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Adbook PIM 1951)   Adbook PIM 1.12
Adbook PIM is the most professional address book software with powerful function and beautiful interface. You can manage your friends, families and classmates¡¯ personal information. It also gives you the easy way to storage and find many useful info

Idea Value Calculator 1952)   Idea Value Calculator 1.0
The idea value calculator (IVC) allows the value of an idea to be estimated. The method of calculation is based on the assumption that the value of an idea is equal to the sum of all royalties that would be collected on an equivalent valid patent based on this idea.

PDFapps PDF Manager 1953)   PDFapps PDF Manager 2.0
PDF Manager helps manage, control and audit your PDF documents. See the hidden data you never knew existed in your documents. Instantly report on the security permissions of your PDFs. Create customizable reports in the format you need.

Gigaply 1954)   Gigaply 2.00 presents the proper replacement for Windows calculator. Your personal calculations companion.

KDSimStudio simulation software 1955)   KDSimStudio simulation software 1.0
KDSimStudio is a powerful tool that gives you power to simulate your meetings, businesses, with real world learning experience tailored to your markets, your customers and your products. Tool comes with a visual drag n drop environment.

Barcode label designer software 1956)   Barcode label designer software 2.18
Industrial-strength barcode label designer software that Supports database, date/time, counter file and various other data source options.

The Performance Organiser 1957)   The Performance Organiser 2
Organisation modelling software designed to suport a number of management planning techniques. Iit is a general purpose business analysts toolkit.

Blitz Document 1958)   Blitz Document 3.2.3
Blitz Document was developed to speed the creation of contracts, agreements, form letters and other documents using easily created scripts.

Angel PIM 1959)   Angel PIM 2.0B
Get powerful tools for daily organizing tasks besides the usual Calendar, Reminder, To-Do, Notes, Expenses Tracking, Address Book, Email Client.

eCafePro 1960)   eCafePro 3.61
eCafePro Platinum is a billing system and management solution for your internet cafe. You can manage your client PCs through your server with one easy click. Functions include, reboot, shut down, transfer, adjust volume, snap shot, members and etc...

Eficium TeleFactura 1961)   Eficium TeleFactura 2.00
Fully Web-ready, Eficium TeleFactura is the definitive switch + telephony billing programme for VoIP, Call and Access Service Providers distributing telecoms services, such as telecoms operators, service distributors, callshop and tele-shop operators.

Excel Server 2005 Standard Edition 1962)   Excel Server 2005 Standard Edition v3.9.1
Excel Server 2005 (Standard Edition) is an integral information platform built on Excel, MS SQL Server, and Windows OS. It is an easy tool of MS Excel networked and EAI.

Synkronizer XL 1963)   Synkronizer XL 8.0
Synkronizer compares any two Excel worksheets.

Stock Quotes for Pocket PC 1964)   Stock Quotes for Pocket PC
Stock Quotes and Chart for PocketPC. Control your stocks while you work or mobile. Besides, you can view news relevant to the selected stock, set customizable alerts, search for ticker and get company summary information.

pdf-DocPro 1965)   pdf-DocPro 6.x
Set presentation properties to PDF files, compress PDFs up to 90 % or create downward compatibility between Adobe FormDesigner, Adobe 7, 6 and 5 ! Split, Merge, Extract and Add PDF Files

Exl-Plan Lite 1966)   Exl-Plan Lite 2.61
Business plan projections for new/smallish businesses (e.g. sales $0.5 to $2 m). For business plans, budgets, strategic planning, raising finance etc. Generates three-year projections on monthly basis for first year & quarterly thereafter.

Schedule Daily Shifts and Tasks for Your Employees with Excel 1967)   Schedule Daily Shifts and Tasks for Your Employees with Excel 3.6
Excel spreadsheet creates schedules where each person is assigned to a category, location and time each day for a week and then assigned to daily tasks in 30 minute increments. Creates vCalendar file for your PDA, Smart Phone and Outlook Calendar.

HPV SOLO PC 1968)   HPV SOLO PC 2007
View and print MS Project 98, 2000, 2002, 2003 or 2007 project information without Microsoft Project installed on your PC

PDF 2 ImagePDF 1969)   PDF 2 ImagePDF 2.3
Convert PDF files into pictures (JPG, BMP etc...) or into PDF files with only one picture of the content per page. This way nobody can modify your pdf files because there is no text information. It is like you would printout the pdf file, scan it.

Cibersql Web Report 1970)   Cibersql Web Report 1.0
Cibersql Web Report is a sophisticated web-based reporting tool built for SQL Server and MSDE databases. Its unique capabilities enable users to create sophisticated HTML reports almost instantly by using customers existing stored procedures.

pptXTREME Import Export for PowerPoint 1971)   pptXTREME Import Export for PowerPoint 1.6
Change how PowerPoint works with images forever! You'll wonder how you ever lived without them. Never revert to My Documents again. Set the background to a picture with 1 click! And much more. Visit our website to see all the features.

Aeris Calendar 1972)   Aeris Calendar 1.0
Aeris Calendar is a desktop calendar with current weather conditions, forecasts and severe weather alerts. Aeris Calendar allows you to easily add reminders, daily notes, todo lists and events such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Pricing and Breakeven Analysis Excel 1973)   Pricing and Breakeven Analysis Excel 2.1
Pricing and Breakeven Analysis, test price changes, determine optimum pricing to maximize profit, and calculate breakeven points. Easy to use input with tabluar and graphical outputs. For new or established businesses, products, or services.

Procedure Charter Standard 1974)   Procedure Charter Standard 5.80
An advanced flow charter that extends beyond static graphical flow charters. Simple to use intuitive quick draw pallet and auto placement of figures and lines. Detailed description and who does what for each figure.

SetupABudget Debt Elimination Software 1975)   SetupABudget Debt Elimination Software 2.1
Learn how to setup a budget to eliminate your debt and save thousands of dollars in interest payments.

JaxRain 1976)   JaxRain 1.00
Quickly and easily design or analyze stormwater detention ponds with this useful tool. Any number of time increments can be input depending on user's hardware/system memory.

ROFX Composer 1977)   ROFX Composer
Freeware program for releases writing and submission. ROFX - the new files format for releases unifying. ROFX Composer organizes the publisher information and release content

SmartOutline 2007 1978)   SmartOutline 2007 2.1
SmartOutline is a unique, professional productivity tool that allows you to organize, secure, collaborate and work with information in new and innovative ways. With SmartOutline, notes and calendars doesn't even begin to scratch the surface.

WebCab TA (J2EE Community Edition) 1979)   WebCab TA (J2EE Community Edition) 1
100% Free EJB Component suite providing a collection of technical indicators for the construction of technical trading systems. Moreover, by using these methods with our JDBC mediator you will be able to iteratively apply these indicators to a DBMS.

Ro.Wi.-Rechnungsbüro 1980)   Ro.Wi.-Rechnungsbüro 3.0
With Ro.Wi.-Rechnungsbuero you can create professional invoices very easy. In less than 2 minutes you can create professional invoices.

Schedules4Team 1981)   Schedules4Team 2.60.0231
Schedules4Team is an ideal collaboration tool allowing you to create and access a common workgroup MS Outlook Calendar,Free/Busy time,share appointments,meetings,events and resources without a server.View in regular Outlook Calendar or TimeLine Grid.

RealFin 1982)   RealFin 2.07

Tray Calendar 1983)   Tray Calendar 2.8g
Tray Calendar is:- easy to use notepad calendar software program. - minimizes to the Windows system tray. - system tray icon shows the current day of the month. - notes may be entered for each day.

MSDS Executive 1984)   MSDS Executive .75
Import, store, manage, and access your Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for OSHA compliance.

Slide Executive Add-in Collection 1985)   Slide Executive Add-in Collection 1.1.0
The Slide Executive Add-in Collection contains two Add-ins for PowerPoint. The Exporter is a fast and easy way to export slides from PowerPoint as images. The Importer is a fast and easy way to import graphical formats on to PowerPoint slides.

BioChem 1stRespondER Desktop 1986)   BioChem 1stRespondER Desktop 2.0
BioChem 1stRespondER (tm) is designed to help healthcare professionals deal with chemical and biological warfare attacks. 20 new agents added in version 2.0.

SenLab02 1987)   SenLab02 2.0
Label printing software to take labels from a simple text file and format them to fit on labels. Quick and easy with graphics included.

My Checkbook 1988)   My Checkbook 2.1.2
My Checkbook makes managing your personal finances a snap. With simple daily entry and automatic balance features, you'll never bounce a check again! Easily manage your automatic transactions with the schedule feature or use it to remind you.

WMD SWAG PocketPC Bundle 1989)   WMD SWAG PocketPC Bundle 1.2
WMD SWAG quickly analyzes your observations at a disaster site and provides a fast, scientific guess of which agents of mass destruction are most likely involved. Just mark checkboxes beside any conditions you observe in the field, then view results.

Clicks4U Accelerator 1990)   Clicks4U Accelerator 3.0
You want to earn the real money? Clicks4U Accelerator is a nice member Assistant developed to let you quickly evaluate sites, win free tickets, lotto credits, banners and save your Internet traffic and time.

Genesis 1991)   Genesis 7.9
Stock charting and technical analysis trading system with a complete set of models and charting features, support for all instruments, Internet connectivity, spreadsheet-like capabilities, built-in database query builder and fully customisable charts

Air Messenger Pro 1992)   Air Messenger Pro 6.7.3
Air Messenger Pro is a fully featured alphanumeric paging software with TAP, SNPP, ETAP, WCTP, and E-Mail support that allows you to send pages to Pagers and Digital Cellular Phones. Supports WCTP Over HTTPS and does not require SMTP sever.

TimeCompanion Desktop Edition 1993)   TimeCompanion Desktop Edition 2003
Using TimeCompanion Desktop Edition you can easily keep track of your time for reporting and invoicing. It includes a desktop application and a Palm OS application.

Downtime Manager 1994)   Downtime Manager 6.5.1
DownTime Manager keeps track of your equipment downtime.Use it for industry,fleet maintenance computers,etc.Easily track downtime and find the problems areas with equipment.Plots downtime by month,type of downtime and what shift the downtime occured

Zetafax 1995)   Zetafax 2007
Zetafax is a powerful software package which runs on a PC network (LAN). It allows users on the network to receive faxes on screen and send faxes straight from their PCs. Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 server/Vista compatible

Screen Magnifier 1996)   Screen Magnifier 1
  • Magnifies any spot on your screen
  • Easy to use, fast setup, runs fast
  • No bulky add-ins, just the magnifier
  • Designed to run in a business environment; small, fast, solid.

AddressGrabber Business 1997)   AddressGrabber Business 2010
AddressGrabber automates the manual address data entry and makes it hassle free. By highlighting the enquiry forms and clicking on the Grab button, the contact information is extracted and transferred into ACT! , Outlook, Excel,and more.

C-Organizer Pro 1998)   C-Organizer Pro 4.0.1
C-Organizer Professional is your one-stop organizer software including all the features you need in order to keep track of your appointments and tasks. It offers an advanced notification system and a place to store all your important information.

Quick Outliner 1999)   Quick Outliner 0.2.6
There is a small fast freeware Unicode outliner with BlowFish encryption. With this outliner you can store various information into tree-like structure with folders and notes. You can use strong BlowFish encryption to secure your data.

RiskyProject Lite 2000)   RiskyProject Lite 1.2
RiskyProject Lite is introductory level project risk management software. RiskyProject Lite helps project manager to determine how risks and uncertainties will affect project schedule, view main crucial tasks and critical risks.

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