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PC Speeduper 51)   PC Speeduper 3.2.3
PC Speeduper increases computer performance by allocating higher portions of CPU power to active applications and games.

SpeedItup Free - Highly Recommended 52)   SpeedItup Free - Highly Recommended 4.76
SpeedItUp Free will speed up any computer system running Windows XP or Microsoft Windows Vista. It works by using New Hard-Disk optimization technology that allows your computer to read data in some cases up to 300% faster from your Hard Drive.

WinXP Manager 53)   WinXP Manager 5.2.3
All-in-One utility to optimize, tweak, clean up Windows XP. It bundles more than 30 different utilities in one! Get access to hundreds of hidden options, clean registry and junk files, speed network, uninstall smartly and many other utilities.

A Registry Smart 54)   A Registry Smart 4.3.069
RegistrySmart is the intelligent choice in 1-Click PC error diagnostics and repair. All corrupt files, paths, and registry keys are analyzed and automatically repaired so that your PC functions just as when first you purchased it. Try it for Free!

Xp Repair Pro 55)   Xp Repair Pro 2007.3.6.202
XP Repair Pro Scans and Repairs over 53,000 Windows Errors. It will fix random PC crashes, error messages and improve system performance by up to 750 percent. Our unique and one of a kind technology is guaranteed to fix problems on your system.

Magic Speed Demo 56)   Magic Speed Demo 3.1
Your PC is slow in boot-up and operation? Magic Speed will make your PC faster and more efficient in 5 simple steps. The software package includes startup management, fixing registry errors, Disk clean-up, and memory management.

Okoker Optimize Expert 57)   Okoker Optimize Expert
Okoker Optimize Expert is a professional registry optimizer that accelerates the windows system, and enhances the performance of your computer

! ! - Registry Easy 58)   ! ! - Registry Easy 2008.064
RegistryEasy is an excellent Windows Registry Cleaner that will Safely Fix Errors and Repair Registry problems that cause System Slowdown, Freezing and Crashing. Includes many Advanced Features and is easy to use. Guanranteed 100% Secure and Safe.

Mac Pilot 59)   Mac Pilot 2007.1124
Mac Pilot has over 350 features to enhance Mac OS X, and is ideal for novice and pro users alike. Mac Pilot is your digital savior. Easily enable and disable hidden features in Mac OS X, optimize and repair your system with the click of a button!

NewCare 60)   NewCare
NewCare does everything possible to clean Registry,remove junk, protect privacy, eliminate spyware, prevent threat. keeps your computer safe, error-free and running at top speed. It makes your computer faster, safer, and much more efficient.

UpdateStar 61)   UpdateStar 1.1.206
UpdateStar is the program that lets you stay up-to-date with all of your personal software you are using on your computer. This way you make sure to always use the most up-to-date software, maximizing your every-day user experience.

Super Utilities Standard Version 62)   Super Utilities Standard Version 7.73
Super Utilities is a collection of tools to fix, speed up, maintain and Ptotect your PC! You can get your system running at peak performance levels in few minutes with it.

TweakVista 63)   TweakVista 1.01
Microsoft has increased both the power and complexity of its popular Windows operating system with the release of Windows Vista. Stardock’s TweakVista™ enhancement application helps you configure Windows Vista by improving performance.

PDF Image Stamp Server 64)   PDF Image Stamp Server 1.00
PDF Image Stamp is a high performance server tool from Traction Software for Windows PC, Unix Aix, Linux & Macintosh OSX

Innovative SysPack 65)   Innovative SysPack 1.0
Innovative SysPack is a utility suite which consists of six award-winning system tools for Windows Vista and Windows XP. Includes powerful and easy to use tools for speeding up your system, uninstalling software and removing spyware.

SmartCommand 66)   SmartCommand 2.1.1
Lets you run safely windowsXP Command, keep notes and run system tools. You can write and store notes, Run System Tolls. Msconfig, Regedit...ect, and program Alarms.

BySoft FreeRAM 67)   BySoft FreeRAM
BySoft FreeRAM 4.0 is 32-bit win95/98/NT/2000/XP freeware program that defragments and reclaims memory from the operating system and applications. This decreases load time and boosts application performance.

XTweak 68)   XTweak 3.3
XTweak is an advanced tweaker and optimizing tool especialy designed for Windows XP/2003: With XTweak you can - defragment disks and registers, - clean file and registry sistems, - tune computer performance, - and much more...

SpyDestroy Pro 69)   SpyDestroy Pro
Protect your Privacy, Stop Identity Theft, Popup Ads and Privacy Invasion. Download SpyDestroy to Scan your PC's Processes, Memory and System Registry for hidden Spyware, Adware, Trojans, Dialers, Worms and other Malware. - Scan your PC for FREE!

Computer Error Doctor 70)   Computer Error Doctor 2008.042
ERROR DOCTOR will fix hidden bugs and errors on your PC and increase the performance speed of your computer by as much as 300%. ERROR DOCTOR will Scan your Registry and give you a detailed list of errors broken down by type Absolutely FREE.

The Error Doctor 71)   The Error Doctor 2008.031
ERROR DOCTOR will fix hidden bugs and errors on your PC and increase the performance speed of your computer by as much as 300%. ERROR DOCTOR will Scan your Registry and give you a detailed list of errors broken down by type Absolutely FREE.

vOptimizer FreeWare 72)   vOptimizer FreeWare
vOptimizer is an advanced optimization solution that quickly and easily reduces a Microsoft or VMware virtual machine's virtual hard drive to the smallest possible size while optimizing the Windows guest operating system for speed and performance.

Error Doctor Fixer 73)   Error Doctor Fixer 2008.019
The ERROR DOCTOR will Repair Errors, Fix hidden Bugs on your PC and increase the speed of your computer by as much as 300%. The ERROR DOCTOR will Scan your Registry and give you a detailed list of errors broken down by type Absolutely FREE.

A1Click Ultra PC Cleaner 74)   A1Click Ultra PC Cleaner 1.01.51
Use Clean PC, Remove Tracks, or Do-it-yourself Setup to find internal clutter, hidden stores, junk files, and registry trash - 7 Bonus Cleaning Tools - uses A1Click Technology and No Remains Deletion - can run automatically at startup, keeps undo.

Smart PC Demo 75)   Smart PC Demo 4.2
Smart PC makes your PC faster, error-free and more efficient! Special features of the new software ensure your personal privacy while surfing through the Web and protect your PC from information theft.

Paragon Total Defrag 2007 76)   Paragon Total Defrag 2007 1.0
Complete low-level defragmentation to maximize File System performance and speed up your hard disk. Defragmentation of MFT and paging files, online Directory Consolidation and more.

All-In-One Perfect Keylogger 77)   All-In-One Perfect Keylogger 2.12
The All-In-One Perfect Keylogger allows you to register all keystrokes typed, including language-specific characters, talk and messages conversations, passwords, e-mails, clipboard, microphone sounds, screenshots captured, desktop and Internet activity (such as sites your kids have visited).You can know what your kids, spouse, employees are doing on the PC and maintain a backup of your typed date.

PC FIX XP Repair Pro 78)   PC FIX XP Repair Pro
XP Repair Pro Repairs over 53,000 Windows Errors and can improve system performance by up to 750 percent. Optimize, Clean, and Repair Windows Registry, Fix PC Crashes, error messages and more... Free Support and Upgrades! FREE DOWNLOAD

PC Error Eliminator 79)   PC Error Eliminator 2007.1296
ErrorSWEEPER will go to work fixing your computer's errors, restoring your registry, increasing the speed, performance and the stability of your computer. we guarantee it! Turbo-charge your system speed with a click of your mouse. - FREE DOWNLOAD

Runscanner 80)   Runscanner
RunScanner is a completely free windows system utility which scans your system for all configured running programs. You can use runscanner to detect autostart programs, spyware, adware, homepage hijackers, unverified drivers and other problems.

Free Up Ram 81)   Free Up Ram 1.15
Free Up Ram is a simple, yet robust memory optimizer. Free Up Ram was designed to allow you to quickly free up physical memory taken up or used by applications and processes no longer in use by your computer.

Ashampoo StartUp Tuner 2 82)   Ashampoo StartUp Tuner 2 2.00
Ashampoo StartUp Tuner finds and displays all programs started automatically by Windows and enables you to deactivate and reactivate them or remove their entries from your system permanently.

PC Accelerate 83)   PC Accelerate 2.0
PC Accelerate increase priority foreground window and optimize memory status.Accelerate your PC! Work with maximum performance!

1-abc.net Settings Organizer 84)   1-abc.net Settings Organizer 2.00
1-abc.net Settings Organizer offers many Windows tuning and tweaking options in a small and easy to use program including explanations to each single option so that even beginners can configure their system to let it behave the way they want.

QuickCard 2000 Software 85)   QuickCard 2000 Software 1.0
The quickest and easiest way to create your personal name cards, greeting cards, invitations, labels

Whizzo CleanSuite 86)   Whizzo CleanSuite 1.01
Whizzo CleanSuite is a collection of programs designed to keep personal computers secure, as well as to restore and maintain peak performance.

! - Macro Scheduler 87)   ! - Macro Scheduler 1.0
Macro Scheduler allows you to create macros in order to control your Windows applications

eConcept Memory Booster 88)   eConcept Memory Booster 4.0
eConcept Memory Booster will increase and free your RAM, giving applications more RAM to work with, and thus will speed up your computer. Comes with three levels of optimization.

Registry Optmizer 2006 89)   Registry Optmizer 2006 3.0
Registry Optimizer 2006 is an advanced registry application which keeps Windows registry clean and compressed to keep your system smooth, fast and error-free.

Absolute StartUp Lite 90)   Absolute StartUp Lite 6.0
Absolute StartUp manager helps you to optimize Windows startup, services, system dlls. Absolute StartUp can be set to ask for your decision on changing the startup configuration.

WinCleaner Memory Optimizer 91)   WinCleaner Memory Optimizer 5.2
Cleans, optimizes and frees your computer's memory. Memory is vital to the performance of your computer and that is why this software can help boost your system's performance. WinCleaner Memory Optimizer is set-and-forget software.

Ashampoo Magical Optimizer 92)   Ashampoo Magical Optimizer 1.20
Clean the whole system: release the brake of your computer with only one mouse click!

WinCleaner OneClick CleanUp 93)   WinCleaner OneClick CleanUp 10.45
Why is your computer slow? It's dirty! But now you can clean it up...without screwing it up. All you need is WinCleaner One-Click CleanUp to safely clean and optimize all your computer and protect your privacy-with one-click ease!

Disk Shower 2007 94)   Disk Shower 2007 3.0
When different programs are running, temporary files necessary for the proper functioning those programs are created on hard disk. Quite often these temporary files are not deleted. The temporary files remain on hard disk, occupy the space and slowi

Power Autoplay menu wizard 95)   Power Autoplay menu wizard 3.0
Power Autoplay menu wizard is easy tool to create your autorun menus and add it to you CD, this autorun menus will automatically start when the disc is inserted in your CD-Drive. From these menus you can launch applications, documents, open web si

Registry Shower 2007 96)   Registry Shower 2007 2.0
Registry Shower 2007 is powerful tool for cleaning Registry, Fixing PC errors and optimizing PC for better performance. Registry Shower 2007 Cleans and Repairs Your system Problems with safety Methods. leaning and Repairing Your Computer Registry

MemoryCleaner 97)   MemoryCleaner 1.37
Get more RAM with just one click! MemoryCleaner allows you to enjoy more games, to easy get more free RAM and to speed-up your computer. MemoryCleaner offers you 4 levels of optimalization, which allow you to get exactly how many free RAM you need.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer Platinum 3 98)   Ashampoo WinOptimizer Platinum 3 3.30
A new dimension of Windows® optimization!

Green Notes & Alarm 99)   Green Notes & Alarm 1.5
It is a useful and convenient program for the user of a personal computer. This program has 2 big functions: 1. The collector notes is very useful function! 2. The Alarm clock.

Pocket DVD Wizard for Palm 100)   Pocket DVD Wizard for Palm
Pocket DVD Wizard for Palm devices - Watch your DVDs on your Palm Handheld.The Pocket DVD Wizard for Palm will allow you to convert standard DVD video into files suitable for your Palm handheld device

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