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BC Excel Server 2007 Standard Edition 5351)   BC Excel Server 2007 Standard Edition 7.1.7
Excel Server integrates MS Excel and MS SQL Server into a network-based Enterprise Information Platform, on which business processes can be implemented and deployed easily in a business-oriented and "DIY" manner. It is also an EAI product.

PayPunchWeb Enterprise Plus 5352)   PayPunchWeb Enterprise Plus 3.4.21
PayPunch is a Biometric Time Clock & Attendance tracking system that replaces the typical time clock used to track employees attendance. PayPunch can pay for itself in as little as 2-3 months.

MPSuperShape 5353)   MPSuperShape 2.4
MPSuperShape is a shape manipulation tool for Microsoft MapPoint. MPSuperShape can combine shapes, find overlaps, find boundaries, and import/export various files. MapPoint 2006, .NET Framework 2.0 (or later), and Windows XP or Vista required.

Human Resources Interview & Recruitment 5354)   Human Resources Interview & Recruitment 2
Record and monitor candidates details for interview. Record education, skills, view resume, previous employers, agency details, interview tests. Outlook compatibility Use the skill builder to quickly filter out suitable candidates for jobs.

iWinSoft Barcode Maker for Mac 5355)   iWinSoft Barcode Maker for Mac 2.6.20
iWinSoft Barcode Maker is a professional Barcode Label software for Mac OS X which Create up to 20 types of barcodes. More than 800 Avery labels templates are provided.

Cheap Battery 5356)   Cheap Battery 1.0
Cheap Battery - When you need to get a cheap battery just install this small guide. You will have all the cheap battery information in one place. Very easy to use and apply. Cheap battery finder. Free to use and install.

M-Files PRO Document Management Software 5357)   M-Files PRO Document Management Software 4.0
M-Files® helps you manage the documents of your business in a centralized manner. Users see the document vault as a virtual disk drive on their computers. Metadata, full-text search, check-out & check-in, security. Offline mode, workflows. DB links.

Battery Ground 5358)   Battery Ground 1.0
Battery Ground - From time to time we need to get a new battery, our laptop uses batteries, our camcorder, our phone etc. When it's time for a new battery just let Battery Ground to do the hard work for you. Battery Ground is easy to install and free

Ultra Document To Text Converter 5359)   Ultra Document To Text Converter 2.0.2010.508
Support typical PDF format. Convert PDF to text in batch mode. Convert doc to text Convert xls to text Convert ppt to text Convert rtf to text Convert html, mht, htm to text Standalone application without other dependencies, support docx, xlsx

Excel Workbook Splitter 5360)   Excel Workbook Splitter 2009
Excel Workbook Splitter is a powerful, friendly and easy-to-use Excel tool to split multi-sheet excel files into single sheet excel files with high speed.

Family Database 2008 Pro 5361)   Family Database 2008 Pro
 The Family Database 2008 stores your family's information (or business info) and lets you save, birthdays, names, e-mail, addresses, it also lets you to sort, search, print preview, Print and more! The package includes professional install and un

teamwork project 5362)   teamwork project 3.2.1
Teamwork is a solution for managing work and communication through projects in any field. Groupware and project management features are used in an integrated environment. Teamwork is easy to use, so that the entire team can contribute.

MyCourts 5363)   MyCourts
MyCourts Booking/Reservations Manager for Sporting Clubs Facility Management. MyCourts makes managing your Clubs courts usage a breeze with once only, weekly or web bookings entered with a minimum of keystrokes. Any Club using courts needs MyCourts.

openPim 5364)   openPim 2.1
openPim is an easy-to-use PIM program. It allows you to organize your contacts, links, passwords, events and notes in one file. You won't waste time searching for different pieces of information anymore.

NolaPro Free Web Accounting 5365)   NolaPro Free Web Accounting 4.0
NolaPro v4.0 is a FREE, web-based Business Management & Accounting Suite. It offers multi-company support, simultaneous users, unlimited data, and optional customizations to "fit" the software to your business operations.

PDF Content Split SA 5366)   PDF Content Split SA 1.31
This is an ideal product if you had for example a PDF statement that needed splitting up on account number, PDF Content Split would do this with ease

JROX.COM Affiliate Manager 5367)   JROX.COM Affiliate Manager 1.6.2
Free to download. JROX.COM Affiliate Manager is a powerful, dynamic affiliate management system that is fully customizable. Easy Web-Based Installation with auto-uploader, you can have your own affiliate marketing system installed in a few minutes

DataStore CRM 5368)   DataStore CRM 3
Web Based Customer Relationship Management Solution. DataStore CRM applications for sales force automation, customer service, support, knowledge base, quality control, support and contact management

Making Money 101 Autoprofits 5369)   Making Money 101 Autoprofits 1.0
Included in this online money-maker: A Video that teaches you exactly how to make money 2 Exclusive eBooks that teach step by step methods Software that makes making money online easy and fun Software that makes money while you sleep!

Signature Pilot 5370)   Signature Pilot 1.0.8
This form filler allows you to add signature to documents right on your computer

FastFox Typing Expander 5371)   FastFox Typing Expander 1.01
FastFox Text Expander is an easy to use typing expansion utility that can create and store keyboard shortcuts that, when pressed, will expand to lines of text.

Promissory Note Download 5372)   Promissory Note Download 4.0
This easy to use promissory note from is a legal agreement to repay debt at a specified time. The sample promissory note form may include interest. This promissory note is downloadable and printable.

Attachments2Zip for Outlook 5373)   Attachments2Zip for Outlook 1.02
Software add-on for Microsoft Outlook, automatically encrypt and compresses or zip Outlook e-mail attachments, both outgoing messages and items in folders (such as tasks and contacts). Sending large outlook attachments and files to E-mail contacts.

What-if Analysis Manager 5374)   What-if Analysis Manager 2.1.0
What if Analysis Manager is an add-in for Microsoft Excel with which you can analyse the data in your spreadsheets, in an automatic, fast and intuitive manner.

Graham Process Mapping Starter Edition 5375)   Graham Process Mapping Starter Edition 7.01.1018
Detail process maps for documenting, developing, improving and managing business processes. Graham process maps clearly show the interrelated flows and relationships of multiple forms, emails, reports, databases, systems and other items in a process.

Free Online Forex Trading Course 5376)   Free Online Forex Trading Course 1.0
Free Online Forex Trading Course - Get easy access to this free online forex trading course. It is possible to average more than 10% per month trading currencies. Easy to install and use.

Speed PSP Video Converter 5377)   Speed PSP Video Converter 1.7.54
a powerful PSP MPEG4 video converter/PSP burner with fast working speed in burning movie to PSP and downloading movie to PSP. Now you can get this PSP MPEG4 video converter at a very competitive price

ScreenCalendar 5378)   ScreenCalendar 7.3
Create custom desktop with built in active calendar (small or large and even transparent) just over wallpaper, with the useful to-do list in the day cells. Change background with any period. Print the calendar or notes. MS Outlook synchronization.

Lokad Excel Sales Forecasting 5379)   Lokad Excel Sales Forecasting 1.0.0
Import sales data to Excel. 20+ app supported: accounting, ERP, eCommerce ... Sales forecasting function for Excel. Smart inventory management is a cornerstone of profitability. Get daily, weekly, monthly forecasts for each product of your catalog.

EndoClinic 5380)   EndoClinic 1.5
Management for your endoscope clinic with many featurescomplete ,patient database included all needed information and patient photo ,support all device compatible with WDM/DirectX live video can preview in full screen

ACoM Peanuts 5381)   ACoM Peanuts 1.0.1
ACoM Peanuts: fĂĽr professionelles Networking und maximalen Netzwerkerfolg. Das Programm sichert, dass alle Partner von der Netzwerkbeziehung profitieren. Denn nur so entstehen langfristig erfolgreiche Beziehungen, die zu dauerhaftem Gewinn fuehren.

MarketBuddy Windows 5382)   MarketBuddy Windows 2.1.1
Market any product on the Internet. MarketBuddy can reduce the human effort required to market any product or service using the power and worldwide reach of the Internet.

Applying Makeup 5383)   Applying Makeup 1.0
Applying Makeup - Want to learn how to properly apply makeup ? Applying Makeup will guide you through step by step with all the needed details. Free to install and use. Applying Makeup.

Mail Merge for Microsoft Access 2007 5384)   Mail Merge for Microsoft Access 2007 2.0
4TOPS Mail Merge for Microsoft Access is the ultimate solution if you want to create Microsoft Word documents or emails using data in your Microsoft Access database. Documents can be created easily with any level of complexity.

Make Money Online - $1,000 in 10 Days 5385)   Make Money Online - $1,000 in 10 Days 2.1
Christmas is on its way and you know you need the money. Learn how to make AT LEAST $1,000 in 10 days, and easily $5,000 in 30 days through an incredible set of interactive videos. You will build a long term business that makes money NOW.

Paints 5386)   Paints 1.0
For fabrication of the paint of the necessary colour by mix of the paints different colour - need the knowledges and big experience. The Program "Paints will calculate the composition of the paint for mix.

Run Your Own Virtual Credit Card Business 5387)   Run Your Own Virtual Credit Card Business 1.2
Build Huge Earning Potential Income with our READYMADE Virtual Credit Card Service Site. The Quick Easy Way To Run Your Own Prepaid Virtual Credit Card Service Site with Minimal Work Involved

Company Directory 5388)   Company Directory 2.0.1
Web based application for displaying company directory information. Four different directories in one application, Employees, Departments, Vendors, and Links. Great if your company spends time maintaining and handing out paper lists of extensions.

Mailware Home Office 5389)   Mailware Home Office 3
Order entry software system for mail order companies. Includes user definable order import with many prebuilt imports. Create invoices, ship and track, manage inventory and customers and much more. Why try to run your company on Quickbooks or Excel?

Repair Shop Calendar 5390)   Repair Shop Calendar 3.3
Repair Shop Calendar is a calendar for repair shops, dealing with cars, bikes, bicycles, home equipment, cloths and shoes. It's perfect to plan working hours, keep track of scheduled appointments and what service bay technicians will be using.

1AutomationWiz V2 5391)   1AutomationWiz V2 10
This state of the art email marketing, ecommerce & shopping cart automation software unleashes the hidden profits trapped in your online business and reducing your daily effort & costs - so that your online business runs on autopilot!

Goji Juice 5392)   Goji Juice 1.0
Goji Juice - Small and easy to install application. Learn About Goji Juice. Learn about the health boosting nutrients in goji. Learn why our product is the world's #1 goji product. Try goji juice risk-free! Easy to install.

Mortgage Calculator 5393)   Mortgage Calculator 1.0
A Quick and Easy Mortgage Calculator to Calculate your Mortgage Repayments. One of the most important factors in deciding which house to buy is obviously what you can afford – and a mortgage calculator can be a useful tool in determing this.

Niche Examiner 5394)   Niche Examiner 1.0
Niche Examiner allows you to analyze keywords for number of searches and competition in major search engines. It will generate a list of keywords, look at how many times each keyword has been searched for, and list the number of competitors.

Viajes Y Turismo 5395)   Viajes Y Turismo 1.0
Viajes Y Turismo - Use this simple application to find out more about Travel View. Viajes Y Turismo is very easy to install and use. La oficina de turismo del mundo. Viajes Y Turismo.

Buy Spas Online 5396)   Buy Spas Online 1.0
Buy Spas Online - This application will help you to Buy Spas Online. You will also get access to spa supplies, portable spas, and more. Direct from an established swimming spa manufacturer. Buy Spas Online is easy to install and use.

RoloFlex 5397)   RoloFlex 12.5
RoloFlex: amazing personal contact manager (CRM) and information center (PIM) for home/office usage. Freeware No Strings for Personal Use: Minimum cost for Commercial Application. AutoDial, Callback Dates, Contact History, Phones/Email.

EasyCall for Symbian S60 5398)   EasyCall for Symbian S60 1.5
EasyCall simplifies the usage of Calling Cards and Callback Services on your mobile. Just select the phone number from your Address book and make your call. There is no more hassle, EasyCall just does it all for you!

iCal4OL 5399)   iCal4OL 2.2.0
Smart importing, exporting and subscribing (Remote Calendars) of ICS files/feeds for MS Outlook. 2-Way Synchronization with Google Calendar is integrated. Various options cover the needs of exchanging and synchronizing events in the iCalendar Format.

Blank Page Splitter 5400)   Blank Page Splitter 1.0
A small utility that monitors a folder for tiff images, when one is found it separates the mulit-page tiff based upon the location of blank pages. The output can be either a tiff or PDF. It is ideally suited for use with a Copier that scans.

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