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Online Clock 1)   Online Clock 2
On the road without an alarm clock handy? if you have Internet access, you have a basic alarm clock available at OnlineClock.net. Just open it in a separate browser window, make sure your laptop is set to remain awake, crank up the volume.

Fire Heart Desktop Gadget 2)   Fire Heart Desktop Gadget 1.47
Nothing says 'I Love You!' more than a burning heart. Give your special one a perfect gift! A burning heart... on a computer's desktop! It's Fire Heart, a unique, unbelievably smooth computer desktop gadget!

Dynamic Notes 3)   Dynamic Notes 3.49
The program Dynamic Notes is a multi-featured scheduler, reminder, and organizer for Windows allowing you to create electronic stickers and display them when the time is due. The program is very easy to use and has low system requirements.

Commercial Foreclosure Gold Rush Review 4)   Commercial Foreclosure Gold Rush Review 1.7
Commercial Foreclosures Gold Rush is the new commercial investing system developed by DC Fawcett and Karen Hanover. This system has simplified the commercial real estate investing process so that anyone could benefit from the commercial foreclosures.

Software Toolbar 5)   Software Toolbar 5.5.0
Powered by Conduit, the Software112 community toolbar lets you install it on the main brosers, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome, and gives you fast access to search for software.

Stealth Mode Resume Parser 6)   Stealth Mode Resume Parser 3.0
Hrsoftware Desktop is a progressive and unparalleled parsing solution that helps the recruiting/staffing companies to automate their resume management by saving time, money and resources.

UEFA Informer 7)   UEFA Informer
The UEFA Informer Gadget tracks football matches scores, fixtures and teams standing in real time for World Cup, all UEFA Competitions and domestic leagues from UEFA region like English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, and more (51 countries).

Unlimited Long Distance Calling Soft 8)   Unlimited Long Distance Calling Soft 1.0
Unlimited Long Distance Calling | International Calls From Mobile or Landline | Crystel Communications

DeskClear 9)   DeskClear 1.1.0
DeskClear allows you to quickly and easily hide and restore your desktop icons and windows. Just one keystroke does it. Keeps your desktop clean and clutter free without slowing you down at all.

Making A Will Toolbar 10)   Making A Will Toolbar 2.0
Making A Will Toolbar, including other resources to help with legal matters

ImTOO Multiple Desktops 11)   ImTOO Multiple Desktops
ImTOO Multiple Desktops allows you to create multiple desktops and switch between them with hotkeys. You can run applications on new desktops and define hotkeys to switch desktops. With the desktop manager, no need to minimize and close applications.

Disposable Cameras CompanyPassword Keepe 12)   Disposable Cameras CompanyPassword Keepe 1.0
Disposable Camera Company Password Keeper manages ALL your IDs, passwords, links and many other details related to that particular account in just one software. It is a desktop application that is fuss free, functional, and saves you tons of money t

liquid vitamin mineral 13)   liquid vitamin mineral 2.01
Our Twitter software is an effective, easy-to-use desktop application which allows you to not only make multiple posts on twitter, but also set a schedule for your Twitter posts so all your posts are automatically uploaded on autopilot!

Your Honey Frame 14)   Your Honey Frame
Your Honey Frame is a beautiful, cute and extravagant picture holder for your pictures.

Disposable Cameras Do Follow Blogg Find 15)   Disposable Cameras Do Follow Blogg Find 2.0
dofoloww blogg finder used to promote http:/www.weddingphotoshot.com site on disposable cameras alternative and digital camera hire. Finds all do follow bloggs by a given keyword

Fk Desktop 16)   Fk Desktop 3.017
Why do you have only one desktop, if you can have as many as you wish? If you have installed a lot of applications, surely your desktop is full with icons.With FK Desktop you can create as many desktops as you wish.

Desktop Organizer 17)   Desktop Organizer 1.8
Ever had too much shortcuts on your desktop? Desktop Organizer is a program that can be used to tidy up your windows desktop while preserving your shortcuts.

Free Virtual Keyboard 18)   Free Virtual Keyboard 2.5
Free Virtual Keyboard is software that simulates the hardware keyboard on the computer screen and adds some elegant features. You can change size and transparency of virtual keyboard with one click at any time.

backitup.2 19)   backitup.2 1
back up data accross platforms and all typs of computers and networks

easystart2.1 20)   easystart2.1 1
easy start desktop application that runs on windows

Magnifying Glass Pro 21)   Magnifying Glass Pro 1.8.1
Magnifying Glass Pro is full screen magnifier that magnifies portions of the screen under the mouse cursor or caret. Magnifier contains a unique set of features including many visual options, smart behaviors, easy-to-control Glass with on-screen HUD.

Desktop Windows Lock 22)   Desktop Windows Lock 2.1
The program locks desktop Windows on the lock.

e-postit.1 23)   e-postit.1 1
digital post it notes for your desktop dont forget your appointments replace those pesky bits of paper

online marketing company 24)   online marketing company 1
Puzzle game interactive for one or two players teases your brain and you can compete with your friends.

wireless mobile broadband 25)   wireless mobile broadband 1
Mobile supervisor for pocket and hand held devices.Organise your self with your mobile device or smartphone.

Mobile Broadband ip client 26)   Mobile Broadband ip client 1
Mobile ip client for establishing connections with multiple ips

Just take any image with mouse select area which you want as play, pause,stop etc click on build your skin is ready.

Touch Alarm Free 28)   Touch Alarm Free 1.8.0
A convenient, iPhone-style alarm clock can be quickly set with a finger, scrolling hours and minutes. The big figures reduce the possibility of mistakes; there is also a rich variety of skins to fit any taste.

Clock-on-Desktop 29)   Clock-on-Desktop 2009.1
Clock-on-Desktop is fully flexible and highly customizable clock for desktop with skin and sound support. It has a rich set of options and managements. This clock will be fine to look on your desktop!

Get Christmas 30)   Get Christmas 1.2
Get your own ChristmasTree for your Desktop! This is a very innovative way to bring Christmas on your desktop! Decorate your desktop for Christmas!

Sparticles 31)   Sparticles 1
The Sparticles are the first line of Virtual Interactive Collectibles from the YummyWorks Astrofactory. These downloadable, 3D animated, desktop creatures were discovered in the 8th dimension.

Big Meter Pro 32)   Big Meter Pro 1.0
A free CPU meter for your desktop, with high resolution graphics! It displays three dials: a big one for the computer's CPU usage and two smaller ones for the memory and disk (partition) usage.

Billig Sprit 33)   Billig Sprit 1.0
Billig Sprit, Billig Tanken, Sprit Sparen, Tankstellen

Rss Verzeichnis 34)   Rss Verzeichnis 1.0
RSS Verzeichnis, RSS Feeds, Atom, RSS Feed Verzeichnis

Big Clock Pro 35)   Big Clock Pro 4.0
This utility displays a big analogue clock on your desktop, and you can adjust its position and if it stays in front. Six skins are available in this version: blue, green, black and three extra. It features programmable alarms and hourly beeps.

Auto Mouse Clicker EXT 36)   Auto Mouse Clicker EXT
Free automated mouse clicking on your screen by coordinates or wherever you decide to leave your mouse. Also includes a screen coordinate finder.

Desk Topmost 37)   Desk Topmost 1.00
Desk Topmost can let desktop float on the top instead of minimizing all windows.

PopupHint Anywhere 38)   PopupHint Anywhere 1.0.329
The tool for instant preview of the search results, term definitions and text translation from on-line sources for selected text in any application. Boost your productivity and enrich your knowledge with new standard of information gaining!

A cliche a day 39)   A cliche a day 1.00
"A cliche a day" is the exclusive, Worksheet Genius fortune cookie. Every time you log into your computer, you'll be greeted by education related quotation. Never tire of turning your computer on and off! Who could ask for more?

MiniDesk 40)   MiniDesk 1.2
MiniDesk - Very compact desktop manager.MiniDesk allows to create extra desktops.Having set a separate desktop for the applications of the same type, you will clear the space on the screen, the navigation will be simpler and easier.

PC Desktop Cleaner. Unclutter it now! 41)   PC Desktop Cleaner. Unclutter it now! 1.0.3
PC Desktop Cleaner cleans your desktop, storing your files in a special folder. It creates an index so you can quickly and easily find any file. Advanced users can define rules based on file name, and size. Powerful and easy to use.

TrayDay 42)   TrayDay 7.03
TrayDay: today's date at a glance, in the Windows tray, with handy popup calendar. Can show week numbers to ISO (or your own) standard. A double-click types the date in the format of your choice. Julian Day and Internet Time features.

Take Screenshot 43)   Take Screenshot 1.0
Take Screenshot is an instant screenshot taker program which can copy and save any or all area of screen instantly to a jpg file. It is extremely easy to use and is designed to make windows screenshot taking process a lot faster.

Tech Speech 44)   Tech Speech
Text To Speech, Voice Recognition Voice Commands. With a simple press of a button, look up works of the internet, keep track of those important dates, save your text you have written to wave files to be played on your site and more.

CouponBeauty Spring Widget 45)   CouponBeauty Spring Widget 1.2.0
The Beauty Coupon Widget - Features beauty reviews, beauty coupons, and beauty product information for major name brands like Sephora, MAC, Ulta, elf, Urban Decay, and more.

Yemek Saati - Yemek Siparisi Programi 46)   Yemek Saati - Yemek Siparisi Programi 1.9
Onbinlerce restoran, yuzbinlerce yemek arasindan kredi kartinizi kullanmadan aninda pizza, kebap, fast food, diyet, hamburger, balik, tavuk, kofte, pide ve her turlu paket servis...

Single Operator Live Chat 47)   Single Operator Live Chat
Computer technical support application allows your website visitors to contact your company representative in real time. Ajax chat software provides one to one chat facility with your online customers and records their IP address and host name.

MicroClock 48)   MicroClock 1.0
This utility displays a nice digital clock on your desktop. It has a programmable alarm for fixed hours and the clock translucency can be set in 10 levels. This clock can be shown in front of all other windows or it can be minimized to tray.

UEFA Informer Gadget 49)   UEFA Informer Gadget
The UEFA Informer Gadget tracks football matches scores, fixtures and teams standing in real time for all UEFA Competitions and major domestic leagues from UEFA zone like English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, and more (35 countries).

KlikIklan.com Classified Ads Submission 50)   KlikIklan.com Classified Ads Submission 1.0
KlikIklan.com Indonesia Classified Ads Submission was created by KlikIklan.com Company. Its main purpose is to submit your ads to Indonesia Classified Ads websites with only few clicks on the main window. Auto Mass submission.

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