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EasyFax 4201)   EasyFax 4.5
EasyFax has all the features you need: Easy and intuitive interface, powerful broadcast faxing, contact and fax log management, professional templates, full modem control and ability to import/export contact information. 4202) 4.0.2 is a component for the Dot.Net Framework that allows you to build DTA / DTAUS files that contain standardized information about money tranfers (wire transfers) between German and International banks.

3DS Export for SolidWorks 4203)   3DS Export for SolidWorks 1.0
3DS Export for SolidWorks is a 3D Studio® 3DS file export add-in for SolidWorks®. This add-in gives SolidWorks the ability to export 3D solid and surface data from a SolidWorks part and assembly document to meshes in a 3DS file.

Smart Suite for MySQL 4204)   Smart Suite for MySQL 6.10.9
Database Administrators rejoice! Now you don't have to compare, synchronize, navigate and backup SQL databases manually. Smart Suite for MySQL will do all this for you. One click and your databases are synched, viewed or backed up.

MemberNet 4205)   MemberNet 2.18
Member Personal Information software for all clubs

TradingNet 4206)   TradingNet 2.88
TTradingNet is used to issue Documents for your merchandising operation. It generates Quotation, Performa Invoice, Sales Confirmation, Contract, Purchase Order and Official Invoice. Further more, it provide Cost History comparison.

CodeX Apps Personal Edition 4207)   CodeX Apps Personal Edition 1.2
The Web 2.0 Organizer that runs locally, Designed For Individuals, Small businesses, And Educators. Plan things & to-do lists & calendar, take notes & journals, export to web formats to share with others. Manage everything using "tags" with ease.

Unit Converter Software 4208)   Unit Converter Software
Property unit converter price calculator software calculates total cost of sell purchase properties and converts unit of length area to and from hectares square centimeters feets furlongs millimeter inches miles kilometers yards mils rods acres ares

Debt Collection Manager 4209)   Debt Collection Manager 1.0.0
The Debt Collection Manager is designed to track your accounts receivable for multiple companies, print invoices, and remind you of past-due accounts. This program is designed to be quick and easy to use to track all of your customers.

Power PSP Video Converter 4210)   Power PSP Video Converter 1.2.55
a powerful PSP MPEG4 video converter/PSP burner with fast working speed in burning movie to PSP and downloading movie to PSP. Now you can get this PSP MPEG4 video converter at a very competitive price

Lubisoft Automobile for UIQ3 4211)   Lubisoft Automobile for UIQ3 1.01
Automobile helps you store your data, dealing with petrol cost, volume and expenses, milage, shopping of car accessories and services.

DominoPDF 4212)   DominoPDF
Easily Convert HTML to PDF with DominoPDF. Simply used from any development language or environment, including C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, PHP, Visual Basic etc., DominoPDF makes it quick to convert HTML to PDF.

EFX Forex Trading System 4213)   EFX Forex Trading System 2.06
EFX Forex Trading System - Forex Platform, Live Currency Rates, Currency Conversion Tool, Daily Outlooks and More. The EFX Trading System is an all-in-one program for serious foreign exchange traders. $25 Min. trade deposits, very competitive spread.

Duplicate File Finder for Pro Engineer 4214)   Duplicate File Finder for Pro Engineer 2.0
Duplicate file finder for pro engineer files.

FoxPro Sybase Anywhere Import, Export & Convert Software 4215)   FoxPro Sybase Anywhere Import, Export & Convert Software 7.0
Quickly transfer tables to and from FoxPro and Sybase ASA (Adaptive Server Anywhere) databases. Importing and exporting can be done without SQL knowledge. This program is not intended for use with Sybase Enterprise.

MyPDFCreator 4216)   MyPDFCreator 2.0.4
Create your own Professional PDF Files in 3 simple steps! Right click an existing file, choose "Create PDF Files" and click on OK. It's that simple. MyPDFCreator allows you to easily Create, Protect and Combine your own portable PDF documents.

WoodyMaxim 4217)   WoodyMaxim 1.0
I've been the marketing muscle behind some of the biggest adult sites online. I would love to tell you that those sites are, but I'm under contract not to divulge their info… seriously. If you've never dealt with a porn lawyer, count yourself lucky.

eZee Hotel Reservation Software Genx 4218)   eZee Hotel Reservation Software Genx 2007
eZee FrontDesk Hotel Reservation Software Genx is a perfect solution for small to mid sized hotels and resorts. This software is designed to manage all type of bookings.

freee credit report generator 4219)   freee credit report generator 1.0
You can get your credit report and score instantly with this software right to your desktop

!Code 39 Barcode Font shareware full free downloads 4220)   !Code 39 Barcode Font shareware full free downloads Deluxe
Barcodesoft Code 39 Premium Package empowers you to print Code39 barcodes from desktop printers. It is able to encode 43 characters.There are 14 fonts, a crystal reports UFL DLL, a sample and a GUI encoder included in the package

PalmVista Simple Installer 4221)   PalmVista Simple Installer
PalmVista Simple Installer allows you to install files and applications to your Palm device when you are running Vista. The palm quick installer is not Vista compatible. This one is. PalmVista Simple Installers requires that HotSync is installed and working on the Vista machine.

Pocket Knife 4222)   Pocket Knife 1.0
Pocket Knife - Get easy access to a massive selection of pocket knives to include Case Knife, Collectible Knife, Kitchen Knife, Boker Knife and more. Pocket Knife is very easy to install and use.

Multiple HTML File Maker 4223)   Multiple HTML File Maker 2.2
The software is designed primarily for use by webmasters, but it can also be used for many other purposes, including SEO site optimization. Create your own web-catalogs for products or programs, containing thousands of html pages.

PortfolioTK 4224)   PortfolioTK 1.10
PortfolioTK is a stock portfolio manager that provides both accurate quantitative statistics and advanced charting.

Commercial Equipment Leasing 4225)   Commercial Equipment Leasing 1.0
Commercial Equipment Leasing - Get easy access to equipment leasing services for commercial equipment, medical equipment, office equipment, and business equipment leasing. Commercial Equipment Leasing - Free Application.

Aly DVD to PSP Gold Pro 4226)   Aly DVD to PSP Gold Pro 1.270.37
Aly DVD to PSP Gold Pro directly converts DVD movies to your PSP. All you need do is to connect PSP to your PC and start Super DVD to PSP Converter. You can easily convert both PAL/NTSC DVDs for optimized video playback on PSP.

Forex forex D 4227)   Forex forex D 09
Its filled with practical tips deriving from Kathys experiences.MG Financial Group - Forex, FX, Online Forex Trading.Forex Trading with The Forex Broker. ACM offers online currency trading, commission-free, tax-free, lowest forex spreads on the marke

ID Flow Photo ID Card Software 4228)   ID Flow Photo ID Card Software 4.3
ID Flow Photo ID Card Software is the industry leading solution for secure ID card production, include 1D and 2D barcodes, magnetic stripe, biometrics, watermarks, photos and more. Print to plastic PVC cards or paper badges.

ABC Amber Sony Converter 4229)   ABC Amber Sony Converter 1.05
Advanced utility which converts your LRF (Sony) files to any format you wish (PDF, HTML, CHM, RTF, HLP, DOC, TXT, and more) easily and quickly. The software supports a batch conversion, a run from command line, more than 50 languages.

VevoCart 4230)   VevoCart 2.5
VevoCart is a comprehensive ASP.Net shopping cart software solution with full e-Commerce features enabling your business to sell products and services online.

Mortgage Video And Search Tool 4231)   Mortgage Video And Search Tool 1
The video, search and tutorial will allow you to make a better informed decision when it comes to choosing your mortgage deal and provider. If you're well-informed and have your finances in order then this will allow you to get excellent value

Easy Flyer Creator 4232)   Easy Flyer Creator 1.0
Easy to Use Software to help you create, design, print, e-mail and Upload your Interactive Flyers, Brochures, Leaflets and certificates. Create and Print Flyers,Brochures and Leaflets just in 5 minutes. Built In Templates for Various Industries.

Fast QuickTime Converter 4233)   Fast QuickTime Converter 1.2.66
Fast QuickTime Converter is a All-in-One powerful tool, Easy convert QuickTime MOV, QT, MP4, M4V files to AVI, DivX, Xvid, MPEG1, MPEG2, VCD, SVCD, DVD format.

BCL Drake Software 4234)   BCL Drake Software 1.0
Open and edit your PDF files in Word

InstallWizard XP 2005 (BOX VERSION) Software 4235)   InstallWizard XP 2005 (BOX VERSION) Software 1.0
DigitalWeb InstallWizard XP 2005 BOX EDITION

Payroll Software 4236)   Payroll Software 3.0.20
Payroll Mate is easy to use, yet powerful payroll system. This payroll software supports multiple companies with multiple employees, prepares payroll, prints checks and generates payroll forms 940,941, W2 and W3.

TS-AudioToMIDI Software 4237)   TS-AudioToMIDI Software 1.0
TS-AudioToMIDI creates MIDI sequences from MP3/WAVE/AIF/CD tracks, also in realtime.

DeltaGIS Map Edition Software 4238)   DeltaGIS Map Edition Software 1.0
Grapical Management of GPS measurements, Protocol and true-of-scale print

investX Software 4239)   investX Software 1.0
A personal investment software package for the end-of-day investor.

Excel Budgets - Master Budgeting PRO 4.6 Software 4240)   Excel Budgets - Master Budgeting PRO 4.6 Software 1.0
Excel workbook containing 20 budgeting and reporting spreadsheets consolidated into a Master YTD rep

Time Sheet Advanced Open Source Software 4241)   Time Sheet Advanced Open Source Software 1.0
Open Source Advanced Excel Timesheet

Easy Time Control Express 4242)   Easy Time Control Express
Express Edition is the ideal choice for small to medium sized organizations and individuals looking for an affordable time and attendance solution. Our Express Edition offers an ideal time management solution that is both powerful and easy-to-use.

Easy Card Creator Professional 4243)   Easy Card Creator Professional 7.20.22
The ideal choice for small to medium sized organizations and individuals looking for an affordable photo ID card solution. Professional Edition offers an ideal photo ID management solution that is both powerful and easy-to-use.

Halogen Business Process Management 4244)   Halogen Business Process Management 1.0
Whether you run a 5 man BPO operation or employ 50 staff our software can provide you with the tools to manage your entire operations hassle free. From tracking your employee time spent by assignment, customer, task, transaction or output.

1099 Forms 4245)   1099 Forms -
1099 Forms Filing and printing software: W2 Mate 1099 Software is the easiest and fastest 1099 Forms printing software. W2 Mate prepares forms 1099, W2, W3 and 1096.

IBXL 4246)   IBXL 1.0.3
Interactive Brokers real time streaming quotes downloader for Excel. IBXL downloads real time streaming quotes into Excel and thus it is possible to perform flexible analysis and data visualization using the features available in Excel environment.

Billing and Invoicing Software 4247)   Billing and Invoicing Software 4.2
BillingTracker Pro is time billing and invoicing software for service industry professionals such as lawyers, engineers, accountants, programmers, pc technicians, and consultants. Anyone who bills time and projects, and demands ease of use can use it

Roofing 4248)   Roofing 1.0
Roofing - Easy as 1 2 3. Use the roof calculator anytime you need it. A Roofing Calculator That Works! Roofing will help you give the right quotes on projects, as you know, this is essential to financial success. Use Roofing.

PDF/DOC/HTML/PPT/GIF/JPG files converter 4249)   PDF/DOC/HTML/PPT/GIF/JPG files converter 1.0
With Tukanas PDF/DOC/HTML/PPT/GIF/JPG files converter software, you can convert any file format to a whole range of formats like DOC, PDF, GIF, HTML, JPG, PWP and even PPT. With this software, a PDF document can be converted to a Word file...

Lokad Desktop Workload Forecasting 4250)   Lokad Desktop Workload Forecasting 1.0.0
Deliver workload forecasts. Too much staff and money is wasted. Too few staff and customers get mad. Scheduling optimization is a cornerstone of profitability. Get the right amount of staff at the right time through workload forecasting.

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