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DC Dynamic Compoenents 851)   DC Dynamic Compoenents 3.1
Dynamic Components offers 11 dynamic programming tools to make your applications fast, efficient, and user-friendly. It's the only package that gives you full control, from back-end programming to interface design.

DC Data Manger Software 852)   DC Data Manger Software 1.0
Enhanced class that handles all aspects required with a data form

ZipForge.NET for Compact Framework 853)   ZipForge.NET for Compact Framework 1.0
Fast ZIP compression component for .NET Compact Framework. Create ZIP archives, add files and directories, extract files, delete files, list files within archive with full details. Transaction system, progress indication, Unicode filenames.

COMM-DRV/CE Professional Edition Software 854)   COMM-DRV/CE Professional Edition Software 1.0
Professional serial communication library for Pocket PC - Windows/CE

Audio Encoder Decoder ActiveX (OCX) 855)   Audio Encoder Decoder ActiveX (OCX) 1.0
Audio Encoder Decoder ActiveX 1.0 is a collection of audio converter OCXs (ActiveX) for software developers.

Secure FTP Factory for .NET 856)   Secure FTP Factory for .NET 2.1.3
Secure FTP Factory for .NET is a set of .NET client components for exchanging data between machines. Including support for FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and Secure FTP (FTP over SSL) protocols.

Polar Crypto Light Free 857)   Polar Crypto Light Free 2.5
Polar Crypto Light is simple to use, yet supports the securest, most recommended and most cryptographic standards and crypto systems. It is an ActiveX control which seamlessly adds encryption features to your Windows application.

MSW.Collections 858)   MSW.Collections
MSW.Collections Library for Microsoft .NET, standard and generic implementations. Contains a fast double sided ring buffer class, can also work as a list, queue and stack. Implements all relevant interfaces and features silent or violent overflow.

WipeDir 859)   WipeDir 1.0.1
WipeDir is a utility designed for use by developers to facilitate the removal of directories that may contain open files. Though intended for use as part uninstall methods, it may have other applications.

CSUpload Controls Package 860)   CSUpload Controls Package 1.0
CSUpload control package is a powerful ASP.NET 2.0 File Upload control, the package contains CSUpload and CSUploadProgressPanel controls to empower your web application with strong files uploading features.

DObject O/R Mapping Suite 861)   DObject O/R Mapping Suite
Macrobject DObject suite is an O/R Mapping (Object-Relation Mapping) component package to be used in Borland Delphi. DObject includes OQL.Delphi, which is a strong-typed OQL (Object Query Language) based on native Delphi language.

MistyChartNet 862)   MistyChartNet 1.0
MistyChart is a Windows Form Chart component which has design time support form Microsoft Visual Studio 2002 and above. It also has extensive customization suport at run time using popup menus.

Movie to Flash SDK 863)   Movie to Flash SDK 1.0
GeoVid Movie to Flash SDK allows you to include video to flash conversion into your own application. You can convert any video files to flash FLV or SWF. You do not need to know DirectShow or Video Edition to create flash from video.

VeriFinger Algorithm Demo for MS Windows 864)   VeriFinger Algorithm Demo for MS Windows 6.0
Demo application enrolls and identifies fingerprints from supported fingerprint scanners or image file, and can calculate ROC with custom fingerprint databases. Fingerprint recognition technology and software for PC and Mac.

F-IN-BOX, DLL Edition 865)   F-IN-BOX, DLL Edition 3.0
Load movies directly from memory. Protect movies. Create Flash-enabled applications which are ready to work even if the Flash Player ActiveX is not installed! Transparency is fully supported! Ability to play Flash Video (FLV) directly from memory.

BarCode .NET Control 866)   BarCode .NET Control 1.6
BarCode .NET Control enables you to add professional barcode functionality to any .NET application. The control is available for NET 1.0 and 2.0, written in C# using 100% managed code, supports a variety of barcode types and is easy to integrate.

Virtual Documents 867)   Virtual Documents 1.0
Virtual Documents is the right sharing and collaboration .NET add-on for any business where communication and collaboration are key to success. Share documents and data the new, smart, secure and affordable way.

Callback File System 868)   Callback File System 1.0
With Callback File System you can create your own file system within your application and expose this file system to Windows as a virtual disk.

ShellBrowser Components for Delphi Software 869)   ShellBrowser Components for Delphi Software 1.0
The ShellBrowser components are Explorer components for Delphi and C++ Builder.

Polar Zip Component 870)   Polar Zip Component 5.0
Polar Zip Component is a complete compression solution for any Windows application. It includes standard Zip/Unzip functions, a Self-Extractor Module and Streaming Compression Library in one product enhanced with FULL source code at no extra cost.

Barcode VCL Component (Site License) Software 871)   Barcode VCL Component (Site License) Software 1.0
Automatic backup your data to local, network, or FTP. It can work as service.

VoIP SIP SDK for .NET and Win32 COM 872)   VoIP SIP SDK for .NET and Win32 COM 1.1
VoIP SIP SDK - A powerful and highly versatile VoIP SDK. Our SIP SDK provides a powerful and highly versatile solution to add quickly SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) based dial and receive phone calls features in your software applications.

Bytescout SWF SlideShow Scout 873)   Bytescout SWF SlideShow Scout 1.10
Bytescout SWF SlideShow Scout is an ActiveX (with .NET support) library for royalty-free SWF flash slideshow movies generation from images (BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF) and EMF metafiles (.EMF, WMF) in your desktop application or web-based applications

Advanced Excel Report 874)   Advanced Excel Report 1.7
Advanced Excel Report for Delphi is a powerful band-oriented generator of template-based reports in MS Excel. Easy-to-use component property editors allow you to quickly create powerful reports in MS Excel. Any data source can be used.

ShellBrowser Components Delphi Edition 875)   ShellBrowser Components Delphi Edition 7.0.4
The ShellBrowser components give a Delphi programmer easy access to the Win32 shell functionality. The components look and behave exactly like the corresponding parts of the Explorer.

MarshallSoft DUN Dialer for C/C++ 876)   MarshallSoft DUN Dialer for C/C++ 2.1
MarshallSoft Dialup Networking (DUN) Component for C/C++. Version 2.1, 6/7/2002. Invoke 32-bit Windows Dialup Networking (DUN) from your application code to dial up any installed Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Aspose.Pdf 877)   Aspose.Pdf 2.6
Aspose.Pdf is a .Net Pdf document reporting component which enables you to write Pdf documents without utilizing Adobe Pdf. The latest supports for paragraph Justification;etc.

ASPXpand 1.0 for 878)   ASPXpand 1.0 for 1.0
Bring the flexibility of desktop programming to ASP.Net! ASPXpand offers over 40 different "desktop type" functions that can help cut your development time in half. ASPXpand works with the native ASP.Net controls, making implementation a snap!

Chilkat Email Class Library for VC++ 6.0 879)   Chilkat Email Class Library for VC++ 6.0 7.4
The Chilkat C++ class library for VC++ 6.0 fully supports SMTP, POP3, MIME, HTML, SSL, S/MIME, secure authentication, attachments, SSL, progress monitoring, zip and unzip of attachments, XML import/export, and is fully internationalized to handle email in any language.

ObjectMapper .NET 880)   ObjectMapper .NET 2.0.2129.0
It's a .NET Persistence Framework for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access and XML Files.

E-XD++MFC Library Enterprise V9.80 881)   E-XD++MFC Library Enterprise V9.80 9.80
E-XD++ Library for MFC by UCanCode.Net Software, an C++ class framework that provides your applications with a drawing surface for diagramming, symbol manipulation, drag and drop, scrolling, zooming, and many other graphics capabilities.

Strong Video Info 882)   Strong Video Info 1.10
Strong Video Info is a Delphi control that allows programmers to easily get information from any video file.

StelsXML - fast XML JDBC driver 883)   StelsXML - fast XML JDBC driver 1.0
StelsXML is a JDBC type 4 driver that allows to perform SQL queries and other JDBC operations on XML files. With StelsXML JDBC driver, you can easily access data contained in XML documents using the standard SQL syntax and XPath expressions.

Adillis smartDBforms.NET 884)   Adillis smartDBforms.NET 1.2
smartDBforms.NET is an ASP.NET framework for creating database forms. By inspecting the database schema smartDBforms.NET is able to create the right user interface for all kinds of database columns – foreign key, number, large text, images, etc.

VintaSoftTiff.NET Library 885)   VintaSoftTiff.NET Library 2.1
VintaSoftTiff.NET Library allows to work with multipage TIFF files without usage of temporary file. You can add image to TIFF file, delete image from TIFF file, split one multipage TIFF file to many files.

ShellBrowser .Net Edition 886)   ShellBrowser .Net Edition 4.0.4
The ShellBrowser .Net Edition gives a programmer easy access to the Win32 shell functionality. The controls look and behave exactly like the corresponding parts of the Explorer and are Unicode enabled.

VisPDF Lib 887)   VisPDF Lib 3.8
VisPDF is a professional VCL component for Delphi and C++ Builder for creating PDF documents. VisPDF does not use any DLL or other software to create PDF files.

FileMetadata .NET 888)   FileMetadata .NET 1.0
Element-IT FileMetadata .NET control provides methods to add and modify metadata for any files and folders at NTFS file system. Control uses Alternate Data Streams technology to work with metadata.

Bytescout PDFDoc Scout 889)   Bytescout PDFDoc Scout 1.26a
PDF library with HTML, EMF, JPG, works in VB, C#,.NET, ASP and ASP.NET. Full set of methods and properties to create rich PDF doc with text, HTML, transformed XML, images, objects. Provides support for EMF2PDF, Unicode and Security options

RadarCube OLAP ASP.NET Direct 890)   RadarCube OLAP ASP.NET Direct 1.04
Fastest and prowerful AJAX OLAP library for ASP.NET 2.0+. Completely written on C# and contains no ActiveX. Supports IE, FireFox (also in Linux and MAC OS), Opera. Connects to any database and requires minimum server memory. Medium trust compliant.

Delphi SWF SDK (Upgrade) Software 891)   Delphi SWF SDK (Upgrade) Software 1.0
Upgrade from Commercial to Professional

IrisMenu 892)   IrisMenu 2.0
IrisMenu is an easy-to-use menu components package for VisualStudio.NET(Winforms) which provides multifarious non-traditional menu components. E.g. matrix menu, wheel menu, etc.

Reporting Services Barcode CRI 893)   Reporting Services Barcode CRI 10.01
This component creates barcodes in Microsoft Reporting Services as an integrated drag-and-drop Custom Report Item CRI control, without the use of barcode fonts. Includes installers for Reporting Services SQL Server 2005 and 2008.

PowerPoint-to-Flash SDK for .NET and COM 894)   PowerPoint-to-Flash SDK for .NET and COM
PowerPoint-to-Flash SDK - A professional PowerPoint-to-Flash converting solution, such as Online Collaboration, Online sharing of PowerPoint presentations, Application for presentation of PowerPoint slide shows (converted to Flash), LMS, Authoring

VoIP DLL, OCX/ActiveX, COM, C-interface and .NET for Windows and Linux 895)   VoIP DLL, OCX/ActiveX, COM, C-interface and .NET for Windows and Linux 2.0
VoIP DLL,OCX/ActiveX,NET - A simple way to VoIP-enable your applications and websites. The conaito VoIP EVO SDK contains a high performance VoIP conferencing client capable of delivering crystal clear sound even for both low and high-bandwidth users.

HTMLLabel for Windows Forms 896)   HTMLLabel for Windows Forms 1.03
Designed to replace the standard Windows Forms Label, the HTMLLabel from Gobicode offers far greater flexibility when rendering rich text by supporting standard HTML tags. Easily achieve super/subscript, full text justification and in-line images.

mPlayer 897)   mPlayer 1.0.0
Windows Media Player Wrapper for .Net developers

NetTimers 898)   NetTimers 1.0
NetTimers control is a set of timers that expand on the timer supplied with Visual Studio. Three more timers which operate exactly as the Microsoft Visual Studio Timer(milliseconds), but the timers in NetTimers are in seconds, minutes and hours.

Chart ModelKit 899)   Chart ModelKit 3.5
Chart ModelKit is a .NET native component for graphical data representation featuring a built-in WYSIWYG designer and advanced data binding model. The library contains a comprehensive set of standard elements and available series types.

wodAppUpdate 900)   wodAppUpdate 1.5.2
Developers are able to add 'update over the web' functionality to your software with a single line of code. WodAppUpdate allows developers an easy way to deploy their updates on the host site and let users download them in just a few secounds.

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