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Databrid 3551)   Databrid 1.1
Databrid is a browsing, retrieval and manipulation tool for Oracle Databases. Functionality includes syntax highlighting, automatic case adjustment, viewing table data in tables, schema browsing, save data to CSV, update csv with data.

SDE for Eclipse (SE) for Windows 1.1 Standard Edit 3552)   SDE for Eclipse (SE) for Windows 1.1 Standard Edit
SDE for Eclipse is a full-featured UML modelling tool seamlessly integrated with Eclipse.

Data Broker Interface 3553)   Data Broker Interface 1.2
Data Broker Interface is a GUI tool that assists you in transferring the structure and the data from one database system to another.

EMS Quick PDF 3554)   EMS Quick PDF 1.1
EMS Quick PDF Component Suite gives you an opportunity to create PDF documents with your applications written on Delphi or C++ Builder in a most simple and easiest way. You can generate PDF files without any knowledge of PDF format using EMS QuickPDF.

VS.Php for Visual Studio .Net 2002 3555)   VS.Php for Visual Studio .Net 2002
VS.Php lets you build, edit, debug and deploy php applications from within Visual Studio .Net. Allowing leverage all the features Visual Studio.Net provides.

SMTP/POP3 Email Engine for dBase 3556)   SMTP/POP3 Email Engine for dBase 4.0
SMTP / POP3 email component dBASE library to send and receive mail, including HTML and MIME attachments, from within an application. Supports SMTP (ESMTP) and POP3 authentication and ISO-8859 and UTF-8 character coding. Supports all dBASE versions.

DB3NF - Rapid Web Application Development platform 3557)   DB3NF - Rapid Web Application Development platform 1.4
DB3NF is a Rapid Web Application Development platform (RAD) designed for fast and easy creation of high performance, maintainable and scalable Web applications of virtually any kind.

DMControls.CharMap .NET control 3558)   DMControls.CharMap .NET control 1.0
CharMap is a .NET control for viewing and copying characters of any fonts installed in the system. It can be used for various projects being adoptive to each application’s design and color gamma. Windows, DOS and Unicode character sets are supported

SMTP/POP3 Email Engine for COBOL 3559)   SMTP/POP3 Email Engine for COBOL 3.6
MarshallSoft SMTP / POP3 COBOL email component library to send and receive mail including HTML and MIME Base64 and quoted-printable encoded attachments, from within an application.

DirToTxt 3560)   DirToTxt 1.0
Instead of doing a "DIR /B > MyDir.txt" from the commandline, we now have a more convenient way to get your directory listings into text format and on the Windows clipboard.

VISOCO dbExpress driver for Sybase ASA (Win32) 3561)   VISOCO dbExpress driver for Sybase ASA (Win32) 1.2
VISOCO dbExpress driver for Sybase ASA is based on the Embedded SQL database interface, provide direct access to Sybase ASA and allows avoiding Borland Database Engine (BDE), ODBC, ADO, SQL Links and Sybase Open Client.

axsStrongBox 3562)   axsStrongBox 2.0
Morello StrongBox is a COM component which provides secure data encryption, forVB, VC++, Delphi and VBScript. It provides industry standard, strong algorithms, memory/file based encryption, flexible passwords, GZIP and Base64 capability.

SDE for JBuilder (CE) for Linux 3563)   SDE for JBuilder (CE) for Linux 3.2 Community Edition
SDE for JBuilder is a UML plugin for JBuilder. SDE supports the latest UML notation, reverse engineering (Java to UML model), code generation (models to Java code), import/export XMI, import Rational Rose, Microsoft Visio integration...

CompareData 3564)   CompareData
Compare and synchronize SQL DBMS data visually between two databases using ODBC drivers

StelsEngine - fast in-memory SQL database (in-memory JDBC) 3565)   StelsEngine - fast in-memory SQL database (in-memory JDBC) 1.3
StelsEngine is a fast in-memory SQL engine (in-memory JDBC) for processing tabular data in Java applications. Using StelsEngine, you can make processing data in your software considerably easier and quicker. StelsEngine implements JDBC API standard.

Spices.Obfuscator 3566)   Spices.Obfuscator
.Net obfuscator, protects .Net software from decompilation and deobfuscation

AstroChip 3567)   AstroChip 1.0
AstroChip is a language for modelling chips. You can use it for learning the first basics of chipdesign. An intelligent compiler helps finding errors and chips can be tested.

VersyPDF.NET 3568)   VersyPDF.NET 2.4
High-quality, industry-strength PDF library meeting requirements of the most demanding and diverse applications. Using VersyPDF.NET you can write stand-alone and reliable commercial applications that can read, write, and edit PDF file

Sharp Zip Wrapper 3569)   Sharp Zip Wrapper 1.01
Free .NET Zip Library that wraps Sharp Zip. Easily Zip/Unzip files and directories. A demo form is included in VB.NET and C#. Source code is included in VB.NET and C#.

ZLIB.NET 3570)   ZLIB.NET 1.01
100% managed version of ZLIB compression library. Full C# source code is included.

OQL.NET Object Query Language 3571)   OQL.NET Object Query Language
OQL.NET is a strong-typed database object query language. The difference between OQL.NET and SQL or other OQL lies in that OQL.NET is based on native.NET language (e.g. C# and VB.NET) instead of on strings.

Installgen 3572)   Installgen 1.75
Installgen implements Oracle´s best practices for over 100 tasks required when performing the installation of Oracle primary and standby database servers. Free demo available for Windows, MacOSX, Linux and Solaris.

Priore SmartCard ActiveX 3573)   Priore SmartCard ActiveX 1.4
This component is able to read and write numeric and alphanumeric data from Smartcards with ADPU commands.

DreamCoder for Oracle Free Edition 3574)   DreamCoder for Oracle Free Edition
DreamCoder for Oracle is a powerful Integrated Development Environment and administration tool for Oracle Databases.

.NET Win HTML Editor Control 3575)   .NET Win HTML Editor Control 3.2
.NET Win Application control rich text editor (GET HTML/XHTML Output or SET Html Content) for your Windows Application. HTML Content Viewer, Powerful databinding feature and customizable toolbar makes this product very useful for a developer.

.NET Dashboard Suite 3576)   .NET Dashboard Suite 3.0
The .NET Dashboard Suite is a pack of .NET components for complicated and intelligent digital dashboard creation. The package includes the component for hardware emulator creation and the component for interactive graphs and charts creation.

10Tec iGrid.NET 3577)   10Tec iGrid.NET 1.70
iGrid.NET is the most flexible, fast and easiest grid for the .NET Framework. You can use iGrid.NET either as a list view substitution or as a full-featured grid control.

Aspose.Workflow for .NET 3578)   Aspose.Workflow for .NET
Aspose.Workflow is a .NET component that provides a workflow engine to support industry standard workflow objects. It supports; WFMC XPDL 1.0, Export/Import of XML to XPDL, Calling external application, User/Group Management and support for Databases

Terminal Components 3579)   Terminal Components 1.1.6
The Terminal Components are lightweight implementations of a standard ANSI/VT terminal with both Swing and AWT versions available. Full documentation and example code is provided for use.

Add-in Express 2007 for VSTO 3580)   Add-in Express 2007 for VSTO 2007.3.4
Easily develop professional extensions for Microsoft Office. Build Office add-ins with minimal coding and debugging, customize Office 2007 Ribbon UI and Office 2003 toolbars with special visual designers in your VSTO 2005 (SE) projects.

SecureBlackbox .NET 3581)   SecureBlackbox .NET 8.0
SecureBlackbox.NET is a comprehensive component collection that adds SFTP, FTPS, SSH, PGP, PDF, XML security, S/MIME, SSL/TLS, HTTPS, PKI, ZIP, EDI, Cloud, Office security support to your .NET, Silverlight, Mono or .NET CF application.

GdTwain OCX TWAIN ActiveX 3582)   GdTwain OCX TWAIN ActiveX 1.3.1
GdTwain OCX is a TWAIN ActiveX control allow developers to acquire easily image from devices such as scanners, cameras and capture card. You can use it with any windows development environment like visual basic, vfp, .NET, Delphi, C++ and many other.

LogicSim 3583)   LogicSim 3.2

PDF Metamorphosis .Net 3584)   PDF Metamorphosis .Net 2.2.0
PDF Metamorphosis .Net is a component for converting Text, Word (RTF), HTML to PDF. The component is created on pure C#, it's absolutely standalone and doesn't require Adobe Acrobat® or MS Word®. Convert HTML, RTF to PDF in ASP.Net with two lines.

ThemeEngine Site License Software 3585)   ThemeEngine Site License Software 1.0
Site License

Batch File Compiler Software 3586)   Batch File Compiler Software 1.0
A Batch File Compiler that changes .BAT into .EXE

KNOCKS VS2005 Addins 3587)   KNOCKS VS2005 Addins 1.0
KNOCKS VS2005 Addin is an "all-in-one" add-in that integrates with Visual Studio .NET 2005 and provides features to improve your productivity while coding and designing and debugging.

Ultra Crypto Component 3588)   Ultra Crypto Component 2.0.2010.508
Easy and advanced encryption, decryption and hash ActiveX component for ASP or ASP.Net Support encryption and decryption of file, string, memory buffer Support calculation of hash on string, file or memory buffer Support digital signature

Spire.XLS 3589)   Spire.XLS 2.0.2
Spire.XLS is the powerful .NET component suit for opening and saving native MS Excel files. Quickly and easily imports and exports data with one line of code , Save your much time and money by using Spire.XLS..

SLIC - Software Lifecycle Construction 3590)   SLIC - Software Lifecycle Construction 1.0
Software development and construction tool to help with the software engineering process. SLIC Caters for the entire spectrum of the software development lifecycle. It helps with organising software documentation.

Watermark Master SDK 3591)   Watermark Master SDK 1.0.
A library based on the Watermark Master application. It is intended for creation of videos and images with adding watermarks of any kinds, creation of thumbnails, extraction and removal of video scenes. The library supports all basic video formats.

Navicat MySQL Manager for Linux (Freeware available) 3592)   Navicat MySQL Manager for Linux (Freeware available) 8.0.25
Navicat MySQL Manager is a set of graphical database management and monitoring tools for MySQL. Navicat is easy-to-use and powerful. It supports backup/ restore, import/ export data and synchronize database.

RakeHelper 3593)   RakeHelper 1.0
RakeHelper searches for rakes the aim being the extraction and recognition of the characters. Also rakes can be used as features in the step of form identification and recognition as anchor elements. RakeHelper expects as input a monochrome image.

TIFF Page Counter COM Component 3594)   TIFF Page Counter COM Component 1.00
The com component will quickly tell you how many pages are in a tiff file, ideal for web sites that serve tiff content. Example .asp code included

SVA 3595)   SVA 3.2.33
SVA is a powerful tool for shareware/freeware developers or vendors. It has many capabilities such as: products/versions/submissions/regorders database, semi-automatic submission, personalized E-mail generation, regorders detectors, PAD support.

Easy Compression Library 3596)   Easy Compression Library 3.55
With Easy Compression Library you can add advanced compression and encryption functionality to your projects. Key Features: Advanced compression algorithms, Compression on-the-fly, No DLLs, compiles right into your EXE, Strong encryption

IBXExTrees lib 3597)   IBXExTrees lib 5.0
IBXExTreeView/List/ComboBox components for work with Interbase/Firebird/Yaffil tables with use IBX database access library

DecryptAccess 3598)   DecryptAccess 2.0.0
DecryptAccess is a program to recover lost or forgotten password for Microsoft Access 2003/XP/2002/97 password-protected databases. All password are recovered instantly regardless of length.Multilingual passwords are supported. Now feel the conve

CoolHints2k 3599)   CoolHints2k 1.03
CoolHints2k package provided with the ability to create Office2000/XP like dialogs and hint system.

Hex Editor ActiveX Control 3600)   Hex Editor ActiveX Control 1.1
Powerful Hex Editor ActiveX Control. Features: Multilevel undo/redo; Print; Insert/Over edit mode; Fast find/replace text; View/edit as bin/octal/dec/hex; Clipboard operations;Font and Color options; Popup menu;Show/Hide offset/hex/text; Color coding

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