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AutoFlowchart 701)   AutoFlowchart 1.0
AutoFlowchart is a excellent source code flowcharting tool to generate flowchart from source code. Its flowchart can expand and shrink. and you can pre-define the the width, height,Horizontal spacing and vertical spacing. Move and zoom is supported

automatic directory submitter 2009 702)   automatic directory submitter 2009 2.0
Endless possibilities with automatic directory submitter.automatic directory submitter, your way.

Automatic XML Dependencies 703)   Automatic XML Dependencies 1.0.1
Automatically generates dependencies (Makefile fragments etc.) between XML files (XSLT dependencies, XInclude dependencies etc.) Easily extensible. It helps you to effectively process XML files. Written in XSLT.

Automobile industry Dictionary English <-> German, SQL, Excel, Access 704)   Automobile industry Dictionary English <-> German, SQL, Excel, Access 1.0
Automobile industry Dictionary English <-> German in SQL, Excel or ACCESS- format for commercial or private use. Vocabulary from the fields of Construction, production, re- establishment, spare parts, manufacturing, manufacturing process, etc.

Automotive Data 705)   Automotive Data 1.0
Automotive and powersports data that includes all features, options, warranties, specifications, general details, available colors, dimensions, weights, angles, capacities for all vehicles from 1981 to present year. The library also includes media.

Autopligg 6,730,000 Pligg Sites Submissi 706)   Autopligg 6,730,000 Pligg Sites Submissi 1
SEOLINKPRO is the newest black hat seo tool from the syndk8.net team and is re-writing the rules of link building. The framework is the key to the success of this link building tool and it was created to allow for growth of internet and new sources.

AutoSaveVS 707)   AutoSaveVS 1.0
AutoSaveVS is an Add-in for Visual Studios 2003 to automatically save your files to help prevent lost work and time. AutoSaveVS will save your solution, all projects and any unsaved file open in Visual Studios every five minutes.

AutoUpdate Plus 708)   AutoUpdate Plus
AutoUpdate+ provides a quick and easy way to integrate an update management solution with your application. Save the cost and effort of writing your own application update tool. In less than 5 minutes you can have your own autoupdate solution.

AutoUpdate+ 709)   AutoUpdate+ 2.7
AutoUpdate+ is an application that easily allows you to add updating and upgrading capabilities to your software. It is cheap, quick and easy to use. Latest Version ==========>>> Client Computer

Avalio Task Scheduler 710)   Avalio Task Scheduler 2.1
Avalio Task Scheduler gives you ability to manage required tasks according to schedule. The component can be used to create reports, update site content, call ASP pages at particular time, check if web-server is functioning or IIS requires restart.

Avangardo GPS generator PRO 711)   Avangardo GPS generator PRO 4.0.3
The GPS Generator PRO application is designed for providing assitance in developing, testing and debugging programs and equipment working with the NMEA-0183 protocol. This application can also be used for learning and testing navigation applications.

Avapose .NET Barcode 712)   Avapose .NET Barcode 3.0
Avapose .NET Barcode Generator for Code39, Code128, Data Matrix, QRCode, PDF417. Supports Reporting Service 2005 & 2008

Avapose ASP.NET Barcode 713)   Avapose ASP.NET Barcode 3.0
Avapose ASP.NET Barcode Generator for Code39, Code128, Data Matrix, QRCode, PDF417.

Avapose Java Barcode 714)   Avapose Java Barcode 3.0
Avapose Java Barcode Generator for Code39, Code128, Data Matrix, QRCode, PDF417. Supports Jasper Reports, iReport & BIRT Java reporting

Avax Vector ActiveX 715)   Avax Vector ActiveX 1.3
View, create, edit, print, and manage 2D vector drawings. AVAX is an ActiveX control (OCX) that includes over 500 properties, methods, and events to provide full control over vector drawings.

AVDP 716)   AVDP 1.1
AVDP is a bundle of three products: AVSD, ANSD and AVUSBD.

AvisMap GIS Engine 717)   AvisMap GIS Engine 5.0.2
AvisMap GIS Engine is a comprehensive SDK for the development of custom GIS applications and solutions. This SDK provides several ActiveX (OCX) controls which support Visual Basic, C#, Delphi, Visual C++ and other ActiveX compatible language.

AVSD OEM 718)   AVSD OEM 2.4
AVSD OEM allows creating and managing virtual com ports, emulating serial devices or transfer data over networking.

AVX Mp3 Info 719)   AVX Mp3 Info 1.1
MP3 Info ActiveX will read and write Title, Artist, Album, Year, Comments and Genre. MP3 Info ActiveX also returns such MP3 File Info as Layer, Bit Rate, Sample Rate, etc.. Edit ID3v1 and v2. Resample wav files, wav to mp3 conversion, show wav info.

AVX Shutdown 720)   AVX Shutdown 1.0
Is an ActiveX control that can Shutdown, Restart, Log off, Stand By, Hibernate, Power Off the PC

AwC++ 721)   AwC++ 3.3
The Awave Streaming C++ Audio Converter library, or AwC++ for short, is a C++ software development kit that provides functions for converting between different audio file formats. It supports a customizable and easily extendable list of file formats.

AwCOM 722)   AwCOM 3.1
The Awave Streaming Audio Converter COM library v3 from FMJ-Software, or AwCOM 3 for short, can easily be used from a variety of languages – VisualBasic, Delphi, C++, .NET, and many more. It is used to converting between different audio file formats.

AWinstall 723)   AWinstall 4.4
AWinstall is a professional, efficient and easy-to-use setup builder for creating compact and intelligent setups for your Win32 and .NET applications. A modern user interface, help and wizards allow you to create professional setups in minutes.

axAutoUpdate 724)   axAutoUpdate 1.1
Downloads and runs your software installation program from your website! Your customers want the latest version of your software, and now you need to get it to them. Whether your customers are in the same room as you, or half way around the world you

axColorPicker 725)   axColorPicker 1.0
Office style colorpicker for professional color selection AxColorPicker is an ActiveX control that mimics the Office™ color dialog. It offers a much more intuitive way of selecting colors.

AXE 726)   AXE 3.4
AXE is a powerful, ergonomic tool for editing and analyzing files, disks, and memory. AXE can edit huge files easily, edit disks and memory, and use scripts and structures -- in a friendly GUI with zoom, multiple views, bookmarks, and drag-n-drop.

AxEval Expression Evaluator ActiveX Control 727)   AxEval Expression Evaluator ActiveX Control 1.0
The AxEval (v 1.0) ActiveX Control to allow you to calculate mathematical expression evaluation into your programs.

axExplorerBar 728)   axExplorerBar 1.1
Add XP Taskbar functionality to your software axExplorerBar is based on the 'Taskbar' navigation menu bar introduced in Windows XP. An ExplorerBar provides a visually attractive and versatile way to present a grouped list of options.

axExplorerCombo 729)   axExplorerCombo 1.0
Add Explorer drive selection combobox functionality to your application! This control allows you to add a Windows-Explorer-like drive-selection combobox to your application, showing all the drives, folders and even files exactly as Windows Explorer.

AXGate 730)   AXGate
Allows the HTML pages in Pocket IE script any ActiveX without compromising the device security. The components you want to access are listed in profiles and accessed in packets. User permission or internal authentication can be configured.

AxGC 2D Graphical ActiveX Control 731)   AxGC 2D Graphical ActiveX Control 3.5
AxGC (v 3.5) ActiveX Control is interactive 2D graphical tool for developing scientific and mathematical software. It features: dynamic scaling graphics, polynomial fitting, simple 2D-animation, built-in inner JScript and VBScript interpreter.

AXIO 732)   AXIO 1.0
This ActiveX control is intended for used with ISA I/O Cards based around the Intel 8255A and 82C55A micro controller. It works as a simple interface between the software you write and the hardware you want to control.

AxisITP Price Comparison Script 733)   AxisITP Price Comparison Script 2010
AxisITP Price Comparison Script is the most popular and up to date script in price comparison industry. It works like shopping.com or shopzilla.com website works, it is a great script that works on both conditions either you are using affiliate ...

Axoio HexStudio 2006 734)   Axoio HexStudio 2006 1.1,51010
HexStduio is the first Hex Editor tool, you can edit, cut, copy, paste, insert, and delete hex, print, and export to Txt,HexStudio you can supports drag and drop,The friendly interfacial energy causes you rapidly easily to edit hex, in work area.

Axoio HexStudio v5.0 735)   Axoio HexStudio v5.0 5.0,61116
HexStduio is the first Hex Editor tool, you can edit, cut, copy, paste, insert, and delete hex, print, and export to Txt,HexStudio you can supports drag and drop,The friendly interfacial energy causes you rapidly easily to edit hex, in work area.

AxpDataGrid WebControl for ASP.NET 736)   AxpDataGrid WebControl for ASP.NET 2.8.6
Highly automated editable and scrollable DataGrid for ASP.NET. MS SQL, Access, Oracle. Automatic paging, sorting, data edit. SQL or DataSource based.

axPropertiesList 737)   axPropertiesList 1.0
Visualize programs settings like professionals! axPropertiesList allows full control over the appearance. Border styles, headers, background and text colors, etc. are all set through properties. Each cell may have its own background and text color.

axsImaging 738)   axsImaging 2.0.1
ATL COM component to read, write and process image data in BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF and RAW formats. Supports most color spaces at up to 16 bits, also transparency, masks, palette ikmages and special colors. Many manipulation and color adjustment funct

axsStrongBox 739)   axsStrongBox 2.0
Morello StrongBox is a COM component which provides secure data encryption, forVB, VC++, Delphi and VBScript. It provides industry standard, strong algorithms, memory/file based encryption, flexible passwords, GZIP and Base64 capability.

axVideoConvert 740)   axVideoConvert 1.0
ActiveX control for Visual Basic, Visual C++, Borland Delphi, Borland Builder, and any other environment that can host ActiveX controls that allows you to easily convert AVI (and other codecs), MPEG1, MPEG2, WMF video files.

axVideoConvert Software 741)   axVideoConvert Software 1.0
Convert AVI, WMV/ASF, MPEG1 and MPEG2 video files!

AZ Blog DoFollow Findger 742)   AZ Blog DoFollow Findger 1.0.0
AZ Blog DoFollow Finder This blog finder software offers the easiest and fastest way to locate related blogs in any niche you choose which does not have the 'nofollow' attribute. This will help you to compile a list of blogs you can leave comments on

AZ Squeeze Page Creator 743)   AZ Squeeze Page Creator 1.0.0
AZ Squeeze Page Generator offers the easiest and fastest way to create high converting squeeze pages on instant demand. You can create unlimited amount of squeeze pages customized according to your marketing needs.

AzDGDatingPlatinum 744)   AzDGDatingPlatinum 1.8.0
AzDGDatingPlatinum is a most powerful Dating script working on PHP and MySQL. 100% Templates Based, Messaging System, Multilanguage, Blogs, Matchmaker, Moderators, Articles,News,Featured Profiles,Forum,Vote,Chat,PayPal& 2CheckOut integrated and more

AzSDK HardwareID 745)   AzSDK HardwareID 3.00
AzSDK HardwareID allows you to get unique machine fingerprint collected from CPU, HDD, BIOS, NIC components.

AzSQL Decryptor 746)   AzSQL Decryptor 3.00
AzSQL Decryptor is a powerful SQL object decryptor. It allows you unravel a single encrypted sql object or an entire database full of stored procedures, triggers, views and user defined functions with simplicity and blinding speed.

Aztec 2D Barcode .Net Control 747)   Aztec 2D Barcode .Net Control 3.0
Add Aztec 2D barcode .Net windows form for your .Net applications with our 100% managed code control.

Aztec 2D Barcode ActiveX 748)   Aztec 2D Barcode ActiveX 3.0
Our Aztec 2D barcode ActiveX can do 2D barcode image creation for your application.

Aztec 2D Barcode ASP.Net Component 749)   Aztec 2D Barcode ASP.Net Component 3.0
Integrate Aztec 2D barcode image with your ASP.Net web project with our Aztec ASP.Net component.

Aztec 2D Barcode Win32 DLL 750)   Aztec 2D Barcode Win32 DLL 3.0
Add Aztec 2D barcode solution for your applications with our windows 32-bit DLL.

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