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Billig Sprit 151)   Billig Sprit 1.0
Billig Sprit, Billig Tanken, Sprit Sparen, Tankstellen

Big Meter Pro 152)   Big Meter Pro 1.0
A free CPU meter for your desktop, with high resolution graphics! It displays three dials: a big one for the computer's CPU usage and two smaller ones for the memory and disk (partition) usage.

Sparticles 153)   Sparticles 1
The Sparticles are the first line of Virtual Interactive Collectibles from the YummyWorks Astrofactory. These downloadable, 3D animated, desktop creatures were discovered in the 8th dimension.

Get Christmas 154)   Get Christmas 1.2
Get your own ChristmasTree for your Desktop! This is a very innovative way to bring Christmas on your desktop! Decorate your desktop for Christmas!

Touch Alarm Free 155)   Touch Alarm Free 1.8.0
A convenient, iPhone-style alarm clock can be quickly set with a finger, scrolling hours and minutes. The big figures reduce the possibility of mistakes; there is also a rich variety of skins to fit any taste.

Just take any image with mouse select area which you want as play, pause,stop etc click on build your skin is ready.

online marketing company 157)   online marketing company 1
Puzzle game interactive for one or two players teases your brain and you can compete with your friends.

e-postit.1 158)   e-postit.1 1
digital post it notes for your desktop dont forget your appointments replace those pesky bits of paper

Desktop Windows Lock 159)   Desktop Windows Lock 2.1
The program locks desktop Windows on the lock.

backitup.2 160)   backitup.2 1
back up data accross platforms and all typs of computers and networks

easystart2.1 161)   easystart2.1 1
easy start desktop application that runs on windows

Desktop Organizer 162)   Desktop Organizer 1.8
Ever had too much shortcuts on your desktop? Desktop Organizer is a program that can be used to tidy up your windows desktop while preserving your shortcuts.

Disposable Cameras Do Follow Blogg Find 163)   Disposable Cameras Do Follow Blogg Find 2.0
dofoloww blogg finder used to promote http:/www.weddingphotoshot.com site on disposable cameras alternative and digital camera hire. Finds all do follow bloggs by a given keyword

liquid vitamin mineral 164)   liquid vitamin mineral 2.01
Our Twitter software is an effective, easy-to-use desktop application which allows you to not only make multiple posts on twitter, but also set a schedule for your Twitter posts so all your posts are automatically uploaded on autopilot!

ImTOO Multiple Desktops 165)   ImTOO Multiple Desktops
ImTOO Multiple Desktops allows you to create multiple desktops and switch between them with hotkeys. You can run applications on new desktops and define hotkeys to switch desktops. With the desktop manager, no need to minimize and close applications.

Making A Will Toolbar 166)   Making A Will Toolbar 2.0
Making A Will Toolbar, including other resources to help with legal matters

DeskClear 167)   DeskClear 1.1.0
DeskClear allows you to quickly and easily hide and restore your desktop icons and windows. Just one keystroke does it. Keeps your desktop clean and clutter free without slowing you down at all.

Unlimited Long Distance Calling Soft 168)   Unlimited Long Distance Calling Soft 1.0
Unlimited Long Distance Calling | International Calls From Mobile or Landline | Crystel Communications

Stealth Mode Resume Parser 169)   Stealth Mode Resume Parser 3.0
Hrsoftware Desktop is a progressive and unparalleled parsing solution that helps the recruiting/staffing companies to automate their resume management by saving time, money and resources.

Software Toolbar 170)   Software Toolbar 5.5.0
Powered by Conduit, the Software112 community toolbar lets you install it on the main brosers, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome, and gives you fast access to search for software.

Online Clock 171)   Online Clock 2
On the road without an alarm clock handy? if you have Internet access, you have a basic alarm clock available at OnlineClock.net. Just open it in a separate browser window, make sure your laptop is set to remain awake, crank up the volume.

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