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WinINSTALL LE 101)   WinINSTALL LE 10.10.0000
WinINSTALL LE is a FREE software packaging and application installer management solution that supports the latest MSI schema and provides the functionality, consistency, and ease of use. Now support for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Msi to Executable Converter 102)   Msi to Executable Converter 2.0
Tool to quickly convert MSI packages to Executable (.exe) files. Supports Windows Installer command-line options, allows you to edit full version information and load a custom icons. The tool can be used from both command line and GUI interfaces.

ScarletFace For Trials 103)   ScarletFace For Trials 1.0
Create trial versions of your applications, prevent abusive trial extension. Easy to configure, easy to use. SFFT will remain invisible to your user, while telling them how many days or uses are left, and informing your program whether the expirati

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