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Help Picking The Perfect Wedding Hairstyle For Long, Short and Medium Hair

By:Sam Smith

Sure you have a lot of things to plan like your wedding dress, wedding shoes and of course the accessories to go with your wedding day outfit. It all seems very overwhelming. However, one thing that you do not want to forget about at any cost is the hairstyle for the day. Your hairstyle is the crowning glory of your outfit and a great way to show off your personality. Hairstyles are very important and therefore a key ingredient to your wedding planning. It honestly does not matter if you have long, short or medium hair there are so many styles and options that with careful planning you will be able to find a wedding hair style that fits you perfectly.

First there are some important factors that need to be taken into consideration when deciding on the perfect wedding hairstyle for the big day. You want to think about the following three things as you decide your hairstyle.

Type of Wedding:
First you need to take into consideration the theme and style of the wedding. For example if you are having a very formal wedding then you will want to have an updo hairstyle or even a bun. Hair that is pulled back tight and controlled in a bun makes a great formal look and will therefore compliment a formal or classic wedding dress.

On the other hand if you are having an informal beach themed wedding in Hawaii then this formal bun or pulled backed and pinned hairstyle is going to look way out of place. Instead you will want to wear your hair down and possible use some curls or wave to give you hair a carefree style and lose and let down look.

So taking into consideration the style and formality of the wedding is very important in choosing your wedding hair style.

Personal Characteristics:
There are many personal characteristics about you that need to be taken into consideration before choosing your wedding day hairstyle.

For example Hair length is a very important factor. Are you looking for short hair wedding hairstyles of long hair styles. Depending on the length of your hair you will be forced into certain styles and so this should be though about in advance.

The shape of you face is another characteristic that should be taken into consideration before choosing your hairstyle. The texture and consistency of your hair is another important factor. For example if you hair that is thick, full and difficult to manage then again a style where you have pinned it up will be much easier for you to manage.

Wedding Dress and veil:
It is important to take into consideration the veil and headpiece that you will be wearing the day of the wedding. For example if you have a small tiara or crown then you will want a hairstyle that will show this off. Flowers and pins are also embellishments to your wedding hairstyle that you will want to plan for ahead of time.

There are many professional wedding hairstylists that are more then happy to consult with you and even help generate some ideas of what will look great with your style. The important thing is to plan ahead and get in early. Donít leave the planning of a hairstyle to the day of the wedding it is too important!

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