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How to Avoid Weight Gain When Stopping Smoking

By:Mike Durand

Fear of gaining weight is a barrier for many when it comes to quitting smoking. However, with proper planning and the use of some of the different products available, weight gain is not an inevitable side effect. Understanding the quitting process and coming up with a detailed plan to deal with the challenges that arise will help prevent undesirable side effects.

One reason weight gain occurs during an attempt to stop smoking is due to the desire for something to replace cigarettes. This may occur at a psychological level, as the need for rewards or treats, or as a behavioral issue, feeling at a loss without the action or activity of smoking. The need to snack may also occur in response to the unpleasant feelings associated with nicotine withdrawal. Being prepared for all of these possibilities means anticipating their occurrence and having coping strategies ready so you are not taken by surprise.

Plan ahead to have healthy snacks on hand, as well as plenty of drinking water, and turn to these when you experience cravings or the restless need for something to do with your hands. Try to avoid trading one bad habit for another, by not including foods that are high in sugar, salt or fat in these replacement choices. If you feel the need for treats, try to find alternatives that will not be costly to your health. A massage, a nice bath, fresh flowers, or a new outfit are some ideas for rewarding yourself in positive ways without harmful consequences.

Similarly, you can work on learning to replace your smoking habit with other, healthier behaviors. To help fill the gaps in your day, take up walking or jogging, a new sport, or some other form of physical activity. This will help keep you occupied, help you get in shape and lose weight, keep your appetite under control, and assuming you choose an activity you enjoy, give you something to look forward to. Try involving a friend or pet in order to get even more out of your time.

Smoking cessation products can also be useful in helping you avoid weight gain during withdrawal, by reducing the unpleasant side effects including cravings that may prompt you to overeat. Nicotine replacement therapies, hypnosis, acupressure and other diverse methods of stopping smoking all can play a role in helping you overcome destructive habits, and find healthier ways of living. Meditation is another drug-free way to replace your addiction with a greater source of inner peace and reflection. Strategies that help reduce stress are useful in a number of ways, and should be a part of any stop smoking plan.

Explore the many options available in order to make your plans to quit smoking a reality, without suffering any unwanted weight gain. With a little planning and preparation, you will be well on your way to looking and feeling great.

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