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String-O-Matic 7851)   String-O-Matic 13.0
A shareware program that performs search and replace operations on multiple substrings in multiple files. Case-insensitive, whole-word, and wildcard searches are supported.

AyRecovery Pro 7852)   AyRecovery Pro 6.0.5
AyRecovery is a rollback software which can restore your system to a previously backed up state: undo PC problems; recover corrupted or deleted files; restore to a clean system after virus or spyware infections; 2160 hours free use; support Win7.

Wise Password Recover 7853)   Wise Password Recover 2009
Find, Decrypt, Crack and Recover All Kinds of Passwords with Wise Password Recover

MacTuneUp 7854)   MacTuneUp 3.6.1
A total system utility that makes bootable backups. MacTuneUp quickly discovers and fixes problems, restores hard disk space, creates bootable disk backups, and maximizes Internet and network connections to squeeze the best performance from your Mac.

Formatted Drive File Recovery 7855)   Formatted Drive File Recovery 2.1
New Formatted Drive File Recovery Software is simple to use & secure data recovery tool to recover formatted data which had been lost after format the Windows hard drive or partitions. Restore formatted data even after reinstall the Windows OS.

Windows 7 Recovery Tools 7856)   Windows 7 Recovery Tools 12.08.06
Quick Recovery for Windows 7 Data Recovery Tools is powerful windows 7 recovery software to fix lost windows 7 FAT/NTFS data. Windows 7 File Recovery tool usage advanced windows 7 recovery software method to restore data from crashed windows 7 disk.

Repair Corrupt JPG Files 7857)   Repair Corrupt JPG Files
Digital photo retrieval utility restores lost and deleted pictures, photos, images from digital camera. Digital picture revival software supports all types of storage media including CF, SD cards and compatible with file formats images like jpg, gif

Royce PDF Printer 7858)   Royce PDF Printer 1.0
A virtual printer that produces printouts in Adobe PDF file rather than on paper. PDF (Portable Document Format) is the file format widely used for document exchange. After a successful installation, you get Royce PDF Printer in your printer list.

Vista Disk Cleaner 7859)   Vista Disk Cleaner 1.1
Disk Cleaner is a handy system utility to quickly and easily clean your hard disk from temporary files like those in the system temporary folder, the Internet Explorer Cache and Cookies folder, and the Recycle Bin. Disk Cleaner is absolutely...

BatteryZzz 7860)   BatteryZzz 2.0
BatteryZzz allows you to simply and effectively solve 'fast discharge battery' problem, reminding you with a sound signal to charge your Pocket PC at the right time.

Data Recovery Software Tool 7861)   Data Recovery Software Tool 1.1
Recover Data for Windows data recovery software to recover lost data from formatted partitions of Windows FAT & NTFS file systems. Data recovery for Windows software is the best undelete files program & data recovery utility to recover lost files.

BKF File Recovery Software 7862)   BKF File Recovery Software 4.3
Desire to sort BKF data loss issue, you need to repair and restore damaged BKF file with the help of advanced BKF recovery tool. So use BKF Repair software and retrieve all of the essential data from BKF file of any size without altering the data.

Dodge Charger Restoration 7863)   Dodge Charger Restoration 1.0
Dodge Charger Restoration Tools & Software!

Data Recovery from iPod 7864)   Data Recovery from iPod 1.1
iPod Data Recovery software help users to restore iPod music, recover iPod photos, recovering iPod files & recover iPod video from iPod touch, iPod mini & iPod shuffle. Data Recovery from iPod software restore iPod files from formatted iPod.

Export Excel File to Outlook Contacts 7865)   Export Excel File to Outlook Contacts 3.0
Transfers excel to outlook by using SysTools Excel to Outlook Software. This utility allow users to convert all excel contacts to outlook. Software converts .CSV files to outlook and it's also removes duplicate contacts with same email address.

FAT File Salvage Software 7866)   FAT File Salvage Software
Hard disk FAT partition retrieval utility restore missing or inaccessible bad sector or virus infected FAT12 FAT16 FAT32 and VFAT file system data, corrupted MBR MFT and DBR boot sector records files and deleted Microsoft office documents.

Outlook Express Password Revealer 7867)   Outlook Express Password Revealer
Outlook express password unmask tool is an easy way to rescue forgotten passwords and user logins for all emails and newsgroup accounts configured on office outlook & outlook express and supports Windows OS including XP, Vista, 2000, NT, ME & 98.

Convert Exchange to Outlook 7868)   Convert Exchange to Outlook 3.10.1
Recover Data for Exchange to Outlook software exports selected OST mails folders (Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Drafts, Deleted Items etc.) to MS Outlook. Software preserves all email metadata such as: sent & received date, to, cc, bcc, address etc.

Folder Synchronization Software 7869)   Folder Synchronization Software 1.1.3
File directory compare program is featured with folder icon coloring to give useful information about folder comparison status. Folder synchronization tool provides detailed log information and error notification after copy or delete operation.

Easy File Catalog 7870)   Easy File Catalog
The file organizer software. It helps to organize collection from disks, CDs, DVDs, Memory Stick cards etc. It will give ability to find at any time all files and folders that you need. It will find without the need to insert disks into the drive.

Recover Files Partition 7871)   Recover Files Partition
FAT corrupted file rescue software retrieves permanently deleted files or inaccessible due directory table deletion. FAT damaged files restore software securely retrieves data on your hard disk and saves as per user specification.

SyncBack4all - File backup and sync Free 7872)   SyncBack4all - File backup and sync Free 8.0.0
SyncBack4all is an easy to use file backup and sync software. It automatically analyses, sync or backup your important data to the same drive, Networks Places, USB drives, and Windows Mobile devices, as well as remotely through FTP and SFTP.

IE Password Retrieval Software 7873)   IE Password Retrieval Software
IE password recovery utility retrieves forgotten password and unmasks password covered by special (asterisk, dot etc) characters. Password retrieval software restores lost multilingual passwords saved in IE, auto complete strings, email/news account.

Yahoo Messenger Archive recovery program 7874)   Yahoo Messenger Archive recovery program 5.0.1
Yahoo messenger archive retrieval application decodes yahoo chat messages or chat conversation .dat files and mobile SMS text. Users can read entire chat conversation messages and decode all chat records without connecting to the Internet.

Export Lotus Notes Emails to Outlook 7875)   Export Lotus Notes Emails to Outlook 7.6
SysTools Group has been developed the Export Lotus Notes Emails to Outlook program. Easily and successfully convert Notes NSF files to MS Outlook PST files and quickly export Lotus emails. Hard Drive Washer 7876) Hard Drive Washer 3.00
Most programs really do not care about consequences of saving temporary files without always deleting when possible or necessary. This tool does what all these programs forget. It finds this unnecessary data on your system and deletes it easily.

HydraMouse - Free Version 7877)   HydraMouse - Free Version 1.40
HydraMouse assigns various actions to the buttons of your mouse (button remapping), even if has more than 5 buttons! The actions can be system-wide or different for different applications, and can be combined into macros.

Bates Numbering Program 7878)   Bates Numbering Program 2.0
SysTools PDF Bates Numberer is well-liked PDF Bates Numbering Program & help full PDF Bates stamping software for lawyers, legal certified users, law agencies etc to bates numbering in Adobe PDF files & stamping PDF Document with texts, dates & times

Lotus Notes to Outlook 7879)   Lotus Notes to Outlook 7.6
Lotus Notes to Outlook is Lotus Notes conversion utility to convert Lotus Notes to outlook or to transfer Lotus Notes emails, contacts, calendars, journals, to-do list to MS Outlook PST file. Software converts Lotus Notes Domino server to Outlook.

BKF File Recovery 7880)   BKF File Recovery 5.1
Our BKF File Recovery software is excellent MS Backup file recovery software to repair Windows backup & restore corrupt or broken BKF files created with Windows Backup utility or NTbackup.exe.

Club Backup 7881)   Club Backup 1.2
Free Online Backup for your documents, databases, photos, music and anything else you have that is important to you. You can also keep files in Sync between multiple computers. Your files are kept safe on our web site. The first 1GB is free.

Convert NSF Emails to PST 7882)   Convert NSF Emails to PST 7.6
Lotus Notes to Outlook Conversion Software to convert NSF emails to PST file. NSF to PST Conversion software converts Lotus Notes contacts, journals, tasks, calendars other than emails of Lotus Notes to Outlook.

Recover Data for Zip 7883)   Recover Data for Zip 1.0
Recover Data for Zip is advanced Zip Recovery Software to repair corrupt zip file. Advance Fix Zip File software to fix WinZip files and recover Zip file. Best Zip File Recovery & WinZip Repair tool to repair zip file and restore zip data.

Stellar Phoenix iPod Recovery 7884)   Stellar Phoenix iPod Recovery 1.1
Stellar Phoenix iPod recovery software recovers and repairs damaged, deleted and lost music files, pictures and videos. Recover data from iPod. It performs complete scan of crashed iPod and recover such as .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .wma, .wav, mp3.

PC Checkup 7885)   PC Checkup 3.25
PC-Checkup wil clean your registry, fix thousands of PC errors, clean junk files that slows down your PC and then optimize your PC for much better performance. Computer too slow, PC Checkup will fix it..

Zip File Recovery 7886)   Zip File Recovery 1.0
Zip File Recovery Software & tool to repair & restore damaged zip files created using WinZip, WinRar or any other compressed utility archives. Get back your corrupted zip files by using zip recovery tool from Recover Your Data labs.

MS Access Recovery 7887)   MS Access Recovery 7.06.03
MS Access recovery software is an advance easy to use access file repair software for corrupt [.mdb] files. Software uses QFSCI technology to repair corrupt or damaged access databases.

Handy Data Recovery Software 7888)   Handy Data Recovery Software 4.0
Handy Recovery is designed to recover files accidentally lost on MS Windows. The program is able to restore files from corrupted and deleted partitions or create disk images for deferred recovery. It also features image recovery from CF/SM/SD cards.

Zip File Recovery Software 7889)   Zip File Recovery Software 1.0
Want to recover corrupted zip file data? Just try Advance Zip File Recovery Software. Zip file repair software scans corrupted compressed .zip files for recover zip files & folders from it. Zip file recovery tool helps to repair corrupt .zip data.

CRT Energy Saver 7890)   CRT Energy Saver 1.0.0
Saves energy with CRT monitors by blacking out areas of the screen that are not in use for 10 seconds while continuing to display any running programs. Blacked out area returns to normal when you move the mouse over it. Don’t use with LCD monitors.

FileGuardian 7891)   FileGuardian 1.5
The File Guardian utility is an advanced tool to see changes to a file(s) in a particular directory. Whether it is a log file creating by some batch processing program or a report file generated by a reporting engine.

EZ Backup Windows Live Mail Premium 7892)   EZ Backup Windows Live Mail Premium 5.4
EZ Backup Windows Live Mail Premium makes it easy to backup your Windows Live Mail contacts and mail to a local drive, network folder, CD/DVD and even to a remote FTP server!

EZ Backup Windows Live Mail Pro 7893)   EZ Backup Windows Live Mail Pro 6.1
EZ Backup Windows Live Mail Pro makes it easy to backup your Windows Live Mail contacts and mail to a local drive, network folder, CD/DVD and even to a remote FTP server!

EZ Backup IE and Windows Live Mail Basic 7894)   EZ Backup IE and Windows Live Mail Basic 5.4
EZ Backup IE and Windows Live Mail Basic makes it easy to backup your favorites, mail and address book to any local, network or removable drive.

EZ Backup IE and Windows Live Mail Pro 7895)   EZ Backup IE and Windows Live Mail Pro 5.4
EZ Backup IE and Windows Live Mail Pro makes it easy to backup your favorites, mail and address book to a local drive, network folder, CD/DVD and even to a remote FTP server!

Presto Transfer IE and Windows Live Mail 7896)   Presto Transfer IE and Windows Live Mail 3.1
Presto Transfer IE and Windows Live Mail helps transfer your favorites, mail and address book from one computer to another.

Presto Transfer Windows Live Mail 7897)   Presto Transfer Windows Live Mail 2.4
Presto Transfer Windows Live Mail helps transfer your mail and and address book from one computer to another.

Import Lotus Notes Contacts to Outlook 7898)   Import Lotus Notes Contacts to Outlook 7.0
SysTools Notes Address Book Converter software to convert Lotus Notes Personal Address Book to Outlook Contacts. Software supports to import Notes Contacts to Outlook with all of the Contact information like: Business, Personal, Advance, Briefcase.

BKF Repair Tool 7899)   BKF Repair Tool 5.1
Explore BKF files with Advanced BKF Repair Tool. BKF Repair Tool is powerful BKF explorer software to explore BKF files & extract BKF files. Software successfully explores BKF files created using Windows backup software NTBACKUP.exe.

Turbo Zip PW Recover 7900)   Turbo Zip PW Recover 1.4.410
Turbo ZIP PW Recover is a handy tool, designed to recover lost or forgotten passwords for encrypted ZIP archives created using WinZip, PKZip, WinRAR or any other ZIP-compatible software.

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