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ABarCode ActiveX Control 3301)   ABarCode ActiveX Control Xp
ABarcode is an ActiveX control that allows you to print barcodes in any Windows application that supports ActiveX technology, including the MS Office suite (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, FrontPage) and development environments like Visual Studio.

InstallAware Express MSI Installer 3302)   InstallAware Express MSI Installer 9.0
The InstallAware MSI Installer builds sophisticated, visually appealing setups with support for the latest technologies, including IIS, Microsoft/Oracle/MySQL database servers, Web Updates, Partial Web Deployment, DIFx Driver installs, and Vista.

JavaScript Code Library 3303)   JavaScript Code Library
JavaScript Code Library is a powerful source code Library shipped with 1000+ lines of code, quick and powerful search engine, powerful printing capability, password protection, user notes & attachments handeling, favorites & rating support and more!

From Win2000 there is windows support for transparent windows.Now you can have this under your control

Themed .NET Wizard 3305)   Themed .NET Wizard 1.53
Themed Wizard allows you to rapidly create wizard style interfaces in your .NET WinForm application. With twelve included themes, designer navigation, and smart tags; Themed Wizard will make your WinForm application stand out from the crowd.

Asmshell 3306)   Asmshell 1.0
It is the AsmShell program that minimizes your excessive actions in building a program. This program was developed considering users' requests, i.e. the program contains everything needed for development of programs.

Luxand FaceSDK 3307)   Luxand FaceSDK 2.0
Detect human faces and recognize facial features in your applications with Luxand FaceSDK. Facial feature recognition allows automating post-processing such as red-eye removal and skin tone adjustment, creating 3D head models and morphing tools.

AzDGDatingPlatinum 3308)   AzDGDatingPlatinum 1.8.0
AzDGDatingPlatinum is a most powerful Dating script working on PHP and MySQL. 100% Templates Based, Messaging System, Multilanguage, Blogs, Matchmaker, Moderators, Articles,News,Featured Profiles,Forum,Vote,Chat,PayPal& 2CheckOut integrated and more

Windows CHM To HTML 3309)   Windows CHM To HTML 5.2
Windows CHM To HTML is a tool to convert Windows Help files (*.chm) to HTML format files directly. With this tool, you can make a specification of an application from the *.chm files.

Macrobject CHM-2-Word Converter 3310)   Macrobject CHM-2-Word Converter
Convert HTML Help to Word, Convert CHM to Doc, CHM Converter, Word Converter, Html Help Convertor. Keep format/style/layout of original CHM. Embed all images into Word document and no external files are required.

Fortran Calculus Compiler 3311)   Fortran Calculus Compiler 1.01
Simplifies coding to a mathematical model, constraints, and the objective function. Solves Boundary & Initial Value Problems, PDEs, ODEs, implicit, non-linear, any order, etc. math problems. Compiler based on "Automatic Differentiation".

dbExpress driver for InterBase 3312)   dbExpress driver for InterBase 2.20
dbExpress driver for InterBase (DbxIda) provides access to IB, Firebird and Yaffil databases. It directly uses InterBase client software fo server connection. DbxIda supports InterBase from version 5.x and up, Firebird 2.x, 1.x versions and Yaffil.

VisioForge Video Edit (Delphi Version) 3313)   VisioForge Video Edit (Delphi Version) 3.011
VisioForge Video Edit is a Delphi / ActiveX control that allows programmers to easily integrate video editing and processing capabilities into their software applications.

Code Complete .NET 3314)   Code Complete .NET 2.0
Generate ready to deploy .NET enterprise applications instantly.

JsHttpRequest 3315)   JsHttpRequest 5.x
JsHttpRequest is a powerful library to create AJAX-based websites in PHP. It could be used as a PHP part for Prototype JS. Great cross-browser compatibility (works even without XMLHttpRequest!), national encodings support, AJAX-style file uploading.

X360 Ftp ActiveX OCX - Full Source Code 3316)   X360 Ftp ActiveX OCX - Full Source Code 1.5
FTP ActiveX, FTP OCX. X360 Ftp Client ActiveX Control helps application developers and programmers create applications with a simple method of implementing FTP client capabilities. It allows you to access FTP functions with a single line of code.

Gantt Chart Library 2.0 3317)   Gantt Chart Library 2.0 2.0
Gantt Chart related Windows Forms components as the GanttChartView control

Instyler SmartSetup 3318)   Instyler SmartSetup 2.51
Create user-friendly, professional setup programs for your software projects. It's fully adaptable and supports patching, multiple languages, setuptypes, registry, shortcuts, environment variables, password protection, uninstallation

SMOX Pad 3319)   SMOX Pad 1.2
SMOX Pad is an advanced SMIL (and many languages) text editor that can open all types of files. It supports main file standards such as SMIL, XML, SVG, HTML, PHP, CSS, JS, ASP, VXML.

SDE for Eclipse (LE) for Windows 3320)   SDE for Eclipse (LE) for Windows 3.2 Personal Edition
SDE for Eclipse is a UML tool tightly integrated with Eclipse. SDE supports code generation (UML model to Java code), reverse engineering (Java code to UML model), import Rational Rose, import/export XMI, Microsoft Visio integration...

Holiday ActiveX 3321)   Holiday ActiveX 1.0
Calculates the dates of the legal holidays of every year selected. The localizations northern Germany and USA are supported. Further functions allow for example the calculation of the day of the week to a special date.

HTML2PDF Add-on 3322)   HTML2PDF Add-on 4.0.71
Library that helps you to convert HTML to PDF using PDF Creator Pilot.

EDCrypt 3323)   EDCrypt 3.1
EDCrypt is an ActiveX control performing following functions: - encrypts and decrypts data using 6 strong symmetrical block ciphers - computes message digests of data using 18 hashing algorithms - securely shreds files

EasyLicenser 3324)   EasyLicenser 2.0.02
Easylicenser is the complete software solution for your license management needs. It provides - Ease-of-use for you as well as your end-user - Low-cost: effectively a small % of your product sale price - Versatility and unlimited expansion

ASPnetDating Lite 3325)   ASPnetDating Lite 2.0
Enjoy the freedom to develop your online dating site with easy to use features and functionality. Regardless of your skill level, ASPnetDating allows you to use only the tools that you need to create the ideal online dating experience.

CRD Subscription 3326)   CRD Subscription 6.1
Schedule and email Crystal Reports daily, weekly, monthly etc. A single report in an e-mail, or a batch of reports in an email. Output to a folder, ftp, fax or a printer. Choose from Word, Excel, HTML, Acrobat (PDF), RTF and more. Easy to use.

ShComboBox ActiveX Control 3327)   ShComboBox ActiveX Control 7.1
ShComboBox ActiveX Control is a Win-Explorer-like drive-selection combobox which shows all drives, folders and optionally files in a cascaded manner with identical displaytexts, icons, overlayicons and virtual folders, along with AutoComplete funct.

axExplorerBar 3328)   axExplorerBar 1.1
Add XP Taskbar functionality to your software axExplorerBar is based on the 'Taskbar' navigation menu bar introduced in Windows XP. An ExplorerBar provides a visually attractive and versatile way to present a grouped list of options.

ASP.NET Mobile Barcode Professional 3329)   ASP.NET Mobile Barcode Professional 2.0
Barcode images for ASP.NET Mobile Web Applications. It generates the most popular linear and 2D barcode symbologies. It renders the barcode image for each mobile device in the preferred image format by each of them.

Absolute Database 3330)   Absolute Database 5.14
Single file Delphi database with comprehensive SQL support, strong encryption, BLOBs and multiuser mode support. This BDE alternative is fully compatible with standard and third-party db-aware components and reporting engines.

MemAccess Library 3331)   MemAccess Library 1.3
Gives programmers control of hardware devices from Win32 application. The tool allows real-time direct access to memory mapped I/O. Typical applications include ISA or PCI bus devices. It is also an ideal replacement of old BASIC Peek or Poke.

SecureCode Protection 3332)   SecureCode Protection 1.0.2
SecureCode is a new software protection based on the lastest techniques protection to provide a strong security to protect your software against reverse engineering and illegal copying.

SDE for JDeveloper (PE) for Mac OS X 1.1 Professio 3333)   SDE for JDeveloper (PE) for Mac OS X 1.1 Professio
SDE for JDeveloper is an easy-to-use UML tool seamlessly integrated with JDeveloper.

conaito VoIP ActiveX SDK 3334)   conaito VoIP ActiveX SDK 4.0
conaito VoIP ActiveX library for developers of VoIP audio applications, such as voice chat, conference, VoIP, providing real-time low latency multi-client audio streaming over UDP/IP networks. Includes efficient components for sound recording

SDE for Eclipse (SE) for Mac OS X 1.1 Standard Edi 3335)   SDE for Eclipse (SE) for Mac OS X 1.1 Standard Edi
SDE for Eclipse is a full-featured UML plugin module for Eclipse.

SDE for IntelliJ IDEA (PE) for Java Platform 1.1 P 3336)   SDE for IntelliJ IDEA (PE) for Java Platform 1.1 P
SDE for IntelliJ IDEA is a full-featured UML CASE tool seamlessly integrated with IntelliJ IDEA.

FlexibleDB Access Application 3337)   FlexibleDB Access Application 1.0
The data base stores all kinds of files with additional descriptions to their contents. After that the files can be searched for by contents. The files found can be viewed via the form of the data base.

VB Friend 3338)   VB Friend 2.0
Add indentation, complete missing code, auto-correct, backup, and get more desktop space. VB Friend beautifies code and helps you write more of it in less time. Works as add-in to Visual Basic.

SQLServerFind 3339)   SQLServerFind 3.2
Based on the given criteria, SQL Server find goes out to find the database objects that match the specified criteria and displays them in a list.

Gobal Find & Replace 3340)   Gobal Find & Replace 2.0
A powerful utility to automate the task of finding and replacing words or phases in text files. You can use this utility with folders and or individual text files.

Measure Converter Component 3341)   Measure Converter Component 2.0.1835.31380
The Measure Converter calculates measurement conversions such as Yards to Miles, Feet to Inches. The component contains over 800 conversions items.

EZAcct accounting software 3342)   EZAcct accounting software 3.0
No need to know accounting! Ezacct helps you do quotation, sales order, invoicing, issuing purchase order, receiving merchandises, inventory control, collecting payments, paying bill, managing customer/vendor records, even prepare profit/loss stateme

EdgeTracer 3343)   EdgeTracer 2.1
EdgeTracer is a tool to create non-rectangular windows and image maps. It features a lightning fast proprietary tracing algorithm. It generates source code (complete with Project & Form files) for Visual Basic, C++ Builder, Delphi as well as HTML.

RSP Parallel Port Connection OCX 3344)   RSP Parallel Port Connection OCX 1.2.0
ActiveX OCX to connect two PCs using a LapLink parallel cable ( Turbo cable ) , the connection don't requires any other software installed in order to work , it can transfer files in any Windows based machine

ZylBattery 3345)   ZylBattery 1.0
ZylBattery is a visual Delphi component that diplays the charging level of the battery in a chart. You can specify different colors for different charging levels and you can indicate it also in text format in percents.

Indentix Component Suite 3346)   Indentix Component Suite 1.0
The Indentix Component Suite contains several .NET components and classes covering the most popular Internet protocols. This suite includes the highest quality FTP and NTP components written in fully-managed C# with tutorials and samples.

VISOCO dbExpress driver for Sybase ASE (Win32 version) 3347)   VISOCO dbExpress driver for Sybase ASE (Win32 version) 2.3
VISOCO dbExpress driver for Sybase ASE is a dbExpress driver for Borland Delphi, Kylix, C++ Builder.

CoolDOC 3348)   CoolDOC 1.12
Software tool for automatic generation of the documentation, covering source code and semantic level dependencies of your software project

ExcelEverywhere for ASP & ASP.NET 3349)   ExcelEverywhere for ASP & ASP.NET 3.4.1
Solve your problem using Microsoft Excel, and let ExcelEverywhere generate an ASP or ASP.NET-page. Looks like and calculates like the spreadsheet. Supports 190 Excel-functions. Code-behind module for backend-integration. No Excel needed on server!

Chilkat FTP ActiveX Component 3350)   Chilkat FTP ActiveX Component 1.3
FTP ActiveX to upload/download/delete files. Get FTP directory listing, upload directory trees with restart, xfer to/from memory, create/delete remote dirs, session logging, MGET/MPUT, proxy support, active/passive modes, binary/ascii modes.

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