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Random Number ActiveX Component 1651)   Random Number ActiveX Component 2.0.0
Generate random numbers and random strings with this free ActiveX component.

SDE for Eclipse (CE) for Mac OS X 1.1 Community Ed 1652)   SDE for Eclipse (CE) for Mac OS X 1.1 Community Ed
SDE for Eclipse is a full-featured UML CASE tool seamlessly integrated with Eclipse.

XD++ MFC Library Standard Edition V8.0 1653)   XD++ MFC Library Standard Edition V8.0 8.0
XD++ Library for MFC by UCanCode.Net Software, an C++ class framework that provides your applications with a drawing surface for diagramming, symbol manipulation, drag and drop, scrolling, zooming, and many other graphics capabilities.

Barcode VCL Component 1654)   Barcode VCL Component
Include Barcode ,DBBarcode, QRBarcode and QRDBarcode, Create, view and print barcodes for your applications as easy as typing the code. Simply enter the desired characters and select the type. The barcode will be created!

wodSSHTunnel 1655)   wodSSHTunnel 1.7.1
wodSSHTunnel component is server-type component that will add secure tunneling (based on SSH protocol) capabilities to your application. Based on your rules and definitions, it will accept local connections, encrypt it and forward to SSH server

SDE for Sun ONE (CE) for Mac OS X 1.1 Community Ed 1656)   SDE for Sun ONE (CE) for Mac OS X 1.1 Community Ed
SDE for Sun ONE is a full-featured UML CASE tool seamlessly integrated with Sun ONE.

The Query Tool 1657)   The Query Tool 5.1.0
The Query Tool is a powerful data mining application. It allows you to perform data analysis on any SQL database. It has been developed predominately for the non technical user.

Visual Paradigm for UML (Professional Edition) for Java Platform 1658)   Visual Paradigm for UML (Professional Edition) for Java Platform 4.1
Visual Paradigm for UML is a powerful but easy-to-use UML CASE tool that supports OOAD (OOA, OOD). VP-UML supports round-trip engineering, import Rational Rose, export/import XMI, report generator, MS Visio integration, version control, plug-in, etc.

SPlash Injector 1659)   SPlash Injector 1.03
Once modified with SPI the executable display an added window before running the original program. Inside the added window an IE frame is shown and used to display video, flash, images, or html pages advertisements.

AidAim CryptoPressStream 1660)   AidAim CryptoPressStream 2.00
CryptoPressStream is the most powerful streaming compression and encryption library for Delphi/C++Builder. It provides an easy way to compress and encrypt files, streams, strings, buffers and blob fields.

Access Developer Application Architect 1661)   Access Developer Application Architect 1.04
Access Alternative for MS Switchboard, table driven with example code. Sample forms, lookup searching examples. Use to Proto-type and then turn result into a professional Access based application. Hide the 'Traditional' Access background window.

tcpIQ Thread Pool 1662)   tcpIQ Thread Pool 1.0
tcpIQ Thread Pool is a .Net component for the efficient and elegant management of multiple threads in a .Net application.

ASP.NET Turbine 1663)   ASP.NET Turbine 7
ASP.NET Turbine 7 generates Flash rich media from ASP.NET scripts. Turbine is an integrator of dynamic content into rich media, allowing a clean separation between Presentation and Content.

Smtp.NET 1664)   Smtp.NET 3.0.5
Email Component for .NET. Features: HTML Email with automatic image embedding, authentication, automatically ZIP compress attachments, supports message queuing on IIS & emailQ.NET, mail merge, multiple attachments, multiple recipients, & more

CDBF - DBF Viewer and Editor 1665)   CDBF - DBF Viewer and Editor 1.55
A powerful database viewer and editor that allows home and business users to access databases directly using the familiar Windows interface. No programming skills needed! CDBF offers everything you need for working with databases.

Lingobit Localizer 1666)   Lingobit Localizer 6.0
Lingobit Localizer is a powerful software localization tool for Visual C++/MFC, Delphi, .NET and Java applications. State of the art automatic tools for QA, translation reuse and project management guarantee high productivity and outstanding quality.

HXTT Paradox 1667)   HXTT Paradox 2.2.004
Pure Java type 4 Paradox JDBC(1.2, 2.0, 3.0) driver packages for Corel Paradox version from 3.0, 3.5, 4.x, 5.x, 7.x to 11.x, which supports transaction, embedded access, and remote access. It supports Paradox encrypted database.

LizaJet Installer for Delphi Developers 1668)   LizaJet Installer for Delphi Developers 1.2.
Contains everything a Delphi Developer expects from a professional Installer. Enjoy the integrated Object Pascal language and Studio. Installer inheritance, automatic upgrade, wizards, Dialog Editor, debugger, event handlers. Version Manager

DumpHex 1669)   DumpHex 1.0.1
DumpHex is a Hex-Viewer for the Win32-command line. With its capabilities of changing all settings, from "start offset of hex dump" to "non printable char" per command line, DumpHex is a very useful tool for programmers.

ShellObjects ActiveX 1670)   ShellObjects ActiveX 7.1
a set of components which allow your applications to display MSN/Office2003 style popups; put icons in the shell tray notification area,create; modify, read shortcut (*.lnk) files and internet shortcut (*.url) files,create quick-launch Appbars.

aespe Table Browser 1671)   aespe Table Browser 1.0.211
Table Browser for MS SQL Server Database, Without using any queries, it makes easy to sort or filtering the table's content

AAM8 Cell Pre-Filler Demo 1672)   AAM8 Cell Pre-Filler Demo 2.00
The M8 Cell Pre-Filler is designed to paste default data into a spread sheet or data table. Just enter the data you want to paste, the number of rows (records) you want to paste to then select the column you want the data in.

SDE for NetBeans (ME) for Linux 1.1 Modeler Editio 1673)   SDE for NetBeans (ME) for Linux 1.1 Modeler Editio
SDE for NetBeans is an easy-to-use UML tool seamlessly integrated with NetBeans.

aaxIniFile 1674)   aaxIniFile 1.0.0
Access standard .ini files with this ActiveX Control

SDE for Eclipse (SE) for Mac OS X 1675)   SDE for Eclipse (SE) for Mac OS X 3.2 Standard Edition
SDE for Eclipse is a UML plug-in for Eclipse. You can draw all types of UML diagrams (class, use case, sequence, component ...) in Eclipse, generate Java code, reverse engineer Java code to class diagram, import Rational Rose...

Swiftchart: chart and graph java application 1676)   Swiftchart: chart and graph java application v1_60
Chart java application software to generate dynamic charts and graphs within JSP, servlets or java applications - bar, line, pie, stacked and grouped charts in 2D and 3D with a wide range of parameters and chart types.

SDE for Eclipse (ME) for Linux 1.1 Modeler Edition 1677)   SDE for Eclipse (ME) for Linux 1.1 Modeler Edition
SDE for Eclipse is an easy-to-use UML tool seamlessly integrated with Eclipse.

Internet Activity Spy ActiveX 1678)   Internet Activity Spy ActiveX 1.0
Get a quick control over unauthorized browsing in your company. Of all the viruses and ad-wares that keep popping-up, the best way to avoid them and improve your system performance, is cut the roots from which they arise.

MailBee IMAP4 1679)   MailBee IMAP4 5.4
MailBee IMAP4 is a powerful and easy to use COM object which enables ASP and Windows applications to search, receive and manage mail on IMAP servers. New/unread message search, envelopes, body structures, correct and fast MIME parser, and more.

SkinCrafter Installer 1680)   SkinCrafter Installer 2.0
SkinCrafter Installer is a developer tool for skinning of install packages created with Windows installer (MSI files). It creates vivid interface for your installation package. SkinCrafter Installer uses SkinCrafter engine for skins implementation.

Visual Paradigm for UML (Modeler Edition) for Linux 1681)   Visual Paradigm for UML (Modeler Edition) for Linux 5.2
Visual Paradigm for UML is a powerful but easy-to-use UML modeling tool supporting real-time synchronization between code and model, import Rational Rose, export/import XMI, report generator, MS Visio integration, plugins, version control, etc.

Ektron eWebWP 1682)   Ektron eWebWP 1.2
Ektron eWebWP is a browser-based WYSIWYG editor for text formatting. Web developers can give all site users access to an easy-to-use editor! It runs on client OS platforms supported by Macromedia Flash Player 6.

SDE for Sun ONE (PE) for Linux 1.1 Professional Ed 1683)   SDE for Sun ONE (PE) for Linux 1.1 Professional Ed
SDE for Sun ONE is a full-featured UML plugin module for Sun ONE.

Blogger API ActiveX 1684)   Blogger API ActiveX 1.0.0
Blogger API ActiveX component for posting to blogs at Can create new posts, edit posts, delete posts, and retrieve all information for each post in a blog.

DBDocumentor 1685)   DBDocumentor 4.20
Document and report on the SQL objects making up your SQL database. DBDocumentor describes all SQL objects in the database, and includes parameter, result set and data usage listings. Output options include colorized source code and XML.

Robosoft 1686)   Robosoft 3.0.531
RoboSoft is an advanced software promotion utility for professional shareware developers. The program provides access to an on-line database of 600+ download site templates. The templates are used to fill out submission forms automatically.

Tortuga MetaWeblog Component 1687)   Tortuga MetaWeblog Component 1.0.0
MetaWeblog programming API for managing blogs. It enables applications to create new blog posts, edit existing posts, retrieve blog information, and upload media objects.

Oracle Interrogator 1688)   Oracle Interrogator 2.0.4
OI is a professional Oracle SQL development and DBA tool which allows rapid transact SQL development against an Oracle database through an intuitive Windows graphical user interface.OI is aimed at Oracle DBA’s and Microsoft Windows based developers.

MSCBlob for Linux 1689)   MSCBlob for Linux 2.0
MSCBlob (Binary Large Object) is an auxiliary component for data blocks storing and transmitting. It could contain a raw data and represent it as a binary or string. There are 3 alternative string representations: as-is, Base64 and Hex.

Mondor Nokia DLL 1690)   Mondor Nokia DLL 2.0.3
You can send and receive SMS, manage your calendar, ToDo items and do more with this component. A lot of customers from around the world find our component the most stabile working, suitable for building your own reliable SMS gateway.

DBVA for Eclipse for Windows 1691)   DBVA for Eclipse for Windows 3.1
DBVA for Eclipse (DBVA-EC) 3.1, a sophisticated Object to Relational mapping designer and code generator to you. DB-VA generate real executable persistence code, persistence layer and database (DDL or direct execute to the database).

Screen2WMV Screen Recording ActiveX Control 1692)   Screen2WMV Screen Recording ActiveX Control 1.0
For Professional Windows Developers who need to Screen recording function within their business application.It gives developer create Live presentations, Helpdesk support, On-demand software training more easliy.

Win/CE Std Serial Comm Lib for eVC 1693)   Win/CE Std Serial Comm Lib for eVC 3.4
Serial communication component Win/CE library for serial port communications from embedded Visual C++ programs using a Pocket PC (PPC). Controls multiple ports simultaneously. Supports pocketpc 2002, pocketpc 2003, ppc emulator, Bluetooth serial.

HELLLP! WinHelp Author Tool for WinWord 1694)   HELLLP! WinHelp Author Tool for WinWord 3.2
WinHelp file authoring tool for Word for Windows. Use Windows Help files for your manuals~Designed for user friendliness.~~Automatically generates a top level Table of Contents with Hypertext jumps to topics already in place.

GoDiagram 1695)   GoDiagram 2.5
Build custom interactive diagrams, network, workflow editors, flowcharts, or software design tools. Includes many predefined kinds of nodes and links. Flexible, powerful, extensible. Many useful samples. Optional automatic layout & instruments.

L-Nix 1696)   L-Nix 1.20a
L-nix is an interactive UNIX tutorial program that teaches beginner to advanced concepts of the UNIX operating system. L-nix includes a simple UNIX shell simulator allowing users to try out commands as they are learned.

A.M.L. - Source Code : Advanced Media Library 1697)   A.M.L. - Source Code : Advanced Media Library 1.0
The Elefun Company has released A.M.L. - Advanced Multimedia Library. This Multimedia Library is intended for games' and multimedia applications' developers. A.M.L. is an effective multimedia library, capable of playing practically all audio format.

Xceed Editors for .NET 1698)   Xceed Editors for .NET 1.0
Customizable, modular, themable: WinForms editor controls that can be combined to create unique user interfaces. Classes can be extended to create new ones, meaning a more flexible, powerful UI offering end-users new interaction possibilities.

ElecKey Express 1699)   ElecKey Express 1.0
ElecKey is the complete solution for secure electronic software distribution. It includes the software protection capability that allows you to protect your software applications against piracy, illegal use, or being copied.

SoftReports Viewer 1700)   SoftReports Viewer 1.1
The SoftReports Viewer is a simple and easy-to-use ActiveX control that encapsulates a complete Database Report Writer including Print and Print Preview.

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