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ChineseBusinessDatabase 551)   ChineseBusinessDatabase 1.708
Chinese Business Database ! Instantly Download Largest China Trade Directory ! China is the factory of the world. A major chunk of every manufactured item that is being used today - either fully or partly, is Made in China. Grab your piece of China !

Forex Currency Paper Trader 552)   Forex Currency Paper Trader 1.0
Paper trade with Forex Currency Paper Trader before you open a demo account. Keep track of your winning trades and build up your confidence before you open a demo trading with your favorite broker.

iDreamPiano Software 553)   iDreamPiano Software 1.0
A virtual piano program, excellent sound and no latency on ANY soundcard

Morovia ITF25 Fontware 554)   Morovia ITF25 Fontware 1.0
Morovia ITF25 fontware package consists of 10 true type fonts and a language tool kit.At any point size, there are 5 different barcode heights to choose from. At any height, the user has 2 options: either with human readable text or without.

Account&See Invoicing 555)   Account&See Invoicing 2.9.3
Account and See Invoicing creates professional invoices, auto-repeating invoices and quotations via printer or e-Mail. Full Sales Ledger options including payment tracking, Sales Tax and comprehensive sales reports with Mailing Label options.

Biz-Plan 556)   Biz-Plan 2.0
Business Plan Guide and Template. Over sixty pages long. Detailed framework, structure & contents for a business plan with hyperlinks PLUS white paper on Writing a Business Plan. Requires Microsoft Word 97, 2000, XP or higher.

Quick Business Manager 557)   Quick Business Manager 1.95
QBM is an affordable solution for your organization to manage the business transactions, know about your customers and vendors, and manage employees. QBM is designed to be easy to use, with the state-of-the-art user interface.

Look 558)   Look 1.0
The program is intended for creation and optimization of cutting tickets of sheet materials. In it fast input of the information on orders and materials is provided; automatic and manual formation of cutting tickets; print of cutting tickets

Variable Investment Analyst 559)   Variable Investment Analyst 6.00
Variable Investment Analyst calculates profit, periodic, cumulative, & average annual total return, internal rate of return (IRR), capital gain, buy/sell prices, basis worksheets. Many charts. Very useful for investments w/multiple cash flows.

Bond Yield Calculator 560)   Bond Yield Calculator 1.0
The Bond Yield to Maturity calculator for Excel and OpenOffice Calc enables the automatic generation of scheduled bond payments and the calculation of resulting yield to maturity.

Mortgage Loan Software 561)   Mortgage Loan Software 1.3
Mortgage service is a set of financial calculation tools

Habil - Software GRATUITO de Controle Financeiro 562)   Habil - Software GRATUITO de Controle Financeiro 4.5.5
Mais de 3.7 milhoes de copias distribuidas. Sem custo de aquisicao, sem custo de manutencao, sem custo de atualizacao, totalmente gratuito. Contas a pagar e a receber, controle bancario, controle do caixa (receitas e despesas), agendas e muito mais..

Expense Recorder for J2ME 563)   Expense Recorder for J2ME 1.2
Expense Report Wizard is the fastest and easiest way to automatically create your expense reports. Enter expenses on your J2ME Device using the Expense Recorder software. Manage and submit your expense reports using the Expense Report Wizard website.

YourForex Trader 564)   YourForex Trader
YourForex Trader represents a revolutionary currency (FOREX) trading platform. 24-hr trading, Free Demo and Charting, News, commission free trading, Narrow Spreads, Consistent Liquidity, 100:1 leverage, professional service and tradition.

QuickBooks File Recovery 565)   QuickBooks File Recovery 1.0
Quickbooks File Recovery and damaged data repair for Quickbooks database files .QBW and Quickbooks backup files .QBB.

ezPower Restaurant Point of Sale 566)   ezPower Restaurant Point of Sale 8.1
Restaurant Point of Sales. Touch screen, scanner, keyboard or mouse. Track sales, Waiters, Inventory and Customers, Reservations, Split Payments, Split Tables. Print to Register, kitchen, Bar. Password security. USA, UK, Canada and Australian

EuroConvertor 567)   EuroConvertor 1.1.4
Converts easily between different currencies, includes daily automatic updates via the Internet

MDE InfoHandler 568)   MDE InfoHandler 9.4
A manager for many types of information featuring a unique non-hierarchical categorization scheme. Use it to organize notes, documents, Internet bookmarks, email, and much more on your PC and Pocket PC.

FinanCal para Excel 569)   FinanCal para Excel 1.6
FinanCalc para Excel 1.6 tiene 16 calculadoras y continua creciendo (esta nueva version tiene 2 nuevas calculadoras).

KingSmart Hotel Software 570)   KingSmart Hotel Software 2005
KingSmart Hotel Software 2005 offers hotel property management and restaurant, spa, conferences POS software, back office Accounting, Stock, Payroll software. Download KingSmart HPMS and POS Standard or visit for more products details.

Personal Finances + 571)   Personal Finances + 1.2
Programs include: annuity/pension payout,auto loan calculators, financial statement, growing money, retirement investment required, saving/pension growth, portfolio evaluator, portfolio fundamentals.

Excel Utility 572)   Excel Utility 3.1
Likeoffice Excel Utility designed to ease your work using Microsoft Excel. You can achieve complicated actions in seconds. It is a very friendly Excel Utility with customized toolbar and no ads or the same.

Exl-Plan Basic 573)   Exl-Plan Basic 2.7
Business plan projections for startups and established businesses. For business plans, budgets, strategic planning, raising finance etc. Generates fully-integrated, five-year projections based on annual assumptions.

AdAgentPlus 574)   AdAgentPlus 4.0
AdAgentPlus is a great tool for Advertising Agencies to help maximize productivity. The system performs many tasks including job tracking, costing, estimating, and purchase order entry.

Biometric Handpunch Manager Enterprise 575)   Biometric Handpunch Manager Enterprise 6.46.44
Biometric Handpunch h Manager allows you to manage all of your Handpunch devices in seconds. 576) 4.0.2 is a component for the Dot.Net Framework that allows you to build DTA / DTAUS files that contain standardized information about money tranfers (wire transfers) between German and International banks.

EFX Forex Trading System 577)   EFX Forex Trading System 2.06
EFX Forex Trading System - Forex Platform, Live Currency Rates, Currency Conversion Tool, Daily Outlooks and More. The EFX Trading System is an all-in-one program for serious foreign exchange traders. $25 Min. trade deposits, very competitive spread.

PortfolioTK 578)   PortfolioTK 1.10
PortfolioTK is a stock portfolio manager that provides both accurate quantitative statistics and advanced charting.

TS-AudioToMIDI Software 579)   TS-AudioToMIDI Software 1.0
TS-AudioToMIDI creates MIDI sequences from MP3/WAVE/AIF/CD tracks, also in realtime.

Easy Time Control Express 580)   Easy Time Control Express
Express Edition is the ideal choice for small to medium sized organizations and individuals looking for an affordable time and attendance solution. Our Express Edition offers an ideal time management solution that is both powerful and easy-to-use.

Confidentiality Agreement Download 581)   Confidentiality Agreement Download 4.0
The employee confidentiality agreement from protects the confidential information. The confidentiality agreement is effective and easy to understand. Download the confidentiality agreement now.

A Point in Time 582)   A Point in Time 2005
A Point in Time is the Last TimeSheet User Interface You'll Ever Need. Easy to setup. Fun to use. Affordable to any size company or individual. Focusing on the end user interface and ease of use.

Loan Calculator 583)   Loan Calculator 1.2
Loan calculator is a completely free & user-friendly amortization software for loan payments on homes, cars and refinances. Loan calculator supports regional currency settings and works with wide range of repayment cycles from 1 month to 50 years.

Wise Research Profit Prophet 584)   Wise Research Profit Prophet 1
Profit Prophet tells you what you need to do to profit on eBay. See how Cost of Goods, Expenses, Revenue, Promotion and Performance come together. Wise Research DeepAnalysis forecasts performance.Profit Prophet tells you how to maximize profit!

Forecast and Budget Builder Excel 585)   Forecast and Budget Builder Excel 2.1
The Forecast and Budget Builder is a streamlined tool to develop a 3 year business forecast with Sensitivity Analysis and a 12 month budget. It can be utilized for existing and proposed businesses or products/services. Easy to use and interpret.

ParseRat File Parser, Converter, Restructurer 2.0e 586)   ParseRat File Parser, Converter, Restructurer 2.0e
NEVER AGAIN RE-KEY LEGACY DATA: Parse, convert, restructure files and databases.

Morovia MSI Plessey Barcode Fontware 587)   Morovia MSI Plessey Barcode Fontware 1.0
Morovia MSI/Plessey Barcode font consists of 10 true type fonts and a language tool kit. At any point size, there are 5 different barcode heights to choose from. At any height, the user has 2 options: either with human readable text or without.

Project Timer Lite for Windows 588)   Project Timer Lite for Windows 1.0.1
Easy to use time tracking software.

eBay Analysis 589)   eBay Analysis 3.1
Compete! - Analyze your competitor's sales and sell smarter If you are an ebay seller, you may have a lot of competitors. Have you ever noticed that they seem to know what is selling well, what keywords to use, when to sell, and what price.

Instant Quote Professional 590)   Instant Quote Professional 5.10
Instant Quote Professional is a feature rich application designed for any business that requires quotes and invoices. Create quotes in seconds! Supports US, UK/VAT, Canadian and Australian GST systems.

iFlash Market Alert Software 591)   iFlash Market Alert Software 1.10.1007
Thanks to, you can now be kept up to the minute with the new iFlash alert software. FREE Stock Market Forecasts, Technical Analysis delivered instantly. Daily reports and access to 100s of archived articles. Download NOW!

Bond Value Calculator for PPC 592)   Bond Value Calculator for PPC 1.0
Bond Value Calculator makes it possible to estimate the prices of bullet and callable bonds using the arbitrage-free binomial tree of risk-free short rates model.

FF Billing Manager Pro Deluxe 593)   FF Billing Manager Pro Deluxe 4
New version 4 adds PDF support, shaded form options, compressed backups/restore, importing/exporting and more! EASY TO USE! Features unlimited invoices/ payments/ customers/ products, multiple companies, much more!

Credit Card Number Validator 594)   Credit Card Number Validator 1.1
Credit Card Number Validator is a free utility to help you check validity of a credit card number. Credit Cre validates credit card numbers right on your PC without going on-line or transmitting sensitive information from your PC.

Cyklotron 595)   Cyklotron 2.4
New technical analysis method. New formula and indicators. Download and beat any exchange market. Stocks, commodities, forex, futures and t-bonds trading is EZ like 123 now. Everything you should have is your data vendor in txt or csv format.

Global Stock Trading Watch List 596)   Global Stock Trading Watch List 1.0.0
As access to the world markets becomes easier, trading tools to give you prices from multiple exchanges become vital to your trading. This is where OTrader's Global Watch List(GWL) steps in. With the ability to update prices for free.

Dynacom Accounting Startup Edition 597)   Dynacom Accounting Startup Edition 10.0
The free Startup edition of Dynacom Accounting includes all the accounting basics to manage a business efficiently: purchasing, sales, general ledger, bank, and even payroll. This fully functional software has no time or transaction limitations.

TS Man 598)   TS Man 2009
Streamline the repair proccess using this professional tool. It was specifically designed to support the computer service and repair businesses in achieving a fast, professional and accurate service delivered to their customers

Fishbowl Inventory 599)   Fishbowl Inventory 4.6.1
Fishbowl Inventory Control Software integrates with QuickBooks to deliver a total accounting, inventory and operations solution that is simple, powerful and affordable.Visit us at

Select to Excel 600)   Select to Excel 1
This small Excel macro allows you to execute SQL commands on any ODBC data source directly in Excel and will paste the results in an Excel sheet where you can sort, filter and further manipulate the data.

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