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Pure WAV WMA MP3 Converter 2351)   Pure WAV WMA MP3 Converter 1.1.33
Pure MP3 WAV WMA Converter can batch convert all almost any kind of Audio files to MP3, WAV, WMA.

Fast Audio CD Burner 2352)   Fast Audio CD Burner 1.2.73
Fast Audio CD Burner is ease burn MP3, WMA, MP4, M4A, MP2, APE, VQF, APE, OGG, AAC to CD and converting all audio formats to MP3

Almost CD to Audio Ripper 2353)   Almost CD to Audio Ripper 1.2.55
Almost CD to Audio Ripper is a powerful audio CD ripper, CD to MP3 ripper and CDA to MP3 converter which can convert CDA to MP3 and rip CD to MP3. Almost CD to Audio Ripper is very easy to use and have fast speed

Notation Composer 2354)   Notation Composer 2.1
Easily create or arrange your own music. Produce accurate, customized sheet music, and create music that sounds great. Listen to the song while you follow the notes on your screen. Then edit the notation and the sound of the music.

Medieval CUE Splitter 2355)   Medieval CUE Splitter 1.0
CUE Splitter is a freeware tool that split a single big audio track, mostly an album or a compilation, into the relative individual audio tracks, using informations contained in the associated "CUE" file.

Speed WAV WMA MP3 Converter 2356)   Speed WAV WMA MP3 Converter 1.1.29
Speed MP3 WAV WMA Converter can batch convert all almost any kind of Audio files to MP3, WAV, WMA.

YouTube FLV to AVI easy converter 2357)   YouTube FLV to AVI easy converter 2.2.3
YouTube FLV to AVI easy converter - powerful, easiest, fastest, application for converting FLV to AVI movie and video with excellent output quality. Avi files and then can be played in Windows Media Player or other standard multimedia player.

Cool CD Burner 2358)   Cool CD Burner 1.0
The Cool CD Burner is a Light, Fast and Easy to use CD/DVD Burning Software

Focus mp3 recorder Software 2359)   Focus mp3 recorder Software 1.0
Focus Mp3 Recorder facilitates recording with its powerful hotkey function and unlimited number of s

7tools DVD GrabBurn Software 2360)   7tools DVD GrabBurn Software 1.0
7tools DVD GrabBurn - easy and convenient tool for grabbing, burning and cloning DVDs

Internet Lock Software 2361)   Internet Lock Software 1.0
Internet Lock is an access control software for your internet and intranet.

#1 Intertech 3GP Converter 2362)   #1 Intertech 3GP Converter 2.5
3GP Converter is a powerful and easy to work with software. It will convert almost all video formats to 3GP or MP4 in no time. 3GP Converter features batch conversion and brings incredible video quality.

MP3Cutter Software 2363)   MP3Cutter Software 1.0
MP3Cutter is a handy tool that can easily break MP3 file into smaller segments of your choosing; spl

Pic Cutter Software 2364)   Pic Cutter Software 1.0
Anything you see is yours with Pic Cutter! Clip your favorite pictures.

LunarPhase Software 2365)   LunarPhase Software 1.0
Displays realtime lunar phase with lunar/solar rise/set times

Tune Master Software 2366)   Tune Master Software 1.0
This program helps you to tune your strings music instruments.

Sharp MP4 Video Converter + DVD to MP4 Pack 2367)   Sharp MP4 Video Converter + DVD to MP4 Pack 1.0.29
Sharp MP4 Video Converter + DVD to MP4 Pack convert all popular formats to iPod, PSP, Zune, iPhone, MP4 video/ movie, Easy Convert DVD, VCD, SVCD, AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, MP4, RM, RMVB, DivX, ASF, VOB, 3GP and etc.

Hardware Organizer Deluxe Software 2368)   Hardware Organizer Deluxe Software 1.0
Hardware Inventory Management Software.

Audio Mp3 Editor Software 2369)   Audio Mp3 Editor Software 1.0
Powerful mp3 editor, mp3 recorder, audio converter and player - All-in-one!

DVDCLONE allows you to make the highest quality backup copies of movies you have.

Lalim Parallel Port Control Software 2371)   Lalim Parallel Port Control Software 1.0
Lalim Parallel Port Control can control hardware through the parallel port

HackerWacker Personal Edition Software 2372)   HackerWacker Personal Edition Software 1.0
HackerWacker informs you about all local activities on your PC.

MidiNotate Musician Software 2373)   MidiNotate Musician Software 1.0
Convert MIDI files into sheet music that you can print and view during playback.

TuneSleeve 2374)   TuneSleeve 1.0.9
TuneSleeve is a free utility that downloads album art from Amazon for each album in your iTunes library. You can choose which image is the best among all the images returned, or drag&drop an image from a Google Image search.

Sound Equalizer ActiveX Software 2375)   Sound Equalizer ActiveX Software 1.0
Sound equalizer activex to display any sound in your multimedia applications.

Hide Folders XP 2 Software 2376)   Hide Folders XP 2 Software 1.0
Hide your private folders and files from other users on Windows 2000 and XP systems.

PAL Keylogger Pro Software 2377)   PAL Keylogger Pro Software 1.0
PAL Keylogger will secretly record EVERY keystroke on any computer.

OGG To MP3 Plus 2378)   OGG To MP3 Plus 1.0
OGG to MP3 Plus 1.0 is software that allows you to convert OGG to MP3, OGG to MP3, OGG to WAV, MP3 to OGG, WAV to OGG and all other options from MP3, OGG and WAV audio files.

Aglare Video Converter Platinum 2379)   Aglare Video Converter Platinum 1.01
Aglare Video Converter Platinum functions as a powerfull video converter software supporting most formats including AVI, MP4, WMV, VCD, DVD, VOB, 3GP, iPod, Zune, Xbox, PMP, PSP, Apple TV, Flash, MOV. Do DVD to Ipod, avi to dvd and much more!

Express Scribe For Linux 2380)   Express Scribe For Linux 4.14
Express Scribe is professional audio playback control software for Linux designed to assist with the transcription of audio recordings. Install on the typist's computer and can be controlled using the keyboard (with 'hot' keys) and/or foot pedals.

Freecorder Toolbar 2381)   Freecorder Toolbar 3.0
Freecorder Toolbar is a revolutionary new browser-based audio recording program, combining state of the art recording technology, ease-of-use, and some great browser enhancements. And best of all, it's 100% FREE! Why not download it right now?!

Ares Pro 2382)   Ares Pro 5.0.0
With over 50 million daily worldwide users, Ares Pro is the Internet’s Premier Downloading Software. Using newly developed downloading and searching tools, Ares Pro improves upon already existing programs such as LimeWire, Bearshare, and Kazaa.

iSkysoft DVD to 3GP Converter for Mac 2383)   iSkysoft DVD to 3GP Converter for Mac
iSkysoft DVD to 3GP Converter for Mac is a professional Mac DVD to 3GP application that can convert DVD to 3GP files for your cell phone with various options to edit DVD movies,set the ourput video quality.

Protected Music Converter 2018 2384)   Protected Music Converter 2018 7.7.8
Protected Music Converter is a software tool you can use for conversion of wide range of different audio file formats to most commonly used formats like MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV.

Ultra Audio Ripper 2385)   Ultra Audio Ripper 2.0.2010.318
Convert video files to audio files like mp3, ogg and wave. Support MPG, DVD VOB, ASF, WMV ,AVI and RM Convert video to mp3 in batch mode Easy to use UI design. Support drag drop. Support wmv , asf to mp3, ogg and wave.

iPod Assistant 2386)   iPod Assistant 1.0
iPod Assistant is a set of videos and tutorials detailing everything you need to know about operating your iPod. Simply enter your problem, and the program will give a video or text answer to help you out.

DeepDVD Movie 2387)   DeepDVD Movie 1.0
Make professional-looking DVDs with menu from any video file! DeepDVD Movie is a powerful and complete DVD authoring and burning solution. I'ts full feature set starting from composing video/audio rows and ending with printing of DVD labels.

OJOsoft MP4 to MP3 Converter 2388)   OJOsoft MP4 to MP3 Converter 2.6.4
It can convert MP4 to MP3 with easy and fast. Safe to install and free to try.

Canta 2389)   Canta 1.5.1
Canta shows you in real time the pitch of the note you sing so you can compare it to the note of the melody played by the included MIDI player. You see immediately whether you are in tune, and if not in what way you need to fix your voice.

Cool Free DVD to MOV AVI WMV MP4 Ripper 2390)   Cool Free DVD to MOV AVI WMV MP4 Ripper 5.2
Cool Free DVD to MOV AVI WMV MP4 iPod MPEG Ripper is excellent and powerful DVD ripping tool to rip your favorite DVD movies to popular video formats, It can rip DVD to MOV, DVD to AVI, DVD to WMV, DVD to MP4, DVD to iPod, and DVD to MPEG.

Cool Free DVD to Zune MP4 Converter 2391)   Cool Free DVD to Zune MP4 Converter 5.1
Cool Free DVD to Zune MP4 Converter is professional Zune MPEG-4 conversion software. It can help you convert your favorite DVD to Zune and MP4 video formats and the DVD movie play on your Zune player or MP4 player.

Precision CD WAV MP3 Converter 2392)   Precision CD WAV MP3 Converter 1.6
Makes exact digital copies of audio CD's. Uses FreeDB. Designed for beginners and advanced users. Convert to and from all supported formats: WAV, MP3, WMA 8 and 9, OGG. Record any input: records, tapes, radio, mic., streaming audio, etc. as WAV's.

Athrill CD/DVD Burner 2393)   Athrill CD/DVD Burner 1.8
Athrill CD/DVD Burner is a CD/ DVD burning software for beginners as well as professionals.You can make data-backup CDs/DVDs and so on.It includes importing multi-session CDs/DVDs,erasing RW disc and so on. Clone CD/DVD is available!

CD to WMA MP3 Ripper 2394)   CD to WMA MP3 Ripper 1.20
CD to WMA MP3 Ripper is a powerful and easy to use CD ripper application. CD to WMA WM3 Ripper allows you to convert audio CD tracks to WMA, MP3, OGG, WAV files. It also allows you to set ID3 tag for MP3 format.

QuickAudio 2395)   QuickAudio 1.0
QuickAudio is audio editing software, allowing you to edit, play and record digital audio and convert between various popular audio formats. It has standard audio editing features, audio spectrum analysis as well as support for up to 24 VST plugins.

Clone 2 CD & DVD Burner 2396)   Clone 2 CD & DVD Burner 4.02.1
Clone 2 CD & DVD Burner can make backup data CDs, store large media files, and compile music CDs. It can burn and save whole ISO files as well as create multi-session CDs and erase re-writable CDs. The program also supports drag and drop.

CD2X 2397)   CD2X 1.21
CD2X read your CD's and convert them to MP3 or OGG files. It uses the Lame or the Vorbis encoder. CD2X can read audio CD's in most CD drives, as the acuracy of CD drives differs a lot, there is a build in jitter and error correction.

SubSonic Music Burner 2398)   SubSonic Music Burner 1.9.10
SubSonic Music Burner is intuitive music burning software! Burn all the major types of audio files, including MP3, OGG, WMA and WAV. All MMC compatible CD/DVD recorders. Windows Media Player Powered!

MIDI Tracker 2399)   MIDI Tracker 5.9.25
MIDI Tracker - Music editor that combines both new and old style of music editing. Pattern editor (Grid), many tracks per channel, several channels may points to one MIDI channel.Order editor (Grid), where one cell value means 'play that channel from that pattern in that time'.Advanced grid edit functions (select some notes, copy it to buffer and paste to any range you want).MIDI Patch changing from toolbar.

AoA DVD Ripper 2400)   AoA DVD Ripper
AoA DVD RIPPER converts your DVD movies or just the parts of the movie that you want to AVI (DivX, XviD...), MPEG, WMV (Zune, Pocket PC...), 3GP (Mobile), MP4 (iPod, PSP, MP4 Player...), Flash Video (*.flv), WAV and VCD, SVCD formats.

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