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HexSer 2251)   HexSer
Hexser allows for the automatization of the whole image serialization and EPROM burning process, relieving you of this repetitive and prone to error tasks (the cicle of source code modification, recompilation and burning).

SDE for Sun ONE (CE) for Linux 2252)   SDE for Sun ONE (CE) for Linux 3.2 Community Edition
SDE for Sun ONE is a UML plugin for Sun ONE. SDE supports the latest UML notation, reverse engineering (Java to UML model), code generation (models to Java code), import/export XMI, import Rational Rose, Microsoft Visio integration...

Window Image Capture 2253)   Window Image Capture 1.000
Develop your own window image capture tools to capture any active window or inactive window ( hidden windows or background windows) image and save it to the BMP file or JPEG file

VB 6.0 Code Viewer and Validator 2254)   VB 6.0 Code Viewer and Validator 1.4
A VB 6.0 Add-In that provides functionality similar to the Visual Studio .NET IDE view of code, with the ability to collapse sections of code to get a higher level view of the code logic. You can also create custom folders to place files into.

BitLevelCOM Demo 2255)   BitLevelCOM Demo 1.0
This program is a demo application for BitLevelCOM software library (with full C source code) that allows a calling user application to access serial communication ports (COM devices) under 32-bit MS Windows operating systems.

jWorkbook 2256)   jWorkbook 2.0
jWorkbook is an Excel Add-In that enables you to build powerful database queries and see the results directly in your Excel Spreadsheet. Build reports quickly using single or multiple SQL statements. Supports Oracle, Access and SQL Server.

Slam Database Manager 2257)   Slam Database Manager 1.02
Compact custom database manager

Visual Paradigm for UML (Standard Edition) for Win 2258)   Visual Paradigm for UML (Standard Edition) for Win 3.1
Visual Paradigm for UML is an easy-to-use UML tool that supports reverse engineering (code to model), code generation (models to code), import Rational Rose, export/import XMI, report generator, MS Visio integration, plug-in... +Use Case modeling +Textual Analysis +CRC +Instant Reverse for XML, Dot NET dll/exe, C++, CORBA IDL +IDE Integration: Visual Studio .NET, IBM WebSphere, JBuilder, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, NetBeans, Sun ONE +more.

Search Engine Marketing 2259)   Search Engine Marketing 7.2
Submit Your website to more than 1.2 Million Search Engines, Directories and Link pages Keyword Builder - find and use the best keywords to drive traffic to your site Website Ranking Utility

WorkRoll Bug Tracker 2260)   WorkRoll Bug Tracker 2.53
Web-based bug tracker with Windows installer, no app server needed (one is included, or use your own). No db required. Installation, config, admin, and general use are fully web-based. Filtering, softing, file attachments, tiered authentication.

SMTP/POP3 Email Engine for Xbase++ 2261)   SMTP/POP3 Email Engine for Xbase++ 3.7
SMTP / POP3 Xbase++ email component library uses a simple API to send, receive and parse mail, including HTML, MIME base64 and quoted-printable encoded attachments, from an application. Transparent Winsock and TCP/IP.

SysTray Icon 2262)   SysTray Icon 1.2
Add multiple icons to the system tray with ease! Recognize events such as:- Left Mouse Down- Left Mouse Up- Left Mouse Double Click- Right Mouse Down- Right Mouse Up- Right Mouse Double Click- Mouse Move

Alvas.CDBurn 2263)   Alvas.CDBurn 1.0
Alvas.CDBurn for .Net is a collection of 100% native CLR compliant controls written in C#. Collection allows C# and VB.Net developers to create applications that record files to the writable CD (CD-R and CD-RW).

OfficeMenu 2264)   OfficeMenu 1.3
OfficeMenu is the ActiveX control for VB that creates instant Office XP, Office 2003, and .NET style menus. No coding is required and it works with your existing menus, so a more polished user interface can be achieved in just minutes.

Oracle-to-Access 2265)   Oracle-to-Access 1.5
Oracle-to-Access is a program to convert Oracle databases into MS Access format. All Oracle data types (except BFILE and MLSLABEL) and attributes are supported. The program has easy-to-use wizard style interface and supports command line.

MSISQL (ISQL for Microsoft SQL) 2266)   MSISQL (ISQL for Microsoft SQL) 1.0
MSISQL (Interactive SQL for MSSQL) is a database administration solution for managing Microsoft SQL databases.

GIANT SMS ActiveX Control 2267)   GIANT SMS ActiveX Control
GsmsCtrl is an ActiveX control to access GSM-modem device for sending/receiving SMS using AT Commands.

Javascript PopWin EX 2268)   Javascript PopWin EX 1.0
Javascript PopWin EX is a Javascript-producing design tool for creating popup window which will load the specified page into the popup window. The popup window can be closed automatically after specified time. 2269) is a form designer for Microsoft .NET Windows, Web Forms and Macromedia Flash. Runtime Form Designer allows changes to forms at runtime. Converting Windows Forms to ASP.NET with code-behind, databinding and retained visual appearance.

JRFile Viewer Activex 2270)   JRFile Viewer Activex 1.2
JRFileViewer is a ActiveX control that allows software developers to add a file and drive list to their applications with a couple of lines of code.The Control shows all the files and folders of the Shell's Namespace in a list, exactly as Explorer.

VBubbles 2271)   VBubbles 1.0
VBubbles is an add-in for Visual Basic which encapsulates your project files for user-friendly versions management, compiled files log,secure backup, shared development, code history, development time tracking and other powerful productivity tools

beWISE - Edelwise Professional Variables 2272)   beWISE - Edelwise Professional Variables 1.0
This product goes beyond simple VB inter-task communication. It allows huge amounts of data being interchanged between VB applications in near real-time. A VB sample program shipped with the product demonstrates these features.

Code-Genie 2273)   Code-Genie 3.05.31
A powerful text and binary editor designed for programmers.

WebPic Deluxe 2274)   WebPic Deluxe 2.0
WebPic Deluxe is an image processing ActiveX control.

OraPiper 2275)   OraPiper 1.00
OraPiper is a useful tool for Oracle pipes working. Using OraPiper you can obtain a monitoring of any Oracle pipe you've chosen. And also you can send a messages through Oracle pipes.

QRCode 2D Barcode Win32 DLL 2276)   QRCode 2D Barcode Win32 DLL 3.0
Add QRCode 2D barcode solution for your applications with our windows 32-bit DLL.

MyCorkboard Christmas 2000 Collection #2 2277)   MyCorkboard Christmas 2000 Collection #2 1.00
This is the Christmas 2000 version of the MyCorkboard interactive screen saver. This collection features lots of exciting 24-bit 3D artwork and animations. Includes Christmas sticky notes, clocks, calendars, decorations and much more.

Delphi Graphoman for InterBase 2278)   Delphi Graphoman for InterBase 1.3
Generated code can access databases with TIBStoredProc TIBQuery TIBClientDataSet from the IBX palette, thus significantly reducing programmer's job on writing the standard code for stored procedures handling. Works with action procedures (

MarshallSoft DUN Dialer for PowerBASIC 2279)   MarshallSoft DUN Dialer for PowerBASIC 2.1
MarshallSoft Dialup Networking (DUN) Component for PowerBASIC. Version 2.1, 6/19/2002. Invoke 32-bit Windows Dialup Networking (DUN) from your application code to dial up any installed Internet Service Provider (ISP).

MailBee SSL 2280)   MailBee SSL 5.2
MailBee SSL component is a plugin which enables MailBee Objects (SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4) to communicate to mail servers over secure connections. Supports client and server certificates, custom stores, STARTTLS mode, and more

SQLDataLayer 2281)   SQLDataLayer 1.0
Script your Stored Procedures and optionally create the class objects necessary for any .net application that utilizes a SQL backend database. Accelerating your development time, creating a conistant easily maintained Class object Library.

winSPI 2282)   winSPI 1.16
winSPI: Programmer for ATMEL AT89S8285 chip

SuperText 2283)   SuperText
SuperText is an enhanced ActiveX text box that includes several properties that are not included in a standard text box. This is lightweight and guaranteed to save you time in your development projects.

Email Wizard ActiveX 2284)   Email Wizard ActiveX 3.0
Email Wizard Toolpack is a collection of four controls that will let you send and receive electronic mail quickly and efficiently. This toolpack saves months and months of man hours not to mention the debugging nightmares.

Klorofil Platform 2285)   Klorofil Platform 0.2
PHP Platform with desktop GUI and web application development frameworks. It provides gambArt GUI framework, Semok web application framework, Televoke distributed computing, class libraries, database abstraction layer, byte compiler, and many more.

Windows Lister .NET 2286)   Windows Lister .NET 1.2
Windows Lister is a program that will list all windows that are currently running on your computer.

VLViewPort 2287)   VLViewPort 1.0
Cramped for space on your forms? You don't have use multiple forms or tabs, use VLViewPort, get scrollable viewport with auto scrolling ability. A classic example of our minimal plumbing control philosophy.

WinTransRC 2288)   WinTransRC 1.4.5
WinTransRC helps you to manage multilingual resource files (*.rc). WinTransRC offers to you a higher level of conviviality and increased performances in the edition of your resource files to create localized programs.

HelpStudio 2289)   HelpStudio 2.0
Generate help output in cross-platform plain HTML, HTML Help, Help 2.0 or printable PDF. HelpStudio seamlessly combines a feature packed WYSIWYG authoring environment with HTML based layout templates.

Bug Tracker Deluxe 2290)   Bug Tracker Deluxe 2.5
Bug tracking software for Windows: database management system with ready to use bug-tracking database solutions.

web based msde dba tool - Shusheng SQL Tool 2291)   web based msde dba tool - Shusheng SQL Tool 1.0
web-based MS SQL Server(MSDE)2000 client tool, query analyzer and dba utility to design, create, query, backup, manage and monitor database from a web browser. Pure ASP script, no installation needed. Freeware for Educational and Personal usage.

JNIWrapper 2292)   JNIWrapper 3.3
JNIWrapper eliminates difficulties in working with the native code from Java programs using standard JNI approach. With JNIWrapper there is no need to create native libraries to call a function of the operating system API or a function from a library.

Aspose.Network 2293)   Aspose.Network 2.0
Aspose.Network is a suit of flexible and .NET network programming components which aims for providing a more comprehensive and complete solution for professional network application development on .NET platform.

NMF Community Edition 2294)   NMF Community Edition 1.1.4
NMF Community Edition is a collection of COM classes for monitoring network traffic and decoding network protocols. All framework classes can be used from Microsoft C++, Visual Basic and VBScript programming environments.

SearchSites 2295)   SearchSites 3.6
A free, time-saving tool for software developers. Searches multiple software sites for any given program's name, and allows you to quickly and easily see where your program is listed, and where you need to submit or update. Fast, free and fantastic!

Serial Port ActiveXControl 2296)   Serial Port ActiveXControl 2.0
Serial Port AX Control is a powerful ActiveX component that can be used to simplify communication with external devices on rs232 connection. This includes modems, bar code readers, PBX or any other devices that have a serial interface.

ValidInputBox ActiveX Control 2297)   ValidInputBox ActiveX Control 1.0
A TextBox replacement with powerful data validation. ValidInputBox can accept only a certain data type, min/max values etc; correct invalid input replacing it with a default value, returning the previous value, or entering the closest value...

Packet Sniffer SDK for Windows 2298)   Packet Sniffer SDK for Windows 3.1.1
Packet Sniffer SDK libraries are intended to use for network packets capture and packets generation tasks without using of preinstalled packet drivers.

Puma Video Capture Delphi Control 2299)   Puma Video Capture Delphi Control 1.5
Puma Video Capture is a Delphi control that allows programmers to easily integrate video capturing and processing capabilities into their software applications. Puma Video Capture Delphi Control captures video and audio streams from TV tuners, etc..

DotNet Code Library 2300)   DotNet Code Library
DotNet Code Library is a powerful source code Library shipped with 50,000+ lines of code, quick and powerful search engine, powerful printing capability, password protection, user notes & attachments handeling, favorites & rating support and more!

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