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Aiseesoft PDF to Text Converter 551)   Aiseesoft PDF to Text Converter 2.0.08
Aiseesoft PDF to Text Converter is best PDF Text Converter, which is designed to convert PDF to Txt and extract text from the read-only PDF files by itself without the need of Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader software.

Concatenate PDF Files 552)   Concatenate PDF Files
PDF splitters merger program tool add delete pages from PDF files. PDF splitting joining combining adding software manage pages without acrobat and cuts PDF split break documents into multiple pages. PDFs splitter combiner can combine 2 files into 1

EdocSync 553)   EdocSync 1.6
EdocSync the file sync software allows teams to share, co-author and synchronize documents of any kind. It runs in real time, is easy to use, completely secured, and enhances the efficiency of your everyday document work processes.

Video Converter Max 554)   Video Converter Max
Video Converter Max is an easy to use tool to convert your video files to various video formats. The program features are: 1)Easy-to-use design. 2)Support the most popular video formats. 3)Preview the input video files before converting.

Web to PDF 555)   Web to PDF 6.0
Web to PDF - ein spezielles Werkzeug für die Umwandlung von Webseiten in Dokumente im PDF-Format

7-PDF Maker Portable 556)   7-PDF Maker Portable 1.0.3
Mobility today is important then ever! Portable applications are be right for mobile works. 7-PDF Maker Portable bridges a gap, because the program is one of the first available powerful PDF Creators for USB-Sticks and portable drives.

BeautyXLS 557)   BeautyXLS 2.1
BeautyXLS - an utility for quick automatic formatting of spreadsheets documents, also saving in the specified format.

Access Dashboard 558)   Access Dashboard 3.4 - Get latest Dashboards and reports for Microsoft Access Database. No coding or SQL knowledge needed to build Dashboards Build Superior dashboards in minutes Unlimited Charts, Reports,Drills and Parameters

Excel Dashboard 559)   Excel Dashboard 3.4
Get latest download at Excel Dashboard Designer is a very versatile tool for building Dashboards and reports for Microsoft Excel. # No coding or SQL knowledge needed to build Dashboards

Nuance OmniPage Pro 560)   Nuance OmniPage Pro 2010.19
Document conversion and OCR software. The combination of superior accuracy and functionality means OmniPage Pro saves organizations time and money by radically improving the ways in which paper and digital documents are processed, archived and shared

Nuance PDF Converter 561)   Nuance PDF Converter 2010.20
Nuance PDF Converter designed for business users, provides everything you need to create, convert, edit PDF files. Create 100% industry-standard PDF files. Convert PDF files into editable, fully-formatted documents

Volunteer Suite Premium General 562)   Volunteer Suite Premium General
Volunteer Suite Premium bundles InTrek Premium and MVP to create the next step in volunteer/member and asset management.

Volunteer Suite Premium (IT) 563)   Volunteer Suite Premium (IT)
Volunteer Suite Premium bundles InTrek Premium and MVP to create the next step in volunteer/member and asset management.

IMAlerts for SharePoint 564)   IMAlerts for SharePoint
IMAlerts for SharePoint is an enterprise collaboration solution for Windows SharePoint Services v3 (WSS 3.0) and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007).

Wondershare PDF to PowerPoint Converter 565)   Wondershare PDF to PowerPoint Converter
Wondershare PDF to PowerPoint Converter is a powerful PDF converter software which enables you to convert PDF file to PowerPoint (PPT) presentations with perfect effects quickly and accurately.

Steam Carpet Cleaner 566)   Steam Carpet Cleaner 2.0
Steam Carpet Cleaner - Read Those Reviews. If you're interested in purchasing a home steam carpet cleaner for yourself, you'll want to check the ratings on the websites. You really need more information than a casual conversation with a friend. Her

SyncWiz for Outlook 567)   SyncWiz for Outlook 2.12.0034
Outlook vCard and Calendar converter. Import and export vCard, iCal, .vcf, .vcs and .ics file formats. Sync Microsoft Outlook Calendars using vCalendar and iCalendar files. Synchronize and convert contacts to vCard and iCard files automatically.

MS Word Recent File List Software 568)   MS Word Recent File List Software 7.0
Show recently used MS Word files and open them as needed. Word 2000 or higher required.

MemoMaster (english) 569)   MemoMaster (english) 3.5.0
MemoMaster is a powerful MS-Word and Excel compatible free outliner software to create, administer and reference information in the familiar tree structure - including word processing, spreadsheet functions, e-mail alert, and file import and export.

Wondershare PDF Password Remover 570)   Wondershare PDF Password Remover
Wondershare PDF Password Remover is a powerful software which helps you remove PDF password and restrictions in seconds with perfect effects in seconds.

Wondershare PDF Converter 571)   Wondershare PDF Converter
Wondershare PDF Converter is a powerful software which helps you convert PDF files to Word, PowerPoint, HTML and Text with perfect effects in seconds.

CodeTwo CatMan 572)   CodeTwo CatMan 3.1
CodeTwo CatMan is a free tool for sharing categories in Microsoft Outlook. The program is used to deploy identical categories on multiple workstations with MS Outlook eliminating the need to finger-type data on each machine.

ritePen for Windows 573)   ritePen for Windows 3.5.20
ritePen is an advanced handwriting recognition, desktop control and note-taking software for pen-enabled Windows computers. Write anywhere on the screen and watch your handwriting instantly converted to text and entered into any Windows application.

Dokmee Home 574)   Dokmee Home
Dokmee Home is the ideal solution for centralizing files in an electronically accessible environment for a single user. It is becoming more demanding on businesses to go paperless due to compliance, risk reduction, and to improve efficiencies.

Autocomplete for Microsoft Word 575)   Autocomplete for Microsoft Word 6.0
When you are typing in Microsoft Word, the program automatically completes the words considering the first letters entered.

PowerAid 576)   PowerAid 1.0
QPM PowerAid adds new Selection, Find Similar, and Image Scaling functionality. For easy access, we have brought common PowerPoint functions side by side with our new functionality. Greatly increasing efficiency and removing new user frustration!

MS Word Teacher Lesson Plan Template Software 577)   MS Word Teacher Lesson Plan Template Software 7.0
Create lesson plan templates in MS Word. Word 2000 or higher required.

CMD Corrupt OfficeOpen2Txt 578)   CMD Corrupt OfficeOpen2Txt v2.0.1
Command-Line Corrupt Office 2007 Text Extractor extracts text from corrupted docx, xlsx and pptx files where the respective Office 2007 or 2010 programs fail to make this basic recovery. It also works on non-corrupt files.

Perfect PDF 5 Converter 579)   Perfect PDF 5 Converter 5.6
Perfect PDF 5 Converter für alle Aufgaben rund um PDF-Erstellung und Gestaltung: Erstellen von PDF-Dateien, die Eigenschaften ändern, das Dokument kommentieren, gestalten, schützen und digital signieren, Formulare ausfüllen und vieles mehr

WordPipe Search and Replace for Word 580)   WordPipe Search and Replace for Word 5.9.11
Search and Replace multiple Microsoft Word documents. Change hyperlinks and UNC paths when servers get renamed, update names, addresses and phone numbers, translate with find/replace lists. Automatically handles passwords. Unicode compliant

PDF Server for Windows 2008 581)   PDF Server for Windows 2008 7.00
Install a shared PDF printer on your server, and allow all your users to create PDF files on their client-side by printing from any Windows program to this shared PDF printer, and get high quality PDF output. Support Terminal Services and Citrix.

Total Doc Organizer 582)   Total Doc Organizer 1.1
Total Doc Organizer searches your pc for the right document. No matter how many documents you have of your computer Total Doc Orginizer will find the necessary one in no time. Search by part of the name, date of creation, language, or PDF properties

Abbreviation Management (Winword Plugin) 583)   Abbreviation Management (Winword Plugin) 1.3
Thesis and paper writing has many obstacles to bypass while writing a thesis or a publication. Among these are abbreviations. This plugin simplifies abbreviation management to ease writing abbreviations on the fly. Create abbreviation lists easily.

CodeTwo Public Folders 584)   CodeTwo Public Folders 4.5.9
With CodeTwo Public Folders you can easily share Outlook calendars, contacts, email, tasks with other users in real-time. CodeTwo Public Folders is a cost-efficient alternative to Exchange Server.

Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 585)   Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 2007

ImagePDF PDF to Multi-page TIFF Converter 586)   ImagePDF PDF to Multi-page TIFF Converter 2.0
PDF to Multi-page TIFF Converter is a Windows application with a Command Line interface that allows you to easily convert PDF document to lots of different image formats. PDF to Multi-page TIFF Converter is fast and easy to use.

PDF Page Joiner Splitter Cutter 587)   PDF Page Joiner Splitter Cutter
Add PDF files together. Join multiple PDF documents pages. Combine PDF in bulk. Free download PDF merger software to append or prepend PDF pages or images. PDF page cutter software deletes unwanted pages from huge pdf file. Remove blank PDF pages.

Xilisoft PowerPoint to Video Converter 588)   Xilisoft PowerPoint to Video Converter
Xilisoft PowerPoint to Video Converter can convert PowerPoint to various SD/HD videos like AVI, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, WMV, MOV, FLV, HD H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, HD MPEG 2 TS, HD WMV, etc. for playback on multimedia devices, web site or PC's media players.

Data Cleaner 589)   Data Cleaner 1.1
Data Cleaner is a powerful Excel Add-In. It is useful to organize and clean data in Excel. With Data Cleaner you can process as many cells as you want in a single process.It is designed to give you a user friendly environment with lightning speed.

Word To Image Converter 590)   Word To Image Converter 2.6
It converts all word(doc) files into image(jpg/jpeg,bmp,emf etc) files. it does not require any third party tool to convert doc files to image of diferent formats as described above.

TIFF Image to PDF Converter 591)   TIFF Image to PDF Converter
TIFF images to PDF converter software. JPG & JPEG pictures files to pdf conversion tool. Convert GIF, BMP, PNG, ICO, WMF, EMF, PCX & PIC photos to PDF documents. Software can create all images into a single PDF file as well can create individual PDF

MyBusinessCatalog Platinum Ultimate  License 592)   MyBusinessCatalog Platinum Ultimate License 8.2.0
MyBusinessCatalog is a comprehensive suite for creating a digital catalog on CD Make a CD catalog in PDF, HTML or e-store with MyBusinessCatalog easily! Digital product catalog on CD and WEB with internal order creation and submission system

Data Eraser 593)   Data Eraser 1.5
Data Eraser v1.5 is the tool for erasing or deleting data and files from hard drive completely that can never be recovered again. Generally when you delete a file from harddrive, that file can be recovered by any data recovery softwares.

Add PDF Files 594)   Add PDF Files
PDF page extractor software removes unwanted blank pages from PDF documents. Merge large number of pages instantly using PDF page combiner tool. Software concatenate PDF files together and split PDF pages. Utility appends PDF and Image in bulk.

Text Doctor 595)   Text Doctor 1.0
Text Doctor supports you in finding problematic spots in your writing. You get tools to find repetitive words, obfuscated sentences. You also will find tools to support navigation to the problematic spots.

Business Analysis Tool Desktop 596)   Business Analysis Tool Desktop 1.90
Business Analysis Tool Desktop is a Business Intelligence software for data visualization and OLAP reporting. You can analyze data by making pivot tables, charts, treemaps and dynamic scatter diagrams. See more at:

Image2PDF for Windows Mobile 597)   Image2PDF for Windows Mobile v1.0.3
Image2PDF mobile is a small utility that enables you to convert images into a single PDF file, archive it or share it with your contacts via email.

XLSafe PRO 598)   XLSafe PRO 2.50
DataSafeXL - secure Microsoft EXCEL Spreadsheets, protect VBA code, formulae and restrict access to your files. With XLSafe PRO you can protect your spreadsheets automatically and create files with time trial features.

Merge It! add-in for Microsoft Outlook 599)   Merge It! add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2007
Merge It! for Outlook 2007 is the perfect solution for sending personalized emails to a large number of recipients using Microsoft’s Outlook 2007.

Combine Multiple TIFF Files into One PDF 600)   Combine Multiple TIFF Files into One PDF
Free tiff photo to pdf converting utility software tool create pdf documents from tiff files.TIF into PDF freeware convertor include, bond, scan, shot, rotate, insert, combine, drawing pics into PDF. TIFF2PDF product converts creating pdf from tiffs

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