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SDE for JBuilder (SE) for Mac OS X 1.1 Standard Ed 351)   SDE for JBuilder (SE) for Mac OS X 1.1 Standard Ed
SDE for JBuilder is a full-featured UML plugin module for JBuilder.

Lattice.SPGen Stored Procedure Generator 352)   Lattice.SPGen Stored Procedure Generator 1.3
Lattice.SPGen is a stored procedure generator wizard that supports Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and IBM DB2 UDB.

JLauncher 353)   JLauncher 1.4
JLaunch is a lightweight executable used to launch Java applications directly, without the need for batch files with DOS boxes popping up and distracting the user. JLaunch will give your Java application a professional, clean finish.

SDE for IBM WebSphere (PE) for Windows 354)   SDE for IBM WebSphere (PE) for Windows 3.2 Professional Edition
SDE for IBM WebSphere is a UML plugin for IBM WebSphere. You can draw all types of UML diagrams (class, use case, sequence, collaboration, statechart, activity, component, deployment, object diagram) and perform textual analysis in IBM WebSphere...

ASP XML Parser Component 355)   ASP XML Parser Component 2.2.1
A super-fast, low-memory usage, XML parser specifically designed to be used server-side in ASP scripts. This DOM based parser is many times faster than MSXML, and consumes far less memory. Great for handling large XML data files.

SDE for Sun ONE (PE) for Java Platform 1.1 Profess 356)   SDE for Sun ONE (PE) for Java Platform 1.1 Profess
SDE for Sun ONE is a full-featured UML CASE tool seamlessly integrated with Sun ONE.

Visual Paradigm for UML (Standard Edition) for Windows 357)   Visual Paradigm for UML (Standard Edition) for Windows 5.2
Visual Paradigm for UML is an easy-to-use UML tool that supports reverse engineering (code to model), code generation (models to code), import Rational Rose, export/import XMI, report generator, MS Visio integration, version control, plug-in, etc.

Dialgo Wave Modem ActiveX 358)   Dialgo Wave Modem ActiveX 1.0
Dialgo Wave Modem ActiveX SDK Features Caller ID Extraction,Digit Monitor and Playback, Wave File Playback and Recording on Phone Line. You get to save your Wave File in 20+ Audio Formats. Also Inputs CCITT u-Law Compressed Wave Files

Access Forms and Reports Assistant 359)   Access Forms and Reports Assistant 2.0
AFRA is a batch form and report property and font changing utility for Access developers. It will run with Access 2000 or newer and make changes to any of those Access mdb files for which you have the appropriate Access version installed.

BVRDE 360)   BVRDE 1.0
BVRDE is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for C and C++. It is designed to make remote/cross-platform development easy. Compile UNIX / LINUX applications from your Windows machine.

ESBPCS-Calcs for VCL 361)   ESBPCS-Calcs for VCL 4.2.2
ESBPCS-Calcs is a subset of ESBPCS containing Components and Routines for Calculators and Unit Conversion for Borland Delphi. Includes Data Aware Components and full source, as well as a good subset of the ESBPCS controls.

WinOpen 362)   WinOpen 3.2c
WinOpen is a very small Win32 application that gives you much better control over what application is run or what file is opened within a CD AUTORUN.INF file.

SDProtector Pro 363)   SDProtector Pro 1.12
SDProtector is a powerful tool offering both software developers and distributors a protection of software products against unauthorized copying, use and distribution.With SDProtector,it's easy to turn your application in "try-before-you-buy" version

ActiveX Instrument Extension Components 364)   ActiveX Instrument Extension Components 2.000
ActiveX Automation HMI Instrument Input Components can be widely applied in many industry HMI applications and Simulation environments

URL Encoder-Decoder 365)   URL Encoder-Decoder 1.00
This tool will help you to insert some URL into another as parameter. It`s very useful for web designers. Inserted URL must be Encoded!

DC Image Button 366)   DC Image Button 3.1
Image Button allows you to change button icons according to your user's mouse actions. You can set your program to display a different graphic when users click, hover, or scroll away from the button or changing colors on mouse-over.

UninsHs 367)   UninsHs
This extension for Inno Setup allows you to easily add "Repair/Modify/Remove" options to your installed applications. It is very small because use Assemble.

Code Library for VS.NET (SQL Server/MSDE) 368)   Code Library for VS.NET (SQL Server/MSDE) 2.3
The CodeLib is an application that helps you to easily find and use the code snippets. As a result, you can build a programs faster.

Serial Port Monitoring Control 369)   Serial Port Monitoring Control 1.03
Serial Port Monitoring Control (SPMC) - RS232 Data Acquisition and Com Port Control Component Library, Modem Access Component. Connection Sniffer and Port Test Software Library.

Java Chart Designer 370)   Java Chart Designer 4.0
Java Chart Designer is a powerful, feature rich charting Java application which lets you create charts for professionally looking presentations and reports that can be easily integrated into website as Java applet, Java apps or saved as JPEG images.

SDE for JBuilder (SE) for Linux 1.1 Standard Editi 371)   SDE for JBuilder (SE) for Linux 1.1 Standard Editi
SDE for JBuilder is a full-featured UML CASE tool seamlessly integrated with JBuilder.

myLittleWriter 372)   myLittleWriter 2.0
myLittleWriter is a component that allows you to easily create RTF files on the fly. myLittleWriter is now available as a .NET component and as a scriptlet component, which means you can use it in both your ASP.NET and classic ASP pages.

Lucigenic TCP 373)   Lucigenic TCP 2.1

Webgenz CMS 374)   Webgenz CMS 6.2.2
Designed for professional developers, Webgenz CMS increases productivity by maximizing reuse. Webgenz CMS makes front-end development more efficient and predictable while ensuring site-wide consistency and the separation of presentation and content.

API Generator for Visual Basic 375)   API Generator for Visual Basic 1.0
The API Generator is an advanced API Viewer that enables you to create prototypes for any VB API calls.

Colock 376)   Colock 4.x
In short, Colock is a software based lock for making your software copy protected. By adding just one line of code to source code of your program, you will be able to use powerful copy protection system of Colock.

DockingWindows 377)   DockingWindows 1.01
.NET library of visual components, realizing simple and convenient user interface of the program similar to interface of Visual Studio 2005. Windows are moved and fixed in the specified places, minimized, etc.

AnyChart Flash Gantt Component 378)   AnyChart Flash Gantt Component 1.01
Anychart Flash Gantt is a superb, customizable component for displaying Gantt charts. It is light, fast and highly effective for use in web applications. Create groups, connectors and milestones with a simple XML configuration!

z/Scope Warp 379)   z/Scope Warp 4.0
z/Scope Warp is a GUI/HTML-enabled terminal emulator. Runs as a stand-alone and web-browser enabled for accessing AS/400 iSeries and IBM Mainframes under Microsoft Windows platforms. z/Scope Warp provides SSL 2,3 and TLS 1.0 encryption.

United States ZIP Code Database (Premium Edition) 380)   United States ZIP Code Database (Premium Edition) May.2008
United States ZIP codes database one month subscription service. The database includes ZIP code, city name, alias name, state code, area code, city type, county name, FIPS, time zone, day light saving flag, latitude, longitude and county elevation.

AutoUpdate+ 381)   AutoUpdate+ 2.7
AutoUpdate+ is an application that easily allows you to add updating and upgrading capabilities to your software. It is cheap, quick and easy to use. Latest Version ==========>>> Client Computer

PocketChart 382)   PocketChart 2
PocketChart is a component for the .NET compact framework that helps you create and present workflow, flowchart and process diagrams, database ER diagrams, organizational, hierarchy and relationship charts, network schemes, graphs and trees.

OraLobEditor 383)   OraLobEditor 1.8
OraLobEditor is a Oracle LOB(CLOB,BLOB) field edit tool.OraLobEditor allows you to proceed quickly and efficiently in your Oracle LOB(CLOB,BLOB) field edit work.

conaito VoIP SDK ActiveX 384)   conaito VoIP SDK ActiveX 5.2
conaito VoIP SDK ActiveX for developers of VoIP audio applications and webpages, such as voice chat, conference, VoIP, providing real-time low latency multi-client audio streaming over UDP networks. Includes efficient components for sound recording

NN50.DLL 385)   NN50.DLL 5.0
Artificial Neural Networks are computational paradigms which implement simplified models of their biological counterparts, biological neural networks. Biological Neural Networks are the local assemblages of neurons and their dendrite connections...

SMLPack 386)   SMLPack 1.2
SMLPack is a suite of multilingual support components package for Delphi & BCB.

SDE for NetBeans (CE) for Java Platform 1.1 Commun 387)   SDE for NetBeans (CE) for Java Platform 1.1 Commun
SDE for NetBeans is a full-featured UML modeling tool seamlessly integrated with NetBeans.

#1 ACE Search Engine Submission Software 388)   #1 ACE Search Engine Submission Software 2.4
Simple and easy to use search engine submission software for submitting your webpage URL and email address to the top search engines. Just enter your webpage URL and email address and watch in our unique browser window as your URL and email is successfully accepted by each top search engine individually during the live process. Also has a Submission Log to keep a record of the date, time, URL and email you submitted. And, a Meta Tag Generator with tips on making better title, description, and keywords in your webpage.

MyISQL (Interactive SQL for MySQL) 389)   MyISQL (Interactive SQL for MySQL) 2.0.1
Interactive SQL for MySQL is a powerfull database utility for building, executing and processing queries upon MySQL databases.

SSEditor 390)   SSEditor
SSEditor is a powerful and easy to use utility for composing PHP/PERL script and HTML pages. SSEditor integrated the PHP/PERL script editor with a executing environment in a simple user interface.

FastForm 391)   FastForm 3.7.32
Form resize and design control for VB6. Features auto scaling of controls, lines, shapes, graphics, and fonts, multicolor gradients, tile, fit to size, center backgrounds, MDI/MDI child support, print support independant of screen res, and more!

DISLIN for Portland Group pgf77/pgf90 392)   DISLIN for Portland Group pgf77/pgf90 9.0
DISLIN is a high-level and easy to use plotting library for displaying data as curves, bar graphs, pie charts, 3D-colour plots, surfaces, contours and maps. Several output formats are supported such as X11, VGA, PostScript, PDF, CGM, PNG and TIFF.

Software Promotion Toolkit 393)   Software Promotion Toolkit 7.0
This promotion toolkit is the ultimate solution for your software promotion needs. It contains tools and information that is needed to successfully promote your software. Free submission to 20 download sites utility is included. Maximize your sales.

Lucigenic DNS 394)   Lucigenic DNS 1.1

Perl Module Manager 395)   Perl Module Manager
Perl Module Manager helps you to install,uninstall and manage Perl modules from a CPAN site and other sources in an easy and intuitive way. Launches internal nmake util and makes necessary changes in the Perllocal.pod file.

WakiCheckDigit For Asp.Net 396)   WakiCheckDigit For Asp.Net 1.0
WakiCheckDigit for asp.net is a professional development tool for creating Valid Code.It's very easy to create without coding. It can be used on user login system to protect violent crack.It will make your system more securely.

eZediaMX 397)   eZediaMX 3.1.5
eZediaMX™ is easy-to-use cross-platform multimedia authoring and editing software for creating digital portfolios, storyboards, business presentations, multimedia slide shows, animations, and interactive CD-ROMs.

SDE for JDeveloper (PE) for Windows 398)   SDE for JDeveloper (PE) for Windows 3.2 Professional Edition
SDE for JDeveloper is a UML plugin for JDeveloper. You can draw all types of UML diagrams (class, use case, sequence, collaboration, statechart, activity, component, deployment, object diagram) and perform textual analysis in JDeveloper...

CSHTMLDiff Control 399)   CSHTMLDiff Control 2.1.98
CSHTMLDiff Control is a powerful ActiveX control which allows you to compare two revisions of a file visually in a quick, easy and friendly way. CSHTMLDiff utilizes a robust engine that recognizes various file types, including Text, XML and HTML.

Movable Type .NET Class Library 400)   Movable Type .NET Class Library 1.0.0
Movable Type Class Library (API) for Microsoft .NET web sites and applications (C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET). Download recent posts, fetch blog trackback information, fetch/update post categories and download blog category lists.

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