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DigiStore Software 4101)   DigiStore Software 1.0
Business Document Management with build in scanning, archieve and backup features

2007 Printable Calendar 4102)   2007 Printable Calendar 1.0
2007 Printable Calendar Program. Very nice Calendar. It is easy to use and completely free.

MaxiMat Price Calculator 4103)   MaxiMat Price Calculator 1.0
Price calculator to determine approx. building prices when building new wooden/timber houses.

SOAP Notes Form - Sample 4104)   SOAP Notes Form - Sample
Computer Fillable Medical PDF Forms. Patient records can be typed, e-mailed, saved and stored on your computer. Easy access and retrieval! Customized forms are available. E-mail us yours for a free quote today. Newest technology and easy to use.

DwgGrid for AutoCAD 4105)   DwgGrid for AutoCAD
DwgGrid for AutoCAD - Preview Image Viewer, Print AutoCAD, Inventor, and Revit preview. A Windows Explorer like browser for all AutoCAD type files. DwgGrid prints the drawing preview. Evaluation period includes a watermark.

Beach Wedding 4106)   Beach Wedding 1.0
Beach Wedding - Small and easy to use application. Beach Wedding is very easy to install and use. You will also be able to find guayabera shirts for men, women, and children in a variety of colors and styles. Beach Wedding.

Business Accounting Utility 4107)   Business Accounting Utility 9.1.105
Software can very easily be adapted to particular user requirements. Tool comes with a number of standard charts of accounts. Unneeded accounts can be deleted and any additionally required ones can easily be inserted anywhere in the charts.

Time Difference Calculator 4108)   Time Difference Calculator 1.1.0
Calculate the hours, and minutes between two dates and times. Display the time difference both as days, hours, and minutes and entirely as hours and minutes. Also calculate the date and time X hours and Y minutes before or after a date and time.

Omni Customer Support 4109)   Omni Customer Support 1.0
Omni Customer Support allows you to create a searchable knowledge base to improve customer support. Based on Search engine technology, it quickly finds the most relevant issue saving time and keeping your customers happy.

CompanyGate Advanced 4110)   CompanyGate Advanced 2008
CompanyGate is a Affordable, Easy to Use and SiImple Multi-User Small Business Management Software For Small-Medium Companies that contains all the Financial and Sales Operation Management that helps you to successfully run your Business.

US ZIP Code Business Patterns Database 4111)   US ZIP Code Business Patterns Database May.2008
ZIPCodeWorld US Business Patterns Edition includes number of establishments, employees, 1Q and annual payroll, industry information, ZIP code, city name, alias name, state code, county name, latitude, elevation, MSA, PMSA and Census 2000 data.

Any DWG Converter 2008.2 4112)   Any DWG Converter 2008.2 2008
Any DWG Converter is a batch DWG converter that allows you to convert DWG to DXF, DXF to DWG without the need of AutoCAD. It is also an AutoCAD drawing file version converter.

progeCAD Smart! free DWG CAD 4113)   progeCAD Smart! free DWG CAD
progeCAD Smart! is free for personal use. DWG DXF PDF read write. Similar icons, commands and interface as AutoCAD. Express tools, raster image embedding, IntelliCAD AutoLISP interpreter

MS Word Read Entire Documents Aloud Software 4114)   MS Word Read Entire Documents Aloud Software 7.0
Read words in MS Word files. Word 2000 or higher required.

Forex Trading Primer 4115)   Forex Trading Primer
Forex Trading Primer is an introduction to foreign exchanges.Forex trading is all about trading foreign currency, stocks, and similar type of products.

T-Minus Deadline Countdown 4116)   T-Minus Deadline Countdown 6.0
Do you have an important deadline? Whether it's for work, school, a non-profit organization or personal commitment, now you can count down the remaining time.

ezPower Restaurant Point of Sale 4117)   ezPower Restaurant Point of Sale 8.1
Restaurant Point of Sales. Touch screen, scanner, keyboard or mouse. Track sales, Waiters, Inventory and Customers, Reservations, Split Payments, Split Tables. Print to Register, kitchen, Bar. Password security. USA, UK, Canada and Australian

Gtech Atomic Time Synchronizer 4118)   Gtech Atomic Time Synchronizer 1.0
With Gtech ATS (Atomic Time Synchronizer), a .NET application, you can synchronize your computer's clock with atomic clock servers over the internet. It uses the network time protocol (NTP) which allows to obtain a high degree of accuracy.

Tiny Mortgage Calculator 4119)   Tiny Mortgage Calculator 1.0
Tiny Mortgage Calculator 1.0 is a free Windows application that lets you quickly calculate some essential mortgage-related figures. Simply enter the amount to be financed, the interest rate and duration of the loan.

MyCar-Monitor 4120)   MyCar-Monitor v3.3.0.1.
This is a complete software that will help you to organize all your automobile related records.

Blaiz Enterprises - Snappy PhotoCard Creator - Professional 4121)   Blaiz Enterprises - Snappy PhotoCard Creator - Professional 2.00.2181
Use your family photos, or use ours to create brilliant greeting cards. Musical MP3/WAV/MID/WMA, framed, true color, ultra-compact, standalone (Windows .exe) PhotoCards with internet/email link, animated cursor, flashing custom message, Author detail

SpiralTrader 4122)   SpiralTrader 1.2
The free browser will help you locate low risk entry points in stocks, commodities and currency trading byfinding hidden support and resistance points on charts with Fibonacci spirals. Our website contains free education material.

EuroConvertor 4123)   EuroConvertor 1.1.4
Converts easily between different currencies, includes daily automatic updates via the Internet

Handy Invoice 4124)   Handy Invoice 1.0.0
Handy Invoice is a simple and easy to use invoicing application for your small business. It has the ability to handle clients details, search for invoices quickly, customize printouts and configure tax rates. It is very easy to install and operate.

Project Clock Client/Server 4125)   Project Clock Client/Server 7.10
Project Clock Client/Server is an easy to use multi-user project time recording system. Project Clock is a useful application for consultants, lawyers, engineers or anyone else who must keep track of time billed to different projects.

SayOClock 4126)   SayOClock 1.2.1
A Talking Digital Clock which speaks on demand, or according to a schedule, using either pre-recorded Real Speech or Text To Speech (TTS). Features a powerful recurring alarm notification option, beep-before-speak option and visual speech indicator.

SIGNS 4127)   SIGNS 6.12
Security Information Gathering and Networking System

DWG to DXF Converter Any 4128)   DWG to DXF Converter Any 2005.5.5
DWG to DXF Converter is a batch DWG and DXF bi-directional converter that allows you to convert DWG to DXF, DXF to DWG without the need of AutoCAD.

Movie Review Magic 4129)   Movie Review Magic 3.2.0
Imagine having your own movie review web site where you can run an online business, generate real profit, and legally deduct costs of watching movies from your taxes. This software program that will help you do just that -- fast and easy.

timecard20 4130)   timecard20 2.0
Time card keeps track of project time charged by project, function and task in a extractable database. Fill out time charged on a weekly basis and track what was done in the job supports for each task daily.

RealTime 4131)   RealTime 3.5
RealTime Time and Attendance Software - Collect Time Clock Data Easily - Simple to Use Editing Tools - Easily Export to virtually any Payroll software (including yours!) - Built In Multi-User capability - Fully configurable Policies and Overtime

MailAndFax 4132)   MailAndFax 1.11
Use your scanner to fax document to all your contacts in a single click.Use mailing list to Email all your contacts. Keep all your friends, family and business contacts' information in one organized and clear environment

MITCalc - Force shaft connection 4133)   MITCalc - Force shaft connection 1.16
Geometric designs and strength checks of force couplings of shafts with hubs (Interference fit, clamping connection). Application supports Imperial and Metric units and is based on ANSI, ISO, DIN BS, JIS standards.

Mortgage Minder 4134)   Mortgage Minder 4
Easy to use, feature rich mortgage calculator. Calculates extra principal payments, different compound periods, variable interest rates, interest free periods, and balloon payments. New reporting feature with print preview feature.

PDF-Analyzer 4135)   PDF-Analyzer 4.0
The PDF-Analyzer is a tool extracting all attributes from pdf files. You can use it from the explorer contextmenu and "stand alone" as a "PDF Browser", too. No pdf-secrets anymore! Additionally there's a pro-version with password-reset and many more.

MDE InfoHandler 4136)   MDE InfoHandler 9.4
A manager for many types of information featuring a unique non-hierarchical categorization scheme. Use it to organize notes, documents, Internet bookmarks, email, and much more on your PC and Pocket PC.

EZ-Forms-NVRE 4137)   EZ-Forms-NVRE
Nevada Real Estate Forms, FormFiller, Printer, Viewer. Forms were adapted for electronic fill-in/out, with print and save capability by EZ-Forms. More@

PIM Xtreme 4138)   PIM Xtreme 0.6.0
PIM Xtreme is a free Open Source application for management of personal information (PIM: Personal Information Manager) configurable and highly flexible (or at least that is the goal). It aims to be a powerful organizer for your personal data.

M-Files 4139)   M-Files 2.1
M-Files organizes documents to a single location, where they are easily accessible at all times. It is quick and easy to take into use, giving total control of all organization's documents, from small office documents to complex CAD drawings.

Out n About! for Outlook 4140)   Out n About! for Outlook 1.20
Out n About! for Outlook is an In/Out Status Board add-in with integrated Phone Message Pad.

Ajour 4141)   Ajour 5.63
Ajour is an easy-to-use personal information manager (PIM). Use it as a combined calendar, diary, organizer, and reminder. Keep track of dates, appointments, annual events like birthdays, todo items, and notes. You can also dial phone numbers stored.

4TOPS Document Management in MS Access 97 4142)   4TOPS Document Management in MS Access 97 2.2
4TOPS Document Management for creating and managing documents using your MS Access Database. Create documents with content from your database. Instantly find and share documents. View all information on the document in in an Access form.

EasyEdge Labels 4143)   EasyEdge Labels 2
The EasyEdge Label program can save you money. It is the economical alternative to expensive strip label systems that can cost thousands of dollars, and pre-printed, pre-numbered file folders.

MyLife 4144)   MyLife 2.45.16
MyLife is an elegant 'Personal Assistant' Time Manager that provides a quick and easy way to organize your personal and/or work schedule. Enter your appointments, meetings, special events, and so on, and MyLife will keep your life on track!

Landlord Manager 4145)   Landlord Manager 8.30
Organise your property information in one place and get rid of those spreadsheets with one simple solution. Landlord Manager helps landlords organise their rental income and expenditure saving hours at tax time.

MyInfo 4146)   MyInfo 2.6
MyInfo is easy to use and powerful free form information manager. You can use it to organize any hierarchical information. No matter whether you use it for managing projects, making to-do lists or just storing documents, it makes your life easier.

DWF to DWG Converter Any 4147)   DWF to DWG Converter Any 2005.5.5
DWF to DWG converts DWF files to AutoCAD DWG and DXF file formats, you can recover DWF entities to corresponding DWG entities easily. It supports the DWF layers, multi-page specification and all entity types.

DataTrack System 4148)   DataTrack System 2.0.6479.3
The DataTrack System is an affordable, web enabled service and support management system designed for call centers, help desks, customer support centers, IT departments, and software development teams.

Dispatch Nurses to Hospitals with Excel 4149)   Dispatch Nurses to Hospitals with Excel 1.4
The Nurse Dispatcher can be used by staffing agencies that provide nurses to work various shifts at several hospitals. It is ideal for this application as well as others where you need to send people to work different shifts at different locations.

SikUp! 4150)   SikUp! 2.16
SikUp offers a new level of interaction with your computer. This powerful utility combines an event planner, organizer, utility quick launch option and smart system manager. SikUp is the ultimate software companion for effective and comfortable work.

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