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Translucent Scheduler 5601)   Translucent Scheduler 2007
Online Scheduling and Dispatching Software

Our Scheduler 5602)   Our Scheduler 2.2.1
Schedule multiple people or objects at one time. Schedule 24/7, Color code appointment types, find availability, recurring scheduling over multiple days, ghantt schedules, format dates and currency. Drag/drop/cut/copy/paste.

Extract Data & Text From Multiple PDF Files Software 5603)   Extract Data & Text From Multiple PDF Files Software 7.0
Search for text within multiple PDF files and, if found, extract the entire line. Similarly, extract entire lines that do not contain certain text. Also, extract text between starting and ending characters throughout all files.

GeoDataSource World Structural Features Database (Gold Edition) 5604)   GeoDataSource World Structural Features Database (Gold Edition) April 2008
GeoDataSource Structural Database Gold Edition contains city names, feature type classifications, country names in FIPS and ISO, regions, sub-regions, state, county, longitude and latitude in degree and decimal, UTM coordinate grid and JOG reference.

Catfood Quote 5605)   Catfood Quote 2.02.0003
Catfood Quote tracks your stock portfolio from the Windows taskbar - you can see at a glance if your portfolio is up or down for the day. Quotes are pulled from the Amex, LSE, Nasdaq, NYSE and TSE markets.

BusinessCards 5606)   BusinessCards 6.02
Extremely intuitive and easy to use universal freeform database/organizer. Small, fast and flexible. Highly customizable and user friendly. From the authors of PrivateExe, DoubleDesktop, and Fat Free Games - A MUST SEE!

HomeGed Enterprise 5607)   HomeGed Enterprise 2009.2.0.0
HomeGed is a document management software (client/server). With HomeGed Enterprise, store more than 100,000 documents and make them accessible from computers in your network.

OpenOffice Password Recovery 5608)   OpenOffice Password Recovery 1.0.0
OpenOffice Password Recovery is a great tool for any user of OpenOffice software. With its friendly interface and a choice of advanced attack methods, it enables instant recovery of passwords and protection removal for any OpenOffice document.

DeepBurner Pro
 1.7 5609)   DeepBurner Pro 1.7 1.7
DeepBurner is an advanced and powerful CD and DVD burning package that utilizes power and efficiency. It takes away the hassle of making CDs, DVDs, autoruns, creating and printing labels and booklets. The program supports a very wide range of internal an

ViArt Shop Free 5610)   ViArt Shop Free 2.7.1
ViArt Shop Free is a powerful, flexible and easy to use PHP shopping cart system. It includes many advanced features such as a fully featured content management system, a forum, helpdesk support system and integration with Froogle and Paypal.

CDBF for Linux 5611)   CDBF for Linux 2.99.03
CDBF is a powerful database viewer and editor that lets individuals and business users access databases directly without programming via the familiar Windows interface. This small and handy utility offers everything you need for working with database

SU Bribe Machine 5612)   SU Bribe Machine
The SU Bribe Machine allows you to ethically "bribe" your site visitors to take an action that shares your website with others (viral marketing).

PDF Splitter Merger 5613)   PDF Splitter Merger
PDF Splitter Merger lets you Merge PDF documents quickly by sorting and combining a group of files using the merging feature. And lets you split PDF files based on page ranges and page numbers and randomely any range or number.

Web Traffic Builder Secret 5614)   Web Traffic Builder Secret
Web Traffic Builder Secret gives you a free strategy for targeted free traffic. If you are looking for an endless stream of qualified visitors looking for what your site has to offer, then get your site to show in organic search results.

Keyword Sniper Best Keyword software 5615)   Keyword Sniper Best Keyword software
Keyword Sniper - Best Keyword Software, Niche Keyword Generator Tool. Generate Top Hot Niche SEO Keywords, Ebay Keywords Research, Meta Tag Keywords, etc. Full Version

Comparison Shopping 5616)   Comparison Shopping 1.0
Comparison Shopping - Using this small application you will have easy access to Appliances, Clothing & Accessories, Computers & Software, Gifts, Flowers & Food, Jewelry & Watches and many other categories. Comparison Shopping.

Italian->English Database 5617)   Italian->English Database 1.0
Dictionary Database Italian ->English to integrate into your applications in MS-ACCESS Format. The demoversion includes the letter "F" with 1823 keywords. Fullversion Italian ->English Dictionary 33354 keywords with 304397 entries.

Italian ->Swedish Database 5618)   Italian ->Swedish Database 1.0
Dictionary Database Italian -> Swedish to integrate into your applications in MS-ACCESS Format. The demoversion includes the letter "A" with 3506 Keywords. Fullversion Italian -> Swedish 33354 keywords with 326131 entries. Palm, PPC, WM, PDA, WM, WM5

Timesheet System 5619)   Timesheet System 3.2.1
TimeLive - Time and billing software for timesheet automation, billing automation, expense management, employee attendance automation, project management and task management. Free downloadable and hosted (ASP) version.

Araxis Ketura 5620)   Araxis Ketura 2008.1449
A different approach to project management and issue (bug/defect) tracking. Organize your work. Track time. Manage customer requests and other work issues. Schedule and deliver your team projects on time and within budget.

UniDoc 5621)   UniDoc 1.39
UniDoc makes you more productive by reducing paperwork routine. Create custom templates and use them to make various types of documents like payment orders or contracts on the fly. Document templates are fully customizable to your preferences.

Member Organizer Pro 5622)   Member Organizer Pro 1.7
Membership Manager for Windows. Our software gives you an easy way to manage, track, and organize data of small organizations, sociaties, clubs, camps, interest groups, associations, health clubs..

PowerPoint to Flash Converter By GIRDAC 5623)   PowerPoint to Flash Converter By GIRDAC 1.0
PowerPoint to Flash Converter converts Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to Macromedia Flash files. It allows customizing the flash files.

Tukanas Link Extractor 5624)   Tukanas Link Extractor 1.0
Easily extract links, urls, emails from files and folders. It's easy to extract datas from files and folders. It's easy to extract datas from files and folders. Search and extract ftp, http, gopher, https, emails, news, telnet, wais, phone, fax link.

Batch Replacer for MS PowerPoint 5625)   Batch Replacer for MS PowerPoint 1.0
Batch Replacer for MS PowerPoint allows you to do multi-replacement operations in MS PowerPoint files. Strings for search and replace can be specified in an Excel document.

Import Export (MS Office Tool) 5626)   Import Export (MS Office Tool)
Import a text file and click a button and just like that all of your report headings and titles will be excluded allowing you to export to a database or spreadsheet. It is as easy as 1, 2, and 3.

Landlord Rental Lease 5627)   Landlord Rental Lease 3.2
Landlord rental lease agreements, sublease agreements, lease purchase agreements, rental applications, home inspection checklists and eviction notices. More landlord forms are available for immediate download.

Time 'n Bill 5628)   Time 'n Bill 5.4
TIME 'N BILL is a time and billing system for small firms. It will produce a wide variety of reports, including bills, income-expense statements, and balance sheets. Use on a standalone PC or network.

DWG to PNG Converter 5629)   DWG to PNG Converter 3.02
AutoDWG DWG2Image a batch converter converts DWG to TIFF(TIF), DWG to JPG, DWG to GIF, PNG, BMP without need of AutoCAD.Supports AutoCAD 2007.

Multiple Text Files to MS Word Document Convert Software 5630)   Multiple Text Files to MS Word Document Convert Software 7.0
Combine and insert multiple text files into a Microsoft Word file.

RouteWriter 5631)   RouteWriter 2.10
Imports and Exports MapPoint waypoints and pushpins in route-order. MapPoint always re-arranges pushpins when it does this. Exports routes directly to Excel, or you can create a route from pushpins in a pre-determined order.

ThoughtOffice 5632)   ThoughtOffice 1.0.119
ThoughtOffice is used for Presentation, Brainstorming, Creative Writing, Problem Solving, PR, and developing Innovation. 7,300,000+ unique words, phrases and images in mind-map style associations reveal ideas that escape "linear" thinking.

Project Manager .NET Professional Trial 5633)   Project Manager .NET Professional Trial 2.0.0
Project Manager .NET is an easy to use project management tool that is designed for those who need something without complexity to help them manage and complete projects. It is designed to help organize both small and large projects.

Handy MPG Converter 5634)   Handy MPG Converter 1.0
This converter can help you to convert measure of fuel economy from the MPG units to the SI L/100km units and back.

Worksheet Search 5635)   Worksheet Search 2.0.1
Worksheet search and activation add-in for Microsoft Excel. Worksheet search integrates into the Excel toolbar and adds fast worksheet search using sheet name or a wildcard.

Auction Alert 5636)   Auction Alert 1.0.0
Free eBay monitoring software automates your favorite searches and instantly notifies you when new auctions are listed. Grab bargains before everyone else, and stop wasting time trawling through pages of irrelevant results on eBay with Auction Alert.

Google Base Products Lister 5637)   Google Base Products Lister 1.1
Now you can take advantage of ALL Google Base has to offer. No more spreadsheet or ftp programs. The easiest way to submit to Google Base. Just fill in the boxes, and click. Holds unlimited products.

Italian ->Portuguese Database 5638)   Italian ->Portuguese Database 1.0
Dictionary Database Italian -> Portuguese to integrate into your applications in MS-ACCESS Format. The demoversion includes the letter "R" with 1947 Keywords. Fullversion Italian -> Portuguese 33354 keywords with 348661 entries. Palm, PPC, WM, PDA.

PDF Page Extractor - Split Merge Pro 5639)   PDF Page Extractor - Split Merge Pro
PDF page extractor [PDF Split & Merge Pro] is an advanced application to add, delete and divide pages from pdf files in batch mode. Software can combine PDF as well as images together to create a joined document. It appends PDF & images instantly.

ContactGrabber 5640)   ContactGrabber 2.9.0
ContactGrabber extrahiert Kontakte mit nur einem Klick aus E-Mails, Webseiten oder Textdokumenten direkt in Ihr CRM. Folgende Anwendungen werden unterst√ľtzt: Outlook,Excel,vtiger,salesForce,Lotus Notes,sugarCRM,MS-CRM,FileMaker,vCard,SAP,OL Express

Desk Doctor 5641)   Desk Doctor 1.1.6
Desk Doctor detects, prevents and rehabilitates RSI at your desk. First the program takes you through on-screen medical tests. Then Desk Doctor uses its built-in reasoning to compile the optimum video-guided exercise program to keep you healthy.

Barcoding Software 5642)   Barcoding Software
Barcoding maker Software use to make bar tags for retail business. Bar code tool creator utility create generate barcode label for price tags for management retail market for e.g Codebar, UPC, EAN, ISBN, Code 39, Code 93, MSI Plessey and more.

Instant Business Network 5643)   Instant Business Network 4.7.52
Web based Collaborative Intranet and Extranet Busineess Portal for Sharing Information and Files and Secure Communication. IBn includes tools for Project Management, Issues Tracking and HelpDesk, Project Time Tracking.

Cash Register Log 5644)   Cash Register Log 1.7
Easy cash register tracker that can run on PC cash registers. Cash Register Log encourages you to track your daily sales and balance your cash. Ideal for coffee shop, restaurant, reatail and small business. Sales can be entered by manager or cashier.

MS PowerPoint Business Plan Presentation Template Software 5645)   MS PowerPoint Business Plan Presentation Template Software 7.0
Create business plan templates in MS PowerPoint. PowerPoint 2000 or higher required.

TimeLive free time tracking software 5646)   TimeLive free time tracking software 3.2.1
TimeLive - Free Time tracking software for timesheet automation, billing automation, expense management, employee attendance automation, project management and task management. Free downloadable and hosted (ASP) version.

Journyx Project Time Tracking 5647)   Journyx Project Time Tracking 7.1
Free Web Time Tracking will Discover new profits in your business and automate billing. Automate Payroll with our New setup. Talks to MS Project.

NELiX TransaX FleXport 5648)   NELiX TransaX FleXport 1.0
NELiX TransaX FleXport contains documentation and examples for integrating payment processing within any application!

Qasper Business Organizer 5649)   Qasper Business Organizer 1.0.2472.27600
Free Personal Version of Qasper, a business Information Organizer that goes beyond CRM with 20 integrated modules that enable all types of information and documents to be managed centrally.

hotlife.exe 5650)   hotlife.exe 1.0
Preparing Diseased and Obstacle Roses It seems that even with the best of repression techniques and caring for your roses, you cannot always stop diseases and problems from interesting your roses

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