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Equipment Lease Agreement 6801)   Equipment Lease Agreement 3.1
The equipment lease agreement is an agreement that that can be used to lease any kind of equipment. The equipment lease agreement form may have fixed or periodic terms.

Rental Application Download 6802)   Rental Application Download 3.1
The rental application is an application form by which an applicant provides his/her information. The rental application form facilitates the evaluation of a potential tenant by the landlord.

Property Inspection Checklist Download 6803)   Property Inspection Checklist Download 3.1
The property inspection checklist form allows the tenant to inspect the rental premises. The property inspection checklist form protects the right of the tenant by determining the property's condition before moving in.

Quitclaim Deed Download 6804)   Quitclaim Deed Download 3.1
The purpose of the quitclaim deed is to disclaim one's interest in real property and pass the claim to another person. The quitclaim deed form is typically used in divorce situations when a spouse is disclaiming interest in the property.

Notice to Exercise Purchase Option Form 6805)   Notice to Exercise Purchase Option Form 3.1
The notice to exercise purchase option form is a tenant's notification to the landlord to purchase the rental property during the term of the lease for the agreed upon option price.

docXConverter 6806)   docXConverter 3.1
docXConverter is a program for opening files saved in the new Word 2007 format, docx, in the Excel 2007 format xlsx and in AppleWorks cwk format. It allows you to open these files, even if none of your programs are capable of doing so on their own.

icWord 6807)   icWord 4.1
icWord is a program for viewing word processor files saved in the Word formats doc and in AppleWorks cwk format for word processors. It allows you to view and convert these files, even if none of your programs are capable of doing so on their own.

icXL 6808)   icXL 3.0
icXL is a program for viewing spreadsheet files saved in the Excel formats xls or xlsx, and in AppleWorks cwk format for spreadsheets. It allows you to view and convert the files, even if none of your programs are capable of doing so on their own.

Effortless HR Software Suite 6809)   Effortless HR Software Suite 2010.05.28
A complete suite of HR tools which includes business and HR forms, employee management, time tracking, employee portal, benefits management, company news posting, assests management and tracking, skills and certifications management, and much more

MS Access DB Conversion Software 6810)   MS Access DB Conversion Software
Distributed database converter translates MS Access database tables, primary key, unique key constraints, null values, index files and all other properties into MySQL database. Database conversion utility migrates data safely and maintains integrity.

TraderXL Pro Package 6811)   TraderXL Pro Package 6.1.15
Technical Analysis in Microsoft Excel. 146 indicators and experts. Free download real and historical stock quotes from USA, Europe, and Canada into Excel spreadsheets. Mutual funds, corporate bonds, Major USA Market Indices, Major World Indices ...

Release Agreement Download 6812)   Release Agreement Download 3.1
The release agreement is a legal agreement not to proceed with legal action in exchange for compensation. The release agreement form can be used for the settlement of claims such as personal injury, property damage, debt, motor vehicle accident etc.

Confidentiality Agreement Template 6813)   Confidentiality Agreement Template 3.1
The confidentiality agreement protects your confidential information and inventions disclosed during discussions, negotiations or proposals. This confidentiality agreement form protects your rights, business and financial security as an employer.

Legal Action Notice Form 6814)   Legal Action Notice Form 3.1
The legal action notice form is a final warning to resolve matters (adhere to an agreement, remit payment) before proceeding with legal action. The legal action notice can be used to warn customer, supplier, employee, employer, business partner etc.

Bad Check Notice Form Download 6815)   Bad Check Notice Form Download 3.1
The bad check notice form informs a payer that their check has been dishonored by the bank and requests immediate remittance of payment. The bad check notice also warns of legal action in the event of non payment. The bad check notice legally prote

Indemnity Agreement Download 6816)   Indemnity Agreement Download 3.1
The indemnity agreement is a legal exemption from the penalties or liabilities incurred by any course of action. The hold harmless indemnity agreement form is used to avoid paying expenses in case of a lawsuit.

MetriQ® Lite 6817)   MetriQ® Lite
MetriQ Hands-Free Timesheet and Time Tracking software automatically tracks PC-based work for fast, easy and accurate timesheet creation. Features include project-based work categorization, powerful billing and costing system.

Billing and Accounting Tool 6818)   Billing and Accounting Tool
Inventory and billing management software provides facility to create ledger, expenses, party, product, sales order report. Accounting tool completely fully password protected only administrator can make changes to existing database contents.

Microsoft Access Database Converter 6819)   Microsoft Access Database Converter
MS Access to MySQL converter tool securely converts large bulk database records of Microsoft Access databases to MySQL server without changing primary key, unique key, foreign key, attributes, index and default or null values.

PC to Mobile Bulk SMS Tool 6820)   PC to Mobile Bulk SMS Tool
PC to mobile phone text messaging application can broadcast thousands of messages to unlimited mobile phones. Web based bulk sms marketing utility can send non English sentence in both network national or international from your system to cell phone.

Model Assistant Suite 6821)   Model Assistant Suite 3.1.0
The most useful collection of add-ins for people who use Excel as a decision making tool: to build, understand or audit more robust models, quicker. It also includes more of 70 financial calculators ready to use in your Excel spreadsheets.

Promissory Installment Note 6822)   Promissory Installment Note 5.1
This promissory note in an agreement to repay a specified sum of money in installments at a stated time or on demand. It is an enforceable promise of payment with or without interest. It can be yearly, monthly, weekly or balloon payments.

GStarICAD 2008 Professional 6823)   GStarICAD 2008 Professional 2008
GStarICAD is the geniune low cost CAD drawing software based on IntelliCAD,and it is 99% idential to AutoCAD,and it is compatible with AutoCAD.GStarICAD offers a 30days free tryout after free download this software

GStarICAD 2008 Standard 6824)   GStarICAD 2008 Standard 2008
GStarICAD is the geniune low cost CAD drawing software based on IntelliCAD,and it is 99% idential to AutoCAD,and it is compatible with AutoCAD.GStarICAD offers a 30days free tryout after free download this software

Create Excel table in AutoCAD 2009 6825)   Create Excel table in AutoCAD 2009 AutoXlsTable3.0
Create and modify tables in AutoCAD with Excel, and perform block counting, area/length calculation...

MSSQL to MySQL Migrator 6826)   MSSQL to MySQL Migrator
MSSQL to MySQL database conversion tool changes table structure and its attributes into MySQL database record format with supporting Unicode architecture. Freeware converter exports data field values includes keys, indexes and null values

Release Agreement 6827)   Release Agreement 5.1
An agreement not to proceed with legal action in exchange for compensation. A Release Agreement can be used to settle claims involving: - Personal injury - Property damage - Participation in dangerous activities

Demand Note 6828)   Demand Note 5.1
The demand note is a loan with no fixed term or set duration of repayment. The demand note can be recalled upon the lenders request. It provides flexibility for the borrower so long as the lender does not call back the loan.

Guaranty 6829)   Guaranty 5.1
The loan guaranty form is a promise by an individual or organization to repay a loan in the event of default. It accepts responsibility for an obligation if the entity with primary responsibility for the obligation does not meet it.

Notice of Default in Payment 6830)   Notice of Default in Payment 5.1
A notification that payment is due and has not been received. The notice of default warns of invoking remedies and other action if payment is not remitted. Proves and confirms notification regarding default in payment.

AutoXlsTable 6831)   AutoXlsTable AutoXlsTable3.0
Create and modify tables in AutoCAD with Excel, and perform block counting, area/length calculation...

MySQL To MSSQL Migrator 6832)   MySQL To MSSQL Migrator
Software convert MySQL database to MSSQL server provides comprehensive database conversion service for converting tables and records into destination format. Database synchronization software translate all data includes primary, foreign key, indexes.

Receipt 6833)   Receipt 5.1
A receipt form acknowledging the receipt of payment by the borrower or customer. It indicates whether payment is full or partial. it also indicates the remaining balance in case of partial payment.

Security Agreement 6834)   Security Agreement 5.1
The security agreement is a special agreement whereby the Grantor and Borrower assigns, grants and pledges to the Grantee and Lender a security interest in a hard asset known as the collateral.

Balloon Note 6835)   Balloon Note 5.1
A balloon note is a long-term loan that has one large payment (the balloon payment) due upon maturity. It often has the advantage of very low interest payments, and smaller installments.

RationalPlan Single Project 6836)   RationalPlan Single Project 3.16.1
RationalPlan Single Project is a <a href="">project management software</a> covering the project management areas starting with WBS construction, project planning and scheduling to critical path management etc

Emergency Payday Loan 6837)   Emergency Payday Loan 1.0
Emergency Payday Loan - This application will provide the information you need when in need of an emergency payday loan. The Emergency Payday Loan application is small and easy to install, the user interface being very straight forward too.

Wholesale Apparel 6838)   Wholesale Apparel 1.0
Wholesale Apparel - It is a small and easy to use application that gives you access to a lot of wholesale apparel and many more surplus products. Wholesale apparel is very easy to install and has a straight forward user interface. Wholesale Apparel.

Wholesale Electronics 6839)   Wholesale Electronics 2.0
Wholesale Electronics - Small and easy to install application that provides access to wholesale electronics in a quick way with an interface that is easy to understand and use by everyone. Wholesalers will be at your finger tip.

Wholesale Jewelry 6840)   Wholesale Jewelry 1.0
Wholesale Jewelry - This application can be used to get instant access to wholesale jewelry by using an easy to understand user interface. The application is quick to download and install. Wholesale Jewelry.

Widescreen Wallpaper 6841)   Widescreen Wallpaper 1.0
Widescreen Wallpaper - This easy to install application will give you access to lots of widescreen wallpapers and will let you choose wich one to use. The application is easy to install and use thanks to the user interface. Widescreen Wallpaper.

Invisalign Cost 6842)   Invisalign Cost 1.0
Invisalign Cost - Easy to use application that is small and quick to install, provides information about Invisalign, cost and reviews. Straight forward user interface. Invisalign Cost.

Polygraph Consent Form 6843)   Polygraph Consent Form 5.1
Employee voluntarily agrees to take a polygraph examination. Can be used in various situations with the consent of both parties. Written Authorization protects the rights of both parties.

A simulation of a NYC Transit Authority train traveling by automatic signals with working stop arms. Working circuit drawings show how the signal system relays function while the train passes over track circuits.

Create a portfolio with this spreadsheet for Excel 97 or better. Enter your past and present stock holdings. See your gains and losses at a glance. Get on-line quotes from: CNN, Quicken, Quote, NASDAQ, PC Quote, Toronto, Hk, India, Germany

PAYROLL 2009 6846)   PAYROLL 2009 2009.4.1
Payroll Software Calculates withholding tax for you or a small business payroll. Print pay checks and year to date report. Accounting USA only.

Efigio ToDo Organizer 6847)   Efigio ToDo Organizer 1.0
Efigio ToDo Organizer helps you become more productive and more organized. List your daily ToDos, sort them by priority and work on them until they are completed. Set deadline reminders to make sure you are completing your work in time.

Landlord Eviction Notice 6848)   Landlord Eviction Notice 3.0
Landlord viction Notice is used by the landlord to legally notify a tenant to quit a rental property due to a breach of tenancy. Eviction notice is customizable to indicate a 3 day eviction notice, 5 day eviction notice, 30 day eviction notice etc.

Barcode Label Printing Software 6849)   Barcode Label Printing Software
Barcode Label Printing software is the most economical application which comprehends more than 35 barcode fonts for Windows OS. Barcode Label Printing software creates 36 types of 1D & 2D barcode standards include UPC, Code 39, EAN 13, ISBN etc.

PDF to JPG Converter 6850)   PDF to JPG Converter v1.51
PDF to Image Converter is cutting edge software and vastly executed for transforming some or dozens of PDF documents to miscellaneous image image formats such as TIF, TIFF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF etc. Converter creates optimized quality images.

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