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Squarez puzzle 6151)   Squarez puzzle 1.00
The object of this puzzle arcade game is to group like shapes into squares. There is a time limit so be quick. Game is fun and absolutely FREE!

Whack a Difference 6152)   Whack a Difference 1.1.0
Play this educational version of Whack a Kenny, each time you need to pick up a different object.

Christmas Gifts 6153)   Christmas Gifts 1.1.0
Help Santa Claus deliver Christmas gifts to the houses! Can you put the gifts right into the chimneys?

Ain 6154)   Ain 4.0
Ain is a 2D space fighting game in comic book style. It supports multiplayer mode as well as single player. Also, you can run several computer controlled players. Using the Menu, select new game.

Tatts Keno Pro 6155)   Tatts Keno Pro
Tatts Keno Pro is a professional and powerful tool designed to calculate combinations for Australian Tatts Keno. It's the ultimate software you have to try to improve your chances of winning and get the best out of your bet !

Field Command 6156)   Field Command 1.00
As Sargeant, Lead men to victory in 3 different missions in this online battle strategy game! Play this addictive game and have a lot of fun for FREE!

Field Command 2 6157)   Field Command 2 1.00
As Corporal, Lead men to victory in different missions set in Desert Storm in this online battle strategy game! Play this addictive game and have a lot of fun for FREE!

Battleship 6158)   Battleship 1.1.0
Strategically place your bombs to sink all the enemy ships.

Brickette 6159)   Brickette 1.1
Push, match, and remove sets of blocks. Your goal is to remove all blocks while never leaving single blocks behind. Featuring multiple modes Brickette offers hours of fun for both beginners and advanced players alike.

SHP Game Pack 3 6160)   SHP Game Pack 3 1.0
SHP Game Pack 3 with King of the Hill, Shove It, UFO Joe, Shootin' Hoops, Kerry Workout, Alien Attack, Alien Clones, Carnival Jackpot, Cherie Disco Blair, and Ice Slide!

Killing Time Solitaire 6161)   Killing Time Solitaire 1.00
Need to kill some time? Why not play solitaire! This is a classic one-person card game. Play this addictive game and have a lot of fun for FREE!

SHP Game Pack 4 6162)   SHP Game Pack 4 1.0
SHP Game Pack 4 download (10 games in all), with Alpha Attack, Commando, Magic Balls, and more!

Brix & Bomz 6163)   Brix & Bomz 1.00
Inspired by classic hits Breakout and Arkanoid. Clear the brix and avoid the killer bomz! Play this addictive game and have a lot of fun for FREE!

Smokin’ Aces Card Killer 6164)   Smokin’ Aces Card Killer 1.0
Seven hitmen, they’re psychotic, they’re ruthless, they’re degenerate, they’re relentless, with a one million dollar target. There is only one rule. Kill Buddy Israel. May the best hitman rule.

SHP Game Pack 10 6165)   SHP Game Pack 10 1.0
An awesome pack of 10 hot games including Bush Aerobics, Bush Royal Rampage, Detonator, Field Goal Challenge, Rocketman, Rugby Challenge, Rural Racer, The Ashes, Topsy Turvy, and Zed!

Battleship Fleet 6166)   Battleship Fleet 1
You have a fleet of ships and so does the computer. Your job is to marshal the firing patterns to try to sink all of the computer's ships before it manages to sink yours. There will be an element of luck involved but skill is still be central

Break O Mania 6167)   Break O Mania 1.2
Mit 100 Leveln voller Spaß und Action in State-of-the-Art 3D Grafik ist Break O Mania ein Spiel für die ganze Familie.

Killer Dolls! 6168)   Killer Dolls! 1.00
Survive the onslaught of killer dolls! Don't rest a minute or it could be the end. Play this addictive game and have a lot of fun for FREE!

Lumination 6169)   Lumination 1.00
Create a fireworks display in the sky in this fast-paced arcade style game - the better the display the more points you score. Play this addictive game and have a lot of fun for FREE!

Match the Couples 6170)   Match the Couples 1.00
Match the couples from the same countries together before time runs out. Play this addictive game and have a lot of fun for FREE!

Rolling Thunder 3 6171)   Rolling Thunder 3 1.0
Take your pick of either secret agent Albatross or his sexy sidekick Leila and fight your way through countless foes, solving the occasional puzzle along the way.

Sudoku Graphic 6172)   Sudoku Graphic 1.50
It is a new look on the popular Sudoku game. Now you can play not only with digits, but also with other high-quality images. You can print out the game at any moment and play on paper. The problem of equivalent solutions is solved.

Egypt Ball 6173)   Egypt Ball 2.1
Egypt Ball is an amazing adventure where the myths of Ancient Egypt will lead you through perilous dangers to achieve the great goal of restoring the long lost gifts of Amon-Ra, the King of Gods.

JPN-Cards 6174)   JPN-Cards 1.0
Many funds of cards, lovely screen funds, options will enable you to progress in these plays of solitaires. But you can also share your ideas with the integrated chat... Only happiness!

Battle Rush 6175)   Battle Rush 1.0
The Elefun Company prepares to release a new game named Battle Rush! The game is build up on the basis of a well-know and loved by many users Battle City game, with application of 3D technologies. The action takes place on the arena, where you and yo

Meteourz 6176)   Meteourz na
Defend your ship from meteours ramming into you and shoot up the cosmic rocks. Dont let the screenshot deceive you. Classic 3d wireframe graphics, visual effects for a vintage look and feel of a real arcade.

Musikapa 6177)   Musikapa 1.0
Some time ago everyone believed that arkanoid was a bat and a ball only and the main goal of the game was to destroy blocks with the help of the bat and the ball. But it is not like that! Modern games are a new way of human self-realization. Do you t

Bizzy's Spelling Bee 6178)   Bizzy's Spelling Bee 1.0
Form bigger and better words to rescue the bees and earn massive bonus points! Its seductive visuals and enchanting music make Bizzy's Spelling Bee great fun for all the family!

Alien Discipline Screensaver Game 6179)   Alien Discipline Screensaver Game 1.0
Alien Discipline screensaver game. In Alien Discipline you have been hired as a Professional Space Nanny by the Galactic Alien Government, your job is to discipline the toughest aliens in the universe. Flash Screensaver Game.

WordEmPlus 6180)   WordEmPlus 1.0
This fast-paced, complex word puzzler tests your visual and dexterity skills in a graphically exciting arcade environment while pushing your vocabulary & word building skills to their absolute limits!

Aib Screensaver Game 6181)   Aib Screensaver Game 1.0
Aib screensaver game. In Aib you're getting selection of fruit thrown at you from all directions. Your job is to avoid getting smashed in the face at all costs. Flash Screensaver Game.

Alphabet Soup Screensaver Game 6182)   Alphabet Soup Screensaver Game 1.0
Alphabet Soup involves rearranging letters into words before they fall into the soup bowl. Installs as a screensaver.

FlipIt: Eons Demo 6183)   FlipIt: Eons Demo 1
Captain Eon is lost in time! Journey through 31 levels in 7 environments to collect enough energy to return the Captain to the year 3600. Manage two game boards at once in this innovative action puzzler.

Boo Screensaver Game 6184)   Boo Screensaver Game 1.0
Boo is a game of remembering. Can you remember which of the four creatures made the noise and in which order.

Brainiac Screensaver Game 6185)   Brainiac Screensaver Game 1.0
In Brainiac you're a high school genius hired to work in a secret laboratory. Your job is to leatn "zurrohzgee" alien language in order to translate the seech of a newly captured leader. Brainiac screensaver game.

Castle Defender Screensaver Game 6186)   Castle Defender Screensaver Game 1.0
Castle Defender screensaver game. Many intruders have tried to take over the old castle of King Arthur, but because of his loyal bodyguards nobody has ever succeeded. At least until now.

Collapse Screensaver Game 6187)   Collapse Screensaver Game 1.0
Collapse screensaver game. The object of the game is to remove all the balls as quickly as possible by grouping them together.

Mary Kay Andrews: The Fixer Upper 6188)   Mary Kay Andrews: The Fixer Upper 1.0
After her boss in a high-powered Washington public relations firm is caught in a political scandal, fledgling lobbyist Dempsey Jo Killebrew is left almost broke, unemployed, and homeless. Out of options, she reluctantly accepts her father's offer to

Dante Gabriel Rossetti - The Day Dream Puzzle game 6189)   Dante Gabriel Rossetti - The Day Dream Puzzle game 1.5
Nice jigsaw puzzle made from the painting of a well known artist. Easy to play, you can control everything using only a mouse. The game runs well on every PC and contains no viruses or adware. Free.

DiamondChaser Screensaver Game 6190)   DiamondChaser Screensaver Game 1.0
You are a rogue pilot in the Alpha Sector. You have come into some lucrative information. The asteroids in the outer rings of Cora Flatar contain diamonds. Your job is to blast open the asteroids and collect the diamonds.

Extreme Racing Screensaver Game 6191)   Extreme Racing Screensaver Game 1.0
Object of the game is to complete 10 laps of the track without crashing. Good Luck!!

Field Goal Screensaver Game 6192)   Field Goal Screensaver Game 1.0
Field Goal screensaver game. Any good at Football? See how many goals you can score. Judge the conditions correctly and you'll be a winner.

Flower Frenzy Screensaver Game 6193)   Flower Frenzy Screensaver Game 1.0
Flower Frenzy screensaver game. Match up the flowers in 3 or more rows, vertically or horizonically against the clock.

Fruit Drop Screensaver Game 6194)   Fruit Drop Screensaver Game 1.0
Fruit Drop screensaver game. Fruit Drop is based on the old Tetris. So you can image it's quite addictive. Installs as a screensaver.

Halloween Smash Screensaver Game 6195)   Halloween Smash Screensaver Game 1.0
Halloween Smash screensaver game. Match up the Halloween Symbols in rows of 3 or more against the clock. Installs as a screensaver.

Evan Almighty Arketris 6196)   Evan Almighty Arketris 1.0
Help Evan Almighty with the Ark! The goal of the game is to clear all of the wood pieces from the screen. As they tumble down to the wood pile, arrange them in stacks to collect them for Evan’s Ark.

JigSaw Puzzle Monkey Screensaver Game 6197)   JigSaw Puzzle Monkey Screensaver Game 1.0
JigSaw Puzzle Monkey screensaver game. Complete the Jigsaw of a monkey within the alotted time.

MostFun Oasis 6198)   MostFun Oasis 1
Travel back 5,000 years to explore Ancient Egypt in the exciting online game, Oasis. Discover secret gems and conquer angst-ridden barbarians as you build your MostFun Egyptian empire. This strategic online puzzle game has all of the excitement of Lu

Kerry Bush Bash Screensaver Game 6199)   Kerry Bush Bash Screensaver Game 1.0
Your job as moderator is to block both president Bush and Senator Kerry from attacking each other. Installs as a screensaver.

Major Slant Screensaver Game 6200)   Major Slant Screensaver Game 1.0
Guide the ball around the maze in the least time possible but don't touch the sides or you'll have to start all over again. Installs as a screensaver.

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