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KNOCKS WinControls Suite 3751)   KNOCKS WinControls Suite
Outlook Grid, Spellchecker, Docking Manager, Daily Calendar, Monthly Calendar, Schedular, Office 2007 Tooltip, Outlook bar, TabControl .NET

PG Social Networking Software 3752)   PG Social Networking Software MAR.2010
PG Social Networking community builder for Business Social Network! New design! Virtual points, currency & gifts, Open ID, Ratings, Abuse reports, Q&As, ECards, SMS payments, Calls, Chats, featured events, Friends, groups. Free Support and Manuals!

ITG Email Validator 3753)   ITG Email Validator 1.1
ITG Email Validator is a tool composed of two DLLs which validate addresses in 4 levels: Level 1 - email address syntax valid. Level 2 - email server (MX record) is configured. Level 3 - destination email server is running. Level 4 - email exists.

Windows WORD To CHM 2008 3754)   Windows WORD To CHM 2008 3.0
Windows Word To CHM 2008 is a tool to convert Windows word files (*.doc) to CHM document directly. With this tool, you can make a specification of an application from the *.doc files.

PowerPoint-to-Flash API for Developer 3755)   PowerPoint-to-Flash API for Developer 2.2
PowerPoint-to-Flash API - A professional PowerPoint-to-Flash converting solution, such as Online Collaboration, Online sharing of PowerPoint presentations, Application for presentation of PowerPoint slide shows (converted to Flash), LMS, Authoring

PDF DocuReader 3756)   PDF DocuReader 4.0
Die kostenlose Lösung für Ihr Hilfesystem: verwenden Sie PDF-Dateien als Programmhilfe und für Benutzerhandbücher in Ihrer Software! Mit PDF DocuReader die PDF-Benutzerhandbücher und Hilfe in eigener Software lesen und darstellen.

Sunflower Excel .Net 3757)   Sunflower Excel .Net 1.0
Sunflower Excel .Net is a non-graphical component that enables in windows applications to convert automatically Excel Spreadsheet XLS to HTML web page. Qualitative development tool for conversion XLS to HTML, CSV, XLSX, XML, TXT.

Delphi 7 Enterprise 3758)   Delphi 7 Enterprise 7
Borland DelphiTM 7 Studio Enterprise delivers new, fully integrated technologies for increased developer productivity. Get your applications ready for the path to the Microsoft .NET Framework with the Delphi 7 Studio Migration Kit for .NET. Use Mode

Catchysoft Report Generator 3759)   Catchysoft Report Generator 1.00.03
Catchysoft Report Generator is a free reporting tool for generating and printing reports. Distinctive features of this library are fast integration into any project and auto-layout report design creation. This library uses ActiveX technology.

OpenX ASP Edition 3760)   OpenX ASP Edition 2.0.3
OpenX - the database development and connectivity solution.

RegDesk 4.0 3761)   RegDesk 4.0 4.0
RegDesk 4.0 provides computer security of the highest order, securing opted devices and various areas of Desktop and Windows programs. A foolproof desktop security system, which controls access to vital areas of Windows.

SDE for JBuilder (CE) for Mac OS X 1.1 Community E 3762)   SDE for JBuilder (CE) for Mac OS X 1.1 Community E
SDE for JBuilder is a full-featured UML CASE tool seamlessly integrated with JBuilder.

PkDecode 3763)   PkDecode 2.0
PkDecode is a software development kit to decode PDF417 barcodes from digital image. The SDK comes with dynamic link library (DLL) for Windows.The recognition algorithm can overcome multiform defects in images.

RSS2HTML Scout 3764)   RSS2HTML Scout 1.40
Add RSS reading functions into your Visual Basic, C++, C# or ASP/ASP.NET application without RSS/XML knowledge using RSS2HTML Scout library

SDE for JDeveloper (SE) for Linux 1.1 Standard Edi 3765)   SDE for JDeveloper (SE) for Linux 1.1 Standard Edi
SDE for JDeveloper is a full-featured UML CASE tool seamlessly integrated with JDeveloper.

AlterSourcing PopUp Control 3766)   AlterSourcing PopUp Control
The PopUp control for MS .Net allows developers to build context menus and popup windows with literally few lines of code. The popup form behaves just like the common popup window.

Email Validation Component for .NET 3767)   Email Validation Component for .NET 4.1
Our DataMatrix bar code fonts allow printing of high density ECC200 Data Matrix symbols with TrueType, PCL and PostScript fonts. Includes VB code, Java Library, DLLs and examples for Excel, Word, Access, Java, .NET and Crystal Reports.

WebGrid 3768)   WebGrid 1.0
WebGrid is a powerful cross-browser, object oriented and full-featured JavaScript grid component provides users with a familiar interface for manipulating tabular data using web browser.

SDE for JBuilder (ME) for Windows 1.1 Modeler Edit 3769)   SDE for JBuilder (ME) for Windows 1.1 Modeler Edit
SDE for JBuilder is an easy-to-use UML tool seamlessly integrated with JBuilder.

Visual Java/SWING Components Library 3770)   Visual Java/SWING Components Library 2.3
Eltima Visual Java Swing Components Library provides developers with easily-integratable components that allow adding attractive styles to buttons, color dialogs, search fields and design modern user-friendly GUIs for Java applications and applets.

SDE for Sun ONE (ME) for Mac OS X 3771)   SDE for Sun ONE (ME) for Mac OS X 3.2 Modeler Edition
SDE for Sun ONE is a UML modeling tool tightly integrated with Sun ONE. You can capture requirements, draw all types of UML diagrams, reverse engineer Java to UML model, generate Java code and generate UML documents in HTML/PDF format...

PDF417-ActiveX 3772)   PDF417-ActiveX 1.92
PDF417Barcode ActiveX Control. Our PDF417-ActiveX Control has all the features necessary to easily add professional quality barcodes to any Windows application including Web pages, database reporting and labeling, product packaging, etc

EMS Data Import 2005 for InterBase/Firebird 3773)   EMS Data Import 2005 for InterBase/Firebird 3.0
EMS Data Import for InterBase/Firebird is a powerful tool to import your data quickly from MS Excel, MS Access, DBF, TXT, CSV and XML files to InterBase/FireBird tables.

SDE for IBM WebSphere (ME) for Windows 3774)   SDE for IBM WebSphere (ME) for Windows 3.2 Modeler Edition
SDE for IBM WebSphere is a UML modeling tool tightly integrated with IBM WebSphere. SDE supports reverse engineering (Java code to UML model), code generation (UML model to Java code), Microsoft Visio integration, import Rational Rose project...

DynaPlot 3775)   DynaPlot 3.0
DynaPlot is a real-time ActiveX chart control for technical applications. It features dynamic scaling of chart elements with control size, tolerance masks, built-in tools like cursors, markers, scroll, pan, zoom...

TextTransformer 3776)   TextTransformer 1.3.1
The TextTransformer is used to transform texts: multiple replacements of words, evaluation, conversion etc. Programs can be tested step by step and applied interactively or to whole directories. They also can be exported as c++ code.

Horizon Text & HTML Project Workshop 3777)   Horizon Text & HTML Project Workshop 1.37
Horizon Text & HTML Workshop provides the tools you need to manage Text & HTML projects. Has Multiple Document Interface, word processor, HTML tag Auto-complete, re-wrap/re-format, quotes/taglines manager, personal note pad, and many other features.

NewAge Net Serial Driver 3778)   NewAge Net Serial Driver 2.0
Gives you the possibility to give the remote access to serial port via TCP/IP.

ActiveEmail SMTP E-mail Toolkit 3779)   ActiveEmail SMTP E-mail Toolkit 2.1
ActiveEmail provides an easy-to-use programming interface to SMTP e-mail and NNTP news communications; Use it to send messages automatically, or in batches, from applications, web servers, or from the command-line.

Caravan Business Server for Microsoft 3780)   Caravan Business Server for Microsoft 3.15-03D
Caravan Business Server is an extremely easy to use comprehensive development and deployment framework which has been used to build Enterprise wide, mission critical Web-based applications.

Window resizer 3781)   Window resizer 0.5
The Browser Window Resizer is useful for testing different screen sizes. It accurately resizes your browser so you can test to see what a web page looks like in all of the standard resolution sizes. 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1600x1200.

FeedForDev 3782)   FeedForDev 1.0
Integrate components into your application, to communicate with users. Use standard RSS feeds and provide users tips, marketing messages and a steady stream of communication when an application is used.

Pretty Password 3783)   Pretty Password 1.0
For the web designer that wants to add security to their website.

Statistics ActiveX 3784)   Statistics ActiveX 1.0
Provides different basic statistical measures, for example the variance and covariance. In addition it states the values of the Standard Normal Distribution and of the T-Distribution.

Schneider Software Designer Component 3785)   Schneider Software Designer Component 3.0.1901.37941
Schneider Software Designer component allows developers to easily provide a runtime form designer environment. The design environment will allow end users to move, size, add, remove, and create objects at runtime.

Barcode Win32 DLL 3786)   Barcode Win32 DLL 3.0
Add 1D barcode solution for your applications with our windows 32-bit DLL.

PromoSoft 3787)   PromoSoft 1.85
PromoSoft is an easy to use, professional software promotional tool, which automates the process of promoting your programs on the Internet. It can automatically submit your software to over 750 download sites and archives within minutes.

DevSolutions Crypt 1.0 3788)   DevSolutions Crypt 1.0 1.0.1
DevSolutionsCrypt library is a powerful and easy to use cryptographic ActiveX and DLL component for Windows developers that allows applications to encrypt/decrypt data or files using the latest industry standard strong encryption algorithms.

Spire.Designer 3789)   Spire.Designer 1.2
The Spire.Designer is the 100% pure .NET class library, which allows you to runtime design form from your application.

Help Generator for Visual Studio 2005 3790)   Help Generator for Visual Studio 2005 2.2
HTML Help Generator for Visual Studio 2005 is the fastest way to add Help to your applications. Generates all needed files such as HTML pages, images and help project files. Includes user friendly WYSYWYG help editing environment.

eXPert PDF ViewerX Control 3791)   eXPert PDF ViewerX Control 1.0
eXPert PDF ViewerX is a standalone PDF Viewer activex control for windows.Using Visual Basic, VC, Delphi or any other programming language/tool been able to handle activex controls, developers can build a customer interface for viewing pdf documents.

dtLibrary 3792)   dtLibrary 1.0
dtLibrary is a class library packaged as a single ActiveX DLL. This library offers multiple classes for retrieving and/or updating system information, including ini files, registry access, file/disk information, memory and power information, etc. 3793) 1.10
Free Buttons helps you create 3D rollover web menus and buttons with ease.You just change the graphic parameters of buttons such as 3D shape, lighting, texture, material, shadow, deformation. FREE!

PDF Maker DLL 3794)   PDF Maker DLL 2.0
ActiveX DLL for Visual Basic to automatically create Adobe Acrobat PDF files from Excel worksheets and Word documents.

ASP/VBA/COM ActiveX Dictionary object 3795)   ASP/VBA/COM ActiveX Dictionary object 1.0
Free-threaded hi-speed dictionary algorithm with unique/nonunique keys (map/multimap). Connect to another dictionary object in the same process. Lock and Unlock methods to synchronize tasks (application scope). Share ASP Application/Session objects

Irie Pascal (Windows Edition) 3796)   Irie Pascal (Windows Edition)
The Irie Pascal Integrated Development Environment (IDE) includes an editor, compiler, and interpreter. Use Irie Pascal to develop: console programs (that read from, and write to console windows), web programs (using CGI), and Windows Services.

DISLIN for GNU G95 Compiler 3797)   DISLIN for GNU G95 Compiler 9.0
DISLIN is a high-level and easy to use plotting library for displaying data as curves, bar graphs, pie charts, 3D-colour plots, surfaces, contours and maps. Several output formats are supported such as X11, VGA, PostScript, PDF, CGM, PNG and TIFF.

Context Menu Extension DLL 3798)   Context Menu Extension DLL 3.1
Easiest way to add your own Windows Explorer menu with icon near your verb. You can easy use this component with your own application written with any programming language.

Aztec 2D Barcode Win32 DLL 3799)   Aztec 2D Barcode Win32 DLL 3.0
Add Aztec 2D barcode solution for your applications with our windows 32-bit DLL.

Bokai Barcode ActiveX Control (Barcode/ActiveX) 3800)   Bokai Barcode ActiveX Control (Barcode/ActiveX) 3.0
Bokai barcode ActiveX control is an barcode control that can be used to develop applications or dropped directly into a Microsoft Office document (Word, Excel, etc.) or Access Report. It can also copy barcode images to the Clipboard.

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