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Mom, Want To Boost Your Resume?

By:Nicole Dean

Iím worried about my resume. I love being a stay at home mom, but eventually Iíd like to get back into the business world to make money again. What should I do to keep my resume from having a big empty gap in it?

Signed Ė Cathy Career

Dear Cathy,

Donít fret. There are plenty of ways to keep your resume hopping. Here are just a few ideas to get you thinking.

1. Volunteer.

Not many people are aware of this, but, if you live in the United States, thereís a Presidential Volunteer Service Award that you can earn for the time you are spending volunteering in your kidsí activities. Whether youíre helping at school or through Scouts, you can earn this award. Although it isnít business related, it does show an employer that you are motivated and dedicated.

Or you can find leadership positions where you can volunteer. Titles like the President of the PTA, School Fundraising Coordinator, or a Board of Directors for an Organization look great on your resume, plus youíre setting a wonderful example for your children.

2. Go Back to School.

If youíve wanted to get your degree or an advanced degree like an MBA, you can now do it online. While baby is sleeping, you can study and take your tests. Itís not easy, but it also shows that you had incentive during the empty time on your resume.

3. Build a Business

Look into ways you can build your own business. If you do the legwork while baby is young and get the foundation built, then you can either sell the business or choose to jump in with both feet once you face going back on the career path.

4. Be an Activist

Make a name for yourself fighting for a cause you believe in. Before you go on an interview, compile press releases youíve written, interviews, and articles along with results and accommodations. When youíre asked ďWhat have you been doing for the last five years.Ē You can reply, ďIíve been working to reduce child abuse by helping to pass a bill thatÖ.Ē Pretty impressive. And, again, youíre setting a remarkable example for your children.

Hereís my big warning. All though all of these activities will look great on your resume, they all take time. If your goal is to stay home and enjoy your children, donít get so loaded down with volunteering, studying and helping others that you end up missing out on all the childhood wonders in your own home.

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Nicole Dean is the Mom behind www.showmomthemoney.com/StayAtHomeMom.asp a free and fun resource helping moms in all areas of life. Stop by www.showmomthemoney.com/education.asp to find out more about ways to earn your Degree Online.

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