurus telling you
how to dream and achieve your goals in life then why is it that so many people are still struggling to get what they want out of life.

Below you will find some common reasons why people fail to achieve their goals and hopefully you will learn to avoid making them on your journey to fulfilling your goals and dreams.

*Iíll start tomorrow. This must be the line of every favorite procrastinator. They convince themselves that they will start that new diet tomorrow, theyíll get their act together starting tomorrow, theyíll stop spending on their credit card starting tomorrow. If you want to start a goal in motion the best time to start is yesterday. The second best time to start it is today. Stop putting off what should be done today for tomorrow because the only time you can control is the now and the present so why not start today.

*They take on to much all at once. The best way to guarantee failure is to have to many balls juggling in the air. Itís almost addictive for people who consistently fail to get so overwhelmed with to many goals and things to do that they either overwhelm themselves or occupy themselves so totally with things that donít matter. You need to get clarity in your life with what is important and focus only on achieving that goal till completion. Itís easy to be ďbusyĒ for the sake of being busy but never actually getting any closer to achieving your goal.

*They donít stick to their goal. We all can get discouraged with the fact that things donít always go to plan. But you have to learn to persevere. If our parents all gave up on us after we fell down a dozen times trying to walk when we were toddlers than we would all be in a sorry state of affairs. But our parents had enough perseverance to believe that we will eventually get there with more effort and coaching that they persisted. We need to have that same level of conviction if we too are to succeed in our goals. Falling down is a normal part of learning. Itís only through our failures that we learn and grow so why not fall forward and get up. At least you are that much closer to your goal. It is only the people who never stick to their goals that they never achieve anything of value in life and then wonder why they feel a sense of dissatisfaction with where they end up.

*They donít have enough accountability. We all know that we work better when we have someone that we are accountable to. We seem to rise up to the occasion and get that little extra out of ourselves. The best illustration is when we go to the gym to do a workout. We tend to always train with someone who can spot for us. It is that person that convinces us that we have one more rep left in us when everything in your head and body tells you otherwise. Ironically its these last reps where we grow the most in terms of muscle growth and strength. So when you have a goal you need to get yourself someone whom you can be accountable to. The person you pick needs to be someone who is supportive of your goals and can be strict with you to keep to your commitments. You will find an accountability partner invaluable to your success and if both of you have similar goals in mind then this is even better.

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