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Dupe Checker PRO Software 951)   Dupe Checker PRO Software 1.0
DupeChecker PRO locate, manipulate and report over the duplicate files on Your drivers.

IdealSorter 2007 Ultimate edition 952)   IdealSorter 2007 Ultimate edition 5.28
IdealSorter - is a powerful file sorter, file organizer, file renamer, that will sort, organize, rename all your files, fast and easy. Support MP3,AVI,DIVX,OGG,MPEG,JPG,ZIP,RAR and HUNDREDS of other formats. High speed, flexible settings.

Keyboard Monitor Software 953)   Keyboard Monitor Software
Freeware laptop Keylogger software records all keystrokes such as user name, password, websites link, chat session and all types of documents with login time and data of every session. It runs in stealth mode capture snapshot create log file.

Replace Tool Software 954)   Replace Tool Software 1.0
Fast, ease to use utility for search and replace in plenty of html or txt files

File Lock Software 955)   File Lock Software 1.0
Lock and hide your files, folders and drives to deny access, remove, deletion.

Password Door Software 956)   Password Door Software 1.0
Password protect any existed software you installed and used.

Disguise Software 957)   Disguise Software 1.0
Encrypt all file types and multiple files at one go.

Completely Gone! Software 958)   Completely Gone! Software 1.0
Irrecoverably and completely delete computer files.

Arum Switcher (lifetime free updates) Software 959)   Arum Switcher (lifetime free updates) Software 1.0
Switch between lower case and upper case, layout correction in a blink

SPAMfighter Pro Software 960)   SPAMfighter Pro Software 1.0
If you are looking for a Outlook Outlook Express tool to remove spam from your inbox, look no furthe

Privacy Guard Software 961)   Privacy Guard Software 1.0
Browsers leave a complete history of everywhere you have surfed for the last days, weeks, and even m

WinNavigator Software 962)   WinNavigator Software 1.0
The graphic file manager.

eXtended Task Manager (License Pack) Software 963)   eXtended Task Manager (License Pack) Software 1.0
Extended Windows Task Manager and Performance Monitoring tool, for optimizing Developer Environments

Mouse Clock(TM) Software 964)   Mouse Clock(TM) Software 1.0
Mouse Clock(TM)

Registry First Aid Software 965)   Registry First Aid Software 1.0
Cleans the registry to speed up your computer and stop program crashes!

ascii picture designer Software 966)   ascii picture designer Software 1.0
Ascii picture designer is a professional tool for creating ascii picture!

File Pulverizer Software 967)   File Pulverizer Software 1.0
Delete your files quite so that others can't recovert deleted files.

CoverUp (Reseller) Software 968)   CoverUp (Reseller) Software 1.0
A not-to-miss file security program which includes secure encryption and file hiding utility that se

OptimizeXP - Hardware Edition Software 969)   OptimizeXP - Hardware Edition Software 1.0
Tweak and Optimize your Windows XP Hardware.

OptimizeXP - Network/Internet Edition Software 970)   OptimizeXP - Network/Internet Edition Software 1.0
Tweak and optimize your Windows XP Network and Internet settings.

CompuApps DriveEraser Software 971)   CompuApps DriveEraser Software 1.0
DriveEraser permanently erases data which can't be recovered.

Advanced Task Scheduler Software 972)   Advanced Task Scheduler Software 1.0
A powerful cost-effective tool for schedule running of applications.

Private Pix Software 973)   Private Pix Software 1.0
Private Pix keeps your pictures and movies hidden and password protected.

SafeSystem Software 974)   SafeSystem Software 1.0
Keep the security, integrity and well functioning of your system.

CompuApps OnBelay V1 for Linux Software 975)   CompuApps OnBelay V1 for Linux Software 1.0
Digital Data Recovery, Digital Image Recovery, Professional RAW Image Recovery.

ILoveClipboard Software 976)   ILoveClipboard Software 1.0
ILoveClipboard is a useful software to manage Windows clipboard. It can completely save your copied

Advanced Internet Kiosk Software 977)   Advanced Internet Kiosk Software 1.0
Build Internet kiosks, public access PCs, or in-store terminals.

BriefAudit SITE license Software 978)   BriefAudit SITE license Software 1.0
Audit last users and change dates, store history into comment meta property

SafeCryptor Software 979)   SafeCryptor Software 1.0
The encryption system where your own computer is your unique key.

SafeLogon Software 980)   SafeLogon Software 1.0
Protect your system at home and office from unauthorized access.

Advanced File Encryptor Software 981)   Advanced File Encryptor Software 1.0
An advanced file encryption tool which can be integrated into Windows Explorer.

Chronos Clock Software 982)   Chronos Clock Software 1.0
Powerful Desktop clock with multiple clocks,Timezones,Alarms Calendar

Windows 2000/XP Password Recovery Software 983)   Windows 2000/XP Password Recovery Software 1.0
Instantly decrypts the password to the user currently logged into Windows.

Paq Keylogger (family key logger) Software 984)   Paq Keylogger (family key logger) Software 1.0
keyloggers, family key logger log all keyboard events and view it conveniently.

File Tree Printer Software 985)   File Tree Printer Software 1.0
Display and print directory or CD/DVD listings.

PAL Computer Monitoring and Surveillance System Software 986)   PAL Computer Monitoring and Surveillance System Software 1.0
PAL Computer Surveillance System is the first product of its kind available that allows parents and

Watchman Software 987)   Watchman Software 1.0
Security: Ban access to programs, windows, files, folders, etc.

FRP Software 988)   FRP Software 1.0
FRP is a tool for sending raw print or PRN files directly to a Windows printer.

ClipBox_For_Win Pro Software 989)   ClipBox_For_Win Pro Software 1.0
The Windows Clipboard Toos

AlarmWiz Software 990)   AlarmWiz Software 1.0
easy-to-use Internet automation and scripting program.

CZ-Doc2Htm Software 991)   CZ-Doc2Htm Software 1.0
CZ-Doc2htm is a html file converter that supports batch conversion from doc

WINner Tweak Software 992)   WINner Tweak Software 1.0
WINner Tweak is a tools suite for tweaking, optimizing and tuning of Windows.

Advanced XP Tweak Software 993)   Advanced XP Tweak Software 1.0
Get the most of your Windows XP driven PC by fine-tuning your Windows XP system

Easy Password Storage Software 994)   Easy Password Storage Software 1.0
Save your passwords in one secure, encrypted place

Desktop Lock Software 995)   Desktop Lock Software 1.0
Lock the computer to prevent people from accessing your system and documents.

7tools Password Cleaner 2.x Software 996)   7tools Password Cleaner 2.x Software 1.0
DonĀ#146;t be afraid to forget your passwords

Parallaxis WinClip Software 997)   Parallaxis WinClip Software 1.0
WinClip is an inexpensive, well supported, flexible application, that works across all the applicati

Effective Password Manager Software 998)   Effective Password Manager Software 1.0
Effective Password Manager is used to store, protect and provide comfortable access to any secret in

Memory Washer Software 999)   Memory Washer Software 1.0
Memory Washer is a robust memory and processes manager tool, that automatically speed-up games and p

AimAtFile Fast File Search Software 1000)   AimAtFile Fast File Search Software 1.0
AimAtFile is a fast and efficient tool to find documents by their contents.

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