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XINS 951)   XINS 2.1
XINS is a Web Services framework. APIs are defined in a simple XML format. Then the specifications in HTML, the WSDL file, the Java client and server side code are generated from the specifications. APIs accept SOAP, REST, XML-RPC, JSON and more.

SDE for IBM WebSphere (CE) for Mac OS X 1.1 Commun 952)   SDE for IBM WebSphere (CE) for Mac OS X 1.1 Commun
SDE for IBM WebSphere is a full-featured UML CASE tool seamlessly integrated with IBM WebSphere.

SDE for Eclipse (PE) for Linux 1.1 Professional Ed 953)   SDE for Eclipse (PE) for Linux 1.1 Professional Ed
SDE for Eclipse is a full-featured UML plugin module for Eclipse.

eXPert PDF COM Library 954)   eXPert PDF COM Library 1.0
Create pdf documents from windows applications

DC ReturnKey Enable 955)   DC ReturnKey Enable 3.1
DC ReturnKeyEnable allows you to access form controls using the Return key instead of Tab. This way, you don't have to switch between keys to enter codes, access controls, and navigate through your form, so you can spend less time defining events.

Painless Schedule 956)   Painless Schedule 2.0
Painless Schedule is a powerful, intuitive program for tracking software schedules. It allows developers to easily build feature lists that break down into tasks, then track the progress on each task. Supports multiple users, projects and more.

SDE for JBuilder (PE) for Mac OS X 957)   SDE for JBuilder (PE) for Mac OS X 3.2 Professional Edition
SDE for JBuilder is a UML tool tightly integrated with JBuilder. You can draw UML diagrams (class, use case, sequence ...) in JBuilder, generate Java code, reverse engineer Java code to class diagrams, import Rational Rose...

Lattice.DataMapper 958)   Lattice.DataMapper 1.0
Lattice.DataMapper is a persistence framework for .NET. Lattice.DataMapper provides a simple and flexible way to map objects to relational database.

DC Form Translator 959)   DC Form Translator 3.1
Form Translator gives you multi-language functionality. It works by taking your original form and translating the code into several languages. That means you only need to write one program, rather than recoding and redesigning with every version.

Software-Promoter 960)   Software-Promoter 3.3.08
Software-Promoter does two things for you: it processes all registration orders from your customers, maintains it, generates registration keys, sends emails and helps you to promote your software. There is big sites collection for promotion purposes.

AltovaXML 961)   AltovaXML 2006
AltovaXML is a FREE XML standards processor that includes the Altova XSLT 1.0 engine, XSLT 2.0 engine, XQuery engine, and XML validator. Now developers can use the same processors found in Altova XMLSpy 2006 in their own applications, free of charge.

Multicom OEM 962)   Multicom OEM 2.0
With Multicom OEM you can: -Create your_protocol-to-serial abstraction. -Create virtual platform and emulator plugins. -Create usb2serial bluetooth2serial IrDa2serial adapters

CodeCharge Studio 963)   CodeCharge Studio 2.3
Visually create database-driven Web applications in eight different technologies: ASP/VBScript, .Net (C# and VB.NET), ColdFusion, JSP, Java Servlets, PHP and Perl. Includes a rapid Application Builder, Query Designer, HTML Editor and Code Generator.

SDE for NetBeans (ME) for Linux 964)   SDE for NetBeans (ME) for Linux 3.2 Modeler Edition
SDE for NetBeans is a UML modeling tool tightly integrated with NetBeans. You can draw all types of UML diagrams (use case, class...) in NetBeans, reverse engineer Java code to class diagram, generate Java code, import Rational Rose...

Docklight Scripting 965)   Docklight Scripting 1.6
Docklight Scripting is an extended edition of Docklight RS232 Terminal / RS232 Monitor. It features an easy-to-use script language, plus a built-in editor to create and run automated test jobs.

SDE for JDeveloper (SE) for Windows 1.1 Standard E 966)   SDE for JDeveloper (SE) for Windows 1.1 Standard E
SDE for JDeveloper is a full-featured UML modelling tool seamlessly integrated with JDeveloper.

Code39Azalea.zip 967)   Code39Azalea.zip 1.0
Code39Azalea is a free Code 39 demo TrueType font. It creates numeric-only barcode symbols. Code39Azalea is a subset of C39Tools, Azalea's full font collection. C39Tools creates Code 39 barcodes from with any Windows.

CSS Briefcase 968)   CSS Briefcase 1.5
Tired of constantly re-writing the same CSS code? Frustrated with searching through old projects to copy and paste code from? CSS Briefcase is a great little program that helps you organize your CSS styles and store them for use in future projects.

CT Messenger 969)   CT Messenger 2.0
A set of TAPI compliant scriptable COM objects to quickly embed over-the-phone notification, text paging or SMS into your applications.

Blue Ink 970)   Blue Ink 1.4.1
On its most recent software development project the use of Blue Ink increased productivity over 400% while increasing application quality and consistency. Blue Ink is a rapid application development tool for .Net software development.

SDE for IntelliJ IDEA (PE) for Mac OS X 1.1 Profes 971)   SDE for IntelliJ IDEA (PE) for Mac OS X 1.1 Profes
SDE for IntelliJ IDEA is an easy-to-use UML tool seamlessly integrated with IntelliJ IDEA.

Instrumentation Widgets 972)   Instrumentation Widgets 3.1
Instrumentation Widgets is a library of meters, indicators, scales, sliders, bars, gauges, knobs, buttons, dials, clocks (both analog and digital) and other .NET components that emulate hardware devices. All components are 100% .NET Framework managed

CGIScripter 973)   CGIScripter 2.35
CGIScripter enables web developers to instantly write Perl CGI Scripts for MySQL, Oracle, Access, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, PostgreSQL, FrontBase and FileMaker 7 database servers.

SDE for JDeveloper (SE) for Linux 974)   SDE for JDeveloper (SE) for Linux 3.2 Standard Edition
SDE for JDeveloper is a UML tool tightly integrated with JDeveloper. SDE supports the latest UML notation, code generation (model to Java), reverse engineering (Java to model), import Rational Rose, import/export XMI, UML document generation...

AddErrorhandler 975)   AddErrorhandler 1.0.36
VB Add-in. Automates error handling code in functions and procedures. Includes custom callstack.

SDE for JDeveloper (LE) for Java Platform 1.1 Pers 976)   SDE for JDeveloper (LE) for Java Platform 1.1 Pers
SDE for JDeveloper is a full-featured UML plugin module for JDeveloper.

SDE for Sun ONE (PE) for Windows 977)   SDE for Sun ONE (PE) for Windows 3.2 Professional Edition
SDE for Sun ONE is a UML plugin for Sun ONE. You can draw all types of UML diagrams (class, use case, sequence, collaboration, statechart, activity, component, deployment, object diagram) and perform textual analysis in Sun ONE...

MyComponents 978)   MyComponents 1.0.7b
Free components with source for BCB (C++ BUILDER). Version Info, Windows XP Style, BlowFish, CRC

MyCorkboard 979)   MyCorkboard 1.00.99
Personalize your PC with the MyCorkboard interactive screen saver! Pick from hundreds of drag-and-drop items to create your own personal designs. Add clocks, calendars, photos, sticky notes, to do lists, name plates, and much more...

Tarma ExpertInstall 980)   Tarma ExpertInstall 3.6.2867
Tarma ExpertInstall creates native and MSI software installers for Microsoft® Windows® platforms. Requires no scripting; includes an intuitive and comprehensive development environment with extensive preflight checking.

CDStartDummy! 981)   CDStartDummy! 2.53
CDStartDummy! creates autoplay CD-ROMs with the ability to launch any file type you wish ranging from web page presentations to movies. You can include your own splash screen graphic, custom CD icon, sound effects, custom window sizes, and more.

Easy Word 982)   Easy Word 10.4.1
This easy-to-use word processor includes a spelling checker, line-drawing macros, and a built-in backup system. Easy Word will batch-print odd and even pages separately for double-sided printing. There is also a secure erase facility.

CalendarioMes 983)   CalendarioMes 2.1
CalendarioMes ( ctlMesOliware.ocx ) es un control Active X diseado y probado en el entorno de programacion de Visual Basic 6. Es muy parecido al control MonthView de Microsoft, pero dispone de mas propiedades de diseo.

Explorer Toolbar Maker 984)   Explorer Toolbar Maker 3
You don't have to be a programmer to create your own Explorer bar. Explorer Bar (Band) Maker is a Windows tool (one-step wizard) that lets you create your own Explorer bar from any HTML page, picture or Macromedia Flash file.

VB DocuMentor 985)   VB DocuMentor 1.4
Document your programs with one click. VB DocuMentor is a VB 5/6 Add-In that allows you to painlessly document your program as you code it.

PDF Maker Class .NET 986)   PDF Maker Class .NET 2.0
.NET component for .NET to automatically create Adobe Acrobat PDF files from Excel worksheets and Word documents.

SDE for NetBeans (SE) for Mac OS X 987)   SDE for NetBeans (SE) for Mac OS X 3.2 Standard Edition
SDE for NetBeans is a UML plug-in for NetBeans. You can draw all types of UML diagrams (class, use case, sequence, component ...) in NetBeans, generate Java code, reverse engineer Java code to class diagram, import Rational Rose...

Code Library for .NET (MySQL) 988)   Code Library for .NET (MySQL) 10.8
The CodeLib is an application that helps you to easily find and use the code snippets. As a result, you can build a programs faster.

FlatAll for Delphi 989)   FlatAll for Delphi 2.0
FlatAll - Delphi-component, which make the user interface of your applications completeness and cool. By placing our component on the form, you will create new "face" for the app!

LASsie (Light Application Security) for MS Access 990)   LASsie (Light Application Security) for MS Access 4.3
LASsie (Light Application Security) is a library add-in for MS Access applications that enables form/report/control/record level security. Use LASsie as a simplified alternative to MS Access' built-in security.

WindowWatch 991)   WindowWatch 1.4.10
WindowWatch is a tool that developers and Webmasters can use to quickly preview the results of their efforts.

Line Counter 1.01 (build 4.3) 992)   Line Counter 1.01 (build 4.3)
Line Counter is a command-line tool for software developers.

2D/3D Stacked Vertical Bar Graph for PHP 993)   2D/3D Stacked Vertical Bar Graph for PHP 4.64
This PHP script provides a very easy way to embed dynamic stacked vertical bar graphs to PHP apps and web pages. Easy to use and it's perfectly possible to add professional quality real time graphing to web pages & apps within minutes. Try for free.

Mini-Comm 994)   Mini-Comm 1.0
.NET component to share text and data between processes running on the same computer and ensure only one instance of an application is running at a time.

EmEditor Standard (Windows 98/Me) 995)   EmEditor Standard (Windows 98/Me) 4.13
EmEditor is a text editor for Windows that fully supports Unicode, enabling you to edit multiple languages.

AidAim Single File System 996)   AidAim Single File System 2.30
Stores files/folders in one OS file. Flexible on-the-fly compression. Transparent strong Rijndael encryption. > 4 GB files support. Borland and WinAPI OS functions compatibility. TFileStream interface. Recovering physically damaged files.

Aspose.Excel.Web.Viewer 997)   Aspose.Excel.Web.Viewer 1.0
Aspose.Excel.Web.Viewer is a visual ASP.Net component that enables developers to easily create web pages that mimic the look and feel of a desktop spreadsheet application.

Active Maker Lite 998)   Active Maker Lite 6.0
Active Maker is designed to dramatically reduce time and effort in MS Visual Basic projects development.

XML VIN Decoder 999)   XML VIN Decoder 5.0
VIN decoder for all vehicles including trucks, cars, motorcycles, powersports. Data includes features, options, warranty information, spec data, available colors, optional equipment, dimensions, weights, measurements. Data is updated weekly.

CardVerifier 1000)   CardVerifier 1.1

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