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3D Maroon Animated Cursors 2451)   3D Maroon Animated Cursors 1.1d
A collection of color coordinated 3D Maroon Animated Cursors for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000. There are 45 cursors in the set. The cursors are copyrighted but free for personal use.

Home Room 2452)   Home Room 1.10
HomeRoom allows you to easily switch desktop settings among multiple users without having to administer an account for each user. Ideal for small networks without domain controllers.

CarRental Yahoo! Widget 2453)   CarRental Yahoo! Widget 1.0
An easy one-click way to compare prices and availability on over 40 car rental companies at every city and airport in the world. You can specify any brand or class of car to include in your search or even the "Best Buys" for each company.

Rainbow Serpent 3D Screensaver 2454)   Rainbow Serpent 3D Screensaver 1.0
The Rainbow Serpent is a major mythological being for Aboriginal people across Australia. Rainbow Serpent 3D Screensaver is an abstract homage to this ancient story, accompanied by authentic Didgeridoo music.

MB-Ruler 2455)   MB-Ruler 3.2
A tool to measure distances and angles on the desktop. The distances can be measured in pixel, cm, inch, points or twips and the angle in radiant or degree The ruler is almost transparent. Additionally it has a screen loupe and a RGB value window.

7art Merry Flower Clock ScreenSaver 2456)   7art Merry Flower Clock ScreenSaver 1.1
Merry Flower Clock screensaver shows time in a funny uncommon way: Merry Flower is the Clock's face and leaves and petals are the Clock's hands. Bright colors of the screensaver and it's tender shapes are designed to cheer your moods.

Family Photo 2457)   Family Photo 1.1
Show off those adorable grandkids! The Family Photo screen saver displays images downloaded from your digital camera. Fun artistic filters such as oil paint, antique and pop-art keep your pictures lively again and again.

Hawaiian Beaches 2458)   Hawaiian Beaches 1.6.1
EZVideoSplicer is an easy to use media file editor. It allows you to encode AVI or WMV files, merge several media files together, split media into several different files, and create animations from still images.

Pc Icon Editor 2459)   Pc Icon Editor 3.1
PC Icon Editor is a powerful tool designed to Create, Edit, and Manage Windows icons, cursors, and Icon Library files. Create Windows icon from digital photos and images. Export icons to bitmap file with ability to define transparency color.

A Fun Christmas Screen Saver 2460)   A Fun Christmas Screen Saver 1.0
A wonderful screensaver of a snow scene of people having fun at Christmas. The snow falls on your screen. The Christmas song "Let It Snow" plays in the background but can be shut off. A nice screensaver to have for Chrismas.

M3DSaver 2461)   M3DSaver 1.03
M3DSaver is a Windows screensaver that uses fractals and 3D graphics. The program features realistic 3-D images and a new look at Mandelbrot and Julia Set, the well-known fractals.

Scenic Drive 004 2462)   Scenic Drive 004 1
This fully-functional free demo contains 12 of the 75 pictures contained in the full version. Shot on a beautiful January day in 2002, we start north of Granville Ohio. Hankinson to Dry Creek, on to Cat Run, then Layfayette, and back to Dry Creek.

The Lost Watch 3D Photo Screensaver 2463)   The Lost Watch 3D Photo Screensaver 1.0
The Lost Watch Screensaver is probably the most unusual 3D screensaver in the entire Internet. Timepieces are favorites of screensaver artists. But... you've never seen a pocket watch like this.

Birds Screensaver 2464)   Birds Screensaver 2.02
World is beauty. Birds have added to its beauty more. There are different types of birds in the world. They are different in color, size and habit. On their habit and activities they are also classified as teasing birds, tailor birds, singing birds.

Desktop-3D Notes 2465)   Desktop-3D Notes 3.0.4
Desktop-3D Notes (D3D) is a PC Sticky Notes software that is fully and individually customizable. You can send notes across the internet to all your friends. Change colors and fonts within each Note. You can also print your Notes. D3D is so fun!

Live Waterfalls 2466)   Live Waterfalls 1.0
Finally, enjoy full-motion, full-screen, professional quality waterfalls right on your desktop with Live Waterfalls. Enjoy not one, but seven waterfall scenes brought to life in full-motion, full-screen glory accompanied by authentic sound effects!

3D BioMolecula Pack 2467)   3D BioMolecula Pack 1.0
This program is an unique combination of two other programs - screensaver and desktop wallpaper generator, which show real 3D models of biological molecules.

NEON Screensaver 2468)   NEON Screensaver 1.0
Bring a carnival atmosphere to your desktop with this amazing screensaver. If you have ever seen the neon lights in Las Vegas, you will appreciate this screensaver See dancing green cubes emerge on your screen as they sparkle brilliantly.

ArtTraderUK 2469)   ArtTraderUK 2.0
A screen saver displaying the orginal artworks of British artists exhibited by dealers of the ArtTraderUK website. The screen saver cycles through a random selection of the artworks available at

AltMove 2470)   AltMove 2.0
Mouse enhance manage Can move and size window which do not support this ability Can change opaque of windows Can hide and show windows Runs programs from everywhere Assigns mouse-key combinations to menu items.

Haunted House 2471)   Haunted House 1.0
Take a nighttime stroll through the Garrison House, the scene of a ghastly murder-suicide. Keep your eyes and ears open... the restless dead haunt the darkened rooms and halls of this screensaver.

Wallpaper Cycler Lite 2472)   Wallpaper Cycler Lite 3.0
Manage all your wallpapers in multi-level categories and cycle them with a specified delay, at specific times or both. Supports more than 20 file formats.

Amazing Bubbles 3D Screensaver 2473)   Amazing Bubbles 3D Screensaver 1.1
Amazing soap bubbles slide on top of your PC desktop. Bubbles are moving from bottom to top of screen, pulsing and shining with all the rainbow colors. You can choose number of bubbles and its size, speed of bubbles movement and pulsing amplitude.

Bounties Of Thanksgiving Screensaver 2474)   Bounties Of Thanksgiving Screensaver 1.0
Family get-together, food, drinks and whole lot of fun. This simple screensaver brings back the fruity and spicy essence of the festival. Have a great funfilled Thanksgiving while you let this screensaver play on your screen.

Cheerful Monkeys ScreenSaver 2475)   Cheerful Monkeys ScreenSaver 2.0
Monkeys are our next of kin on this Planet, possibly even ancestors. Smart, talented and very funny they make us laughing and gave us a lot of joy. Let's enjoy them in Cheerful Monkeys slideshow screensaver.

Fantastic Ocean 3D Lite 2476)   Fantastic Ocean 3D Lite 1.0
Fantastic Ocean 3D takes you on a peaceful flight over the ocean surface. The view is superbly detailed and displayed from different camera angles in true 3D. The wonderful thing about it is that it changes constantly, making a marvelous panorama.

Hilary Duff Screensaver 2477)   Hilary Duff Screensaver 1.00
Download screensaver with your favorite actress and singer Hilary Duff now to your desktop. As Hilary was becoming a film and television star, she was also launching a remarkable recording career. Watch her simultaneous film and music careers continu

Navigation Icon Set 2478)   Navigation Icon Set 2.1
Your products will look more modern and attractive with Navigation Icon Set. Color formats include Windows XP and 8-bit formats. Available sizes are 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 and 256x256. This icon set includes direction and object icons.

!Easy ScreenSaver Studio 2479)   !Easy ScreenSaver Studio 3.6
This is a ScreenSaver maker software to make your own ScreenSaver easily as well as a ScreenSaver management tool. You can create ScreenSaver step by step with image and audio(MP3,WMA,MIDI,WAV...) files. And easy to manage your ScreenSavers.

Erica Durance Screensaver 2480)   Erica Durance Screensaver 1
Free Erica Durance Screensaver

MyFolder Free 2481)   MyFolder Free 1.0
Click on a folder with the right button of the mouse and change the folder icon by My Folder. By clicking right button of the mouse on the folder; you can reach all the galleries those defined submenu under Horizon Myfolder Menu.

Alyssa Milano Screen saver 2482)   Alyssa Milano Screen saver 1.0
Alyssa Milano Free Screensaver. Photos slideshow. Alyssa Jayne Milano (born December 19, 1972) is an American actress.

Tila Tequila Screen saver 2483)   Tila Tequila Screen saver 1.0
Tila Tequila Free Screensaver. Photos slideshow. Tila Nguyen (born October 24, 1981 in Singapore), best known as Tila Tequila, is an American glamour model and singer.

Pokemon Cartoon Screensaver 2484)   Pokemon Cartoon Screensaver 1.0
A screensaver with various scenes from the Pokemon cartoon television show.

Psycho Screensaver 2485)   Psycho Screensaver 1.0
Yet another Psycho Poker Screensaver.

Oklahoma University OU Sooners Screensaver 2486)   Oklahoma University OU Sooners Screensaver 1.0
Oklahoma University OU Sooners Screensaver provided by

Tropic Waterfall - Animated Wallpaper 2487)   Tropic Waterfall - Animated Wallpaper 5.07
"Tropic Waterfall" - Animated Desktop Wallpaper by EleFun Multimedia. Enjoy its sounds, get up under its streams and feel their power on your skin. Swim in warm water of the small bay under the waterfall. It seems like this whole beauty was

Brooke Skye screensaver 2488)   Brooke Skye screensaver 1.0
Get your own free adult brooke skye bikini beach screensaver

Prehistoric Valley 2489)   Prehistoric Valley 5.07
"Prehistoric Valley" is an Animated 3D Wallpaper by EleFun Multimedia devoted to the prehistoric epoch, the dinosaur epoch.Imagine for a moment that you found yourself in the prehistoric valley, in the times when there were no people on the planet

AutoWorld 3D Garage 2490)   AutoWorld 3D Garage 2.24
Enjoy your favourite car from all the views! Several self-tuning moving cameras and a static one built into the program make it fully different from the old 2-D screensavers with auto themes!

Icons-Land Vista Style Multimedia Icon Set 2491)   Icons-Land Vista Style Multimedia Icon Set 1.0
Are you developing media-centered software application, mobile application or website, and you would like it to have modern Vista style - then get this icon set. This icon set includes 58 icons (502 variations) of seven sizes from 16x16 up to 256x256

Lara Croft Bildschirmschoner 2492)   Lara Croft Bildschirmschoner 1
Lara Croft is the hottest Character in Virtual Reality and every tomb raider fans has has wet dreams about her. Now you can get the free 3d screen saver featuring lara croft in action on your PC from

ALTools Haunted House Halloween Desktops 2493)   ALTools Haunted House Halloween Desktops Series-12
Trick-or-Treat with these Spooky Haunted House Halloween Desktop Wallpapers. Approach the rickety iron gate and creep up the dark stone path. Knock on the door and beg for candy... Or beg for your life... Download these Halloween Wallpapers now.

World Time Clock &  Map 2494)   World Time Clock & Map 2.0
Advanced World Clock showing time in any place around the world. Features Map of World Time and World Clock modes, alowing easy check of time differance and current time around the globe.

YoutubeWatcher 2495)   YoutubeWatcher
Youtube Watcher let's you watch Youtube videos everywhere.

3D Santa's Flight 2496)   3D Santa's Flight 1.0
Santa’s Flight 3D screensaver invites you to accompany Santa Claus on his flight in the night starry sky above the vast North Pole lands covered with never-melting snows. Take a chance and have a seat in a reactive, Santa’s deer-driven sleigh!

Hip Hop Honeys 2497)   Hip Hop Honeys 2.0
2010 Hip Hop Honeys Screensaver featuring the hot new video models. Rosa Acosta, Bria Myles, L.A, Brian, kaaydah, KG Kedesha, Brianna, Max B and other hot Smooth Mag and King mag models

Megan Fox Screen saver 2498)   Megan Fox Screen saver 1
You'll love this free Megan Fox screen saver! Its the greatest around!

Animated Wallpaper Maker 2499)   Animated Wallpaper Maker 2.3.1
With Animated Wallpaper Maker you can turn any photo into a beautiful animated background for your desktop. These animated backgrounds can replace your standard wallpaper and will breathe new life into your desktop.

Best Ottawa's landscapes 2500)   Best Ottawa's landscapes 1.0
Free screensaver including 24 beautiful landscapes of Ottawa, Canada. After a short animated presentation and a panoramic projection of Ottawa River it displays at random 24 full screens with the best Ottawa's landscapes.

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