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SQL Dictionary English Italian 2351)   SQL Dictionary English Italian 1.0
Dictionary Database English Italian to integrate into your applications in SQL Format. The demoversion includes the letter R with 1887 Keywords. Fullversion English Italian Dictionary 37483 keywords with 360498 entries.

101 Backgrounds XML 2.0 2352)   101 Backgrounds XML 2.0 1.0
A collection of backgrounds powered by an advanced component engine that generates dynamic backgrounds for any Flash project. This collection comes with a "Background Component" which can generate tile and full-image backgrounds from any external ima

SQL Dictionary Italian English 2353)   SQL Dictionary Italian English 1.0
Dictionary Database Italian-English to integrate into your applications in SQL Format. The demoversion includes the letter F with 1823 keywords. Fullversion Italian-English Dictionary 33354 keywords with 304397 entries.

Excitic Website Localization Tool 2354)   Excitic Website Localization Tool 6.0
Excitic is a powerful website localization tool that empowers you with all means required to create multilingual sites. Visual editing, validation tools, translation reuse and version control is only part of its functionality. Try it now for free.

S3 Browser 2355)   S3 Browser 1.7.1
S3 Browser for Amazon S3 is a unpaid user interface for Amazon S3 Service. Amazon Secure Storage Service puts up a easy web services interface that can be utilized to put in and recover any measure of informations, at any time, from any place.

SQL Dictionary English Swedish 2356)   SQL Dictionary English Swedish 1.0
Dictionary Database English Swedish to integrate into your applications in SQL Format. The demoversion includes the letter B with 2800 Keywords. Fullversion English Swedish Dictionary 37483 keywords with 336899 entries.

XML Menu Generator Class 2357)   XML Menu Generator Class 1.0
Now everyone can create an XML menu quick and easy!!! Just 2 rows of code needed!!! You can adjust: [list][*] The orientation of the menu (vertical or horizontal) [*]The x and y position of the menu [*]The distance between the buttons [*]The x and y

2 Levels Accordion Menu 2358)   2 Levels Accordion Menu 1.0
This is a two level vertical menu. It is dynamically created from a XML file, where you can set the default item to open. The menu scrolls vertically if it doesn't fit in the viewing area. You can use it for everything, check the help file for a few

Download Protection Agent for ClickBank 2359)   Download Protection Agent for ClickBank 1.0
If you sell downloadable products on your web site you need to protect your business from digital theft. Stop thieves in their tracks with EDDCS enabled Download Protection Agent(tm) software from RunBiz!

Easy Cash Method Viral Script FCI 2360)   Easy Cash Method Viral Script FCI 1
Easy Cash Method Viral Script FCI - Easy Cash Method Viral Membership Software, script is packed with a ton of features to make your life easier, and to give you more control over your empire of viral memberships.

Web Script Editor 2361)   Web Script Editor 9.51
Advanced code editor software provides flexible solution to edit scripting codes of web sites in easy or efficient way. Download free HTML code editing program online to preview documents in web browser or document window.

FTP Files Transfer Software 2362)   FTP Files Transfer Software 1.4
Network file transfer software is easy-to-use FTP, FXP, SFTP or TFTP client for Microsoft windows. Web data copy program supports secure transfer protocols like SSH and TFTP for presenting perfect file transferring solution.

Web Server Management Software 2363)   Web Server Management Software 4.17
Monitor remote server is designed to inform user of network problems or remote server issues. Web services manager tool runs regular checks to proactively monitor critical devices for availability and alerts on detecting problem.

SQL Dictionary English Portuguese 2364)   SQL Dictionary English Portuguese 1.0
Dictionary Database English Portuguese (Brazilian) to integrate into your applications in SQL Format. The demoversion includes the letter P with 3076 Keywords. Fullversion English Portuguese Dictionary 37483 keywords with 364791 entries.

Website Value Calculator 2365)   Website Value Calculator 1.0
Website Value Calculator is a high quality repository script like or easy to install, no work required, easy to monetize. Website Value Calculator calculates and estimate the website worth, daily pageviews...

SQL Dictionary Portuguese English 2366)   SQL Dictionary Portuguese English 1.0
Dictionary Database Portuguese (Brazilian) - English to integrate into your applications in SQL Format. The demoversion includes the letter D with 2619 Keywords. Fullversion Portuguese Dictionary 32175 keywords with 304832 entries.

Circular Glow Preloader 2367)   Circular Glow Preloader 1.0
Circular preloader animation with glow effect. (AS2 coded). Package Includes: FLA; Opens with: Flash 8, Flash CS3; Viewable with: Flash Player 9 and above; AS Version: Action Script 2.0.

AutoAdd 2368)   AutoAdd 4.03
Easy to use submission software that can handle all your sites or your client's sites. Auto submit to 240 Search Engines, Directories, and link pages.

Event Calendar 2369)   Event Calendar 1.0
This is a full resizable event calendar. It has 3 different views (month, day, year) and allows you to add events using XML or the Actionscript API. Some AS knowledge is required, but there are detailed demo FLA's and full documentation to help you o

Date Picker component V2 2370)   Date Picker component V2 1.0
Easy to use. Just Drag and Drop. The AS 2.0 version also available here: Package Includes: FLA; Opens with: Flash CS3; Viewable with: Flash Player 9 and above; AS Version: Act

Slider Component 2371)   Slider Component 1.0
You'll find this component to be extremely useful in your projects. Installation and usage are presented in the demonstration videos shown below and in the .FLA file provided in the package. All the properties of the Slider (presented in the first de

MovieClip Scroll Controller AS3 2372)   MovieClip Scroll Controller AS3 1.0
- Control vertical scrolling of a MovieClip (just link to your MovieClip). - Change parameters like wheelspeed, position, scroll area. - Multiple scroll items in one SWF - Easy to use and manage. Package Includes: FLA; Opens with: Flash CS3, Flash C

FlashImage 2373)   FlashImage 1.4.6
FlashImage is a simple but at the same time powerful software. FlashImage allows you to create Image SWF file from common digital pics. You can select a list of Images in various formats and convert them to SWF Images in a click.

Moyea FLV Converter SDK 2374)   Moyea FLV Converter SDK
Moyea FLV Converter SDK offers a technical solution to convert FLV online. It supports to convert FLV files youtube video to other format video files, such as flv to avi, flv to 3gp, flv to mpeg, flv to wmv, flv to mov, flv to mp3

Moyea Flash Video MX SDK V2 2375)   Moyea Flash Video MX SDK V2
Flash Video MX SDK V2 is to help server applications to convert the uploaded videos from virtually any format to Flash video (FLV), Flash (SWF), and AAC/H.264 MP4! With it you can build a video website like that of YouTube, Google video, Yahoo! Video

Product Carousel 2376)   Product Carousel 1.0
This is a product carousel intended for a home page of a website to showcase the various products that you offer. This carousel has a fixed height, but the width can be variable. Customizable by means of XML file, but can easily be edited to alter co

FlyTreeView for ASP.NET 2377)   FlyTreeView for ASP.NET 4.4.1
FlyTreeView for ASP.NET is an cross-browser tree component. FlyTreeView for ASP.NET features context menu, drag-and-drop capabilities, on-demand nodes population, radio buttons and checkboxes, and more.

Fullscreen Gallery v2 2378)   Fullscreen Gallery v2 1.0
Full Screen Gallery 2 Draft is a fully resizable gallery and it supports unlimited images. Among the key features you have navigation through the pictures with left and right navigation-zones for next and previous photo and you have two navigation zo

Advanced Resizable Scroll Menu/Gallery XML 2379)   Advanced Resizable Scroll Menu/Gallery XML 1.0
* simple to use , self-cointained movie clip, drag-and-drop ; just edit the XML file and you are ready . * can perform both gotoAndPlay(frame) and getURL(URL) , just set in the XML file ; see help. * CPU optimized ; no drawings will be done if no vis

Zeus 1000 Internet Marketing Robot 2380)   Zeus 1000 Internet Marketing Robot 4.2.72
Zeus is an easy to use Intelligent, Internet Robot, that creates traffic to your web site, in numbers beyond your wildest dreams. Zeus creates thousands of link trades with relevant web sites that you choose.

RainyDay - Realistic Raindrop 2381)   RainyDay - Realistic Raindrop 1.0
RainyDay V1.1 is the extended version of the animation effect simulating raindrops falling onto an imaginary water surface. This classic fancy eye candy previously often seen with certain JAVA applets is now available for Flash (Player 8, ActionScrip

Advanced Youtube Dailymotion FLV Video Gallery (XML) 2382)   Advanced Youtube Dailymotion FLV Video Gallery (XML) 1.0
Update .01 PHP is required for the new version. In October 2008 the path to Youtube and Dailymotion videos has been changed. Here is the update along with other functions: text playlist and a new random function. The video gallery can be edited from

Advanced YouTube Dailymotion FLV Player (XML) 2383)   Advanced YouTube Dailymotion FLV Player (XML) 1.0
You can set the parameters of the player when embedding the SWF into HTML or from XML. The player can be customized by editing the movie clips from the library in the folder " Modify to change design ". The player extracts the video from YouTube and

Button Shop 2384)   Button Shop 4.17
Presentation is everything, enhance your website with elegant buttons! Easily create Vista, XP, Aqua and Mac style buttons, colorful and shining web buttons, animated button and more! Choose between over 200 premade designs, or make your own design.

Japplis Website Optimizer 2385)   Japplis Website Optimizer 2.0
Japplis Website Optimizer is a tool that will reduce the size of your web pages, css and Javascript.

Slide Wipe Right XML 2386)   Slide Wipe Right XML 1.0
Slideshow image gallery with wipe right effect. All contents taken from XML file. Package Includes: FLA; Opens with: Flash 8, Flash CS3, Flash CS4; Viewable with: Flash Player 9 and above; AS Version: Action Script 2.0;

Cute Slideshow Rotator 2387)   Cute Slideshow Rotator 1.0
- dynamic slide show rotator - Auto Run . - Clickable Buttons. - assign URL to each image . - professional transition . - nice Theme . - unlimited amount of data . - XML driven . - HTML text format . - easy to edit graphics from the FLA library .

Advanced Events Calendar 2388)   Advanced Events Calendar 1.0
- unlimited amount of events. - unlimited amount of events details. - fully customizable . - XML driven . - easy to navigate between months and years . - nice tween animation. - HTML format. - nice tile background . - easy to edit the graphics from

Powerful Hint Menu 2389)   Powerful Hint Menu 1.0
FEATURES: * smooth animated ; high visual impact hint; * colors easy to change in library; * buttons and actions defined in an array variable , very easy to configure; * horizontal and vertical , both in the same self-contained movie clip; * auto min

Spectrum - Spectral Sound Visualizing Effect - V. 1.0 2390)   Spectrum - Spectral Sound Visualizing Effect - V. 1.0 1.0
Spectrum is a sound visualization effect based on FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) analysis. This effect is not exactly a scientific implementation but very useful to give visual feedback of the frequency components in playing sound in realtime. It is av

Smooth XML/PHP/HQ Player 2391)   Smooth XML/PHP/HQ Player 1.0
- XML-Driven (for those without PHP); - PHP support chosen to dynamically generate playlist (no need to setup or edit XML, just upload the player folder and videos in "videos" folder); - Smoothing on to improve the video quality; - Video Resizing wit

Print Managment 2392)   Print Managment
Manage, control, monitor, count, quota, restrict and report user printing across your entire network in just a few minutes.

Log Analyzer: Trends Freeware 2393)   Log Analyzer: Trends Freeware 2.3
Freeware web log analyzer with detailed statistics, tracking daily changes of different site parameters. Useful web marketing and website optimization solution for webmasters. Reports: pages, search engines, referring sites, search phrases, etc.

Advanced Follower 2394)   Advanced Follower 1.0
AdvancedFollower allows very easy rubber band like following of MovieClips. Never program lazy following motions again. The component is incredibly easy to use: 1. Drag it in the project on the same layer as the MovieClip you want to follow the mo

Fullscreen News 2395)   Fullscreen News 1.0
Fullscreen News is a great way to present your altest news in a stylish and functional way. Main features: * Easy to use; * AS3; * Only 6kb! * Dynamic (XML); * Resizable; * Unlimited news! Advanced configuration: * Link and target; * Scroll speed; *

Advanced Preloader Component 2396)   Advanced Preloader Component 1.0
This fully customizable Preloader not only loads your Flash piece, but can be used to load images, XML and more. Customize the current skin, or create your own. Have a MovieClip you would like to run from start to finish as your preload animation?

PG Matchmaking Solution 2397)   PG Matchmaking Solution FEB.2010
Enjoy Matchmaking ready site for your online presence! Resumes` submits and services. Control members and content;your database online in Admin Mode! Attractive design, Multilanguage, free support and installation, hosting and customization services!

zoomEffect XML Menu 2398)   zoomEffect XML Menu 1.0
Variables that you can change: spacing spacing bettwen the menu elements; zoomSpeed speed for the zoomEffect; zoomOutSpeed speed for the zoomOutEffect; initialSize initial size of the menu; zoomSize zoom size of the menu; initialColor initial color o

Dynamic Xml Bar Menu 2399)   Dynamic Xml Bar Menu 1.0
Dynamic XML Bar menu Settings which can be changed through XML file: *Names of the buttons *You can Change URLs *You can add frameLabel/frameNumber *Change the Expanding Bar onRollover color *Change the Colors of the both Text *Further settings if

CoffeeCup Website Access Manager 2400)   CoffeeCup Website Access Manager 3.1
CoffeeCup Website Access Manager gives you the tools to choose who gets to access your Website. Protect individual files and folders or your whole site. You can also block bad robots and spammers and redirect bad requests to custom error pages.

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