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Making Money With Information Products

By:Jim Donovan

Invariably, when I do a seminar, especially one about money or starting your own business, one or two people will come up to me and ask “What’s a good business to get into to make a lot of money?”

Wrong question!

In my experience, whenever I’ve done something purely to make money, I’ve spun my wheels and wasted a lot of time.

Better, more powerful questions that are likely to produce significant results would be, “What am I passionate about doing and how might I earn money doing it?”

Or even, “What is there a ‘want’ for that I can provide?”

Notice I did not say “need.” People need lots of things. So what? Until they actually want something and are willing pay money for it, you don’t have a business.

The Information Business

One of the businesses I love is the information business. I love it because it allows me to earn a good living, share what I know, and help lots of people in the process.

Now this is not for everyone. Maybe you don’t like the idea of selling information products, that’s fine. Find something that you do like.

However, if you are intrigued by the information business you picked a great time in hostory. Since the advent of the internet, it has been possible for people to find out about whatever they want and learn whatever it is that they want to know.

At the same time, it provides information product producers a way to reach their prospective audience.

Everything from my wealth creation program All the Wealth you Want, to “How to” programs on everything from How to Successfully Self-publish Your Book to ferret training, including programs just for women, like my wife Georgia’s “Looking Fabulous After 40.” (www.lookingfabulousafter40.com)

Whatever you want to know about, it’s available.

Similarly, whatever specialized knowledge you have to share, there’s an audience waiting to hear about it. And you can find them onlne.

Another way to get into the information business is by using an affiliate program.

Affiliate programs earn you a commission for making other people’s products available to your comunity while you help people find valuable products and services.

It maybe something as simple as tying a related product to your Web site. For example, on Georgia’s Fashion, Beauty and Makeup site (www.TheClothesDoctor.com), there is an article that talks about the importance of waring the right bra. On the page, we have affiliate links to Wacol, a bra company who makes quality products, that Georgia endorses.

There are many strategies you can employ to build an Internet business and many programs to help you along the way. To learn more and access some of the best proven programs, visit my Information Products Resource page (www.jimdonovan.com/resources.html)

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Jim Donovan is an international best selling author of several books, including Handbook to a Happier Life, a motivational speaker and certified personal and business coach. For a subscription to his Jim's Jems ezine and a free audio, visit www.jimdonovan.com

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