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Super Mario World Flash 7551)   Super Mario World Flash 1.0
32 Mario levels all with Mario universe enemies for you to jump on and defeat. Can you beat all 32?

Super Punch Out 7552)   Super Punch Out 1.0
Joe must to defeat all of his enemies to stay alive. If you fail, Joe will lose his life. Use special attacks and see what is the weak point of Your enemy to beat the game.

iSudoku 7553)   iSudoku 2.3.2
Not only a puzzle creator and solver, but a great tutor to help you quickly master sudoku skills. It can automatically generate five different levels of puzzles and supports a powerful hint system with two sets of techniques to help you when needed.

Bus Driver 7554)   Bus Driver 1.5
In Bus Driver PC driving game, your job is to transport passengers around an attractive and realistic city. You must drive to a timetable on a planned route, whilst obeying traffic rules, and taking care not to upset or injure your passengers.

Checkers Game Software 7555)   Checkers Game Software 7.0
Play a game of checkers against the computer.

2 Suited Wasp Solitaire 7556)   2 Suited Wasp Solitaire 3.0
2 suit Wasp Solitaire card game is like spider solitaire but played with 1 deck. This version uses two suits, and you can stack different suits on top of another and still move them around. The goal of the game is to sort all cards into four stacks.

Tank Tactics Game 7557)   Tank Tactics Game 1.0
A tactic game with tanks. Click to choose which unit to launch. Take out the enemies and take over all of their buildings by standing on them until the blue bar fills up. Regain your health by standing on one of your own bases until your health bar i

AntiTerrorist 3D 7558)   AntiTerrorist 3D 1.0
3D Anti-terrorist free windows mobile game

MobilesGames 7559)   MobilesGames provides information from world leaders in mobile communications, global Mobile Networks, Mobile Broadband providers, Computer manufacturers and dealers. We are committed to providing you with information on the best Mobile P

Cheap london hotels Puzzle 7560)   Cheap london hotels Puzzle 1
Cheap London Hotels Puzzle. Nice 55 piece jigsaw puzzles with full in game control. Some advanced piece shapes in this puzzle so this game is really aimed at intermediate to advanced puzzle solvers. Novices and beginners will enjoy.

The Kung fu Master 7561)   The Kung fu Master 1.0
Kung fu and wushu are popular terms that have become synonymous with Chinese martial arts. However, the Chinese terms kung fu and wushu; have very different meanings.

Whomb 7562)   Whomb 1.0
A small arcade game where You must smash spawning enemies by using enormous giant hammer. The main character the white rabbit is angry and You must help him vanish the attackers of garden.

Mario Super 7563)   Mario Super 1.0
The game idea is a little bit old as the old Mario Bros from NES or Pegasus console. Nothing more to say about the idea. Play as famous red plumber named Mario. Hi is on journey now and must rescue the princess Peach to save her life. Defeat evil Bow

Super Mario Icy Tower 7564)   Super Mario Icy Tower 1.0
Again our brave moustached hero named Mario must free the princess from evil hands of bowser. This time Bowser has builded the giant ice tower and put Mario's true love on the last floor. Play as Super Mario, Luigi, Koopa Troopa or small Goomba.

Quick Cooking 7565)   Quick Cooking 1.0
New free online cooking game by You have the recipe and should collect all necessary things to the blender. When you point to the object you can see the inscription, drag the object into the blender with the mouse.

Sonic Quiz 2 7566)   Sonic Quiz 2 1.0
Play Sonic Quiz 2 flash game Test your Sonic IQ. Answer 10 questions related to the Sonic Game Characters.

Wasp Solitaire 4 Suit 7567)   Wasp Solitaire 4 Suit 3.0
4 Suited Wasp Solitaire card game is derived from spider solitaire, but played with only one deck. Unlike Spider Solitaire, in Wasp Solitaire you can move around any cards that are visible--even if they have cards played on top of them out of order.

Sabina Weekend 7568)   Sabina Weekend 1.0
New free addictive escape room game by There is a list of hidden objects that should be found at bathroom, school room, compartment and hall. Click at them with the mouse and they will disappear.

Vampireville 7569)   Vampireville 1
The government will soon obtain the right to sell Malgrey Castle because no heir has claimed the property for 100 years. All of the appraisers that were sent by your boss have gone crazy, including one of your close colleagues. Now it's your turn! Un

Sonic Quiz 1 7570)   Sonic Quiz 1 1.0
Answer the questions about the different sonic series games and characters, like Tails, Knuckles and Robotnik.

Sonic Quiz Yoruchi 7571)   Sonic Quiz Yoruchi 1.0
Answer the questions about the different sonic series games and characters, like Tails, Knuckles and Robotnik.

Sonic Shadow XS 7572)   Sonic Shadow XS 1.0
Sonic Shadow XS - Shadow the hedgehog online sonic game. Play Shadow hedgehog as main character and save the friends of Sonic Land. Collect rings to get score and beat the levels by pushing hard and fast to right side of level.

Royal Envoy Collector's Edition 7573)   Royal Envoy Collector's Edition 1.0
Take the King's challenge! Save the wonderful land of countless islands from the merciless forces of nature. Construct and upgrade homes and buildings for the island citizens and become the chief city planner of marvelous Islandshire.

Around the World Portable Multilingual 7574)   Around the World Portable Multilingual 2.0
Around the World Portable Multilingual - download and play. No installation needed. Your objective is to predict whether the next number will be higher or lower total than the last.

3D Pool 7575)   3D Pool 1.0
A friendly game into 6 ball billiards. And what's better is that it's 3D! As you go into the game you can adjust your view, by zooming in or zooming out, or you can adjust in game. Which is nice for those harder shots that come around.

Dark Parables: Curse of Briar Rose 7576)   Dark Parables: Curse of Briar Rose 2
1000 years ago, Sleeping Beauty was kissed by a prince, which removed a terrible curse from the kingdom. The rampant briars were held at bay, but the poor princess was left in her slumber.

Naruto and Sasuke 7577)   Naruto and Sasuke 1.0
How well can you focus your chakra in this tree climbing training? Help Sasuke accomplish this training by climbing the tree. You can also use 3 chakra boosts to give Sasuke a surge of energy. It gets harder when your higher up the tree. Good luck!

Bonus Bowling Portable Multilingual 7578)   Bonus Bowling Portable Multilingual 2.0
Bonus Bowling Portable Multilingual - download and play. No installation needed. Your objective is to predict the outcome of a bowling throw.

Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes Museum 7579)   Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes Museum 1.0
New hidden object online free game with addictive plot and great graphics by Do not miss the possibility to solve the mysteries of Sherlock Holms museum. Be the detective, find the objects in the list and escape the room.

Hidden Mysteries: Lamp of Aladdin 7580)   Hidden Mysteries: Lamp of Aladdin 2
Hidden Mysteries: Lamp of Aladdin - Download at Finding yourself in a real fairytale is every child's dream - a chance to feel the magic, to command the power of nature or even to perform heroic deeds.

Mosaicers 7581)   Mosaicers 1.1.3
Splitting into parts and reconstruction of an original form of object - a picture preliminary divided into separate fragments by a principle of a mosaic. As an initial picture any graphic files can act. It is possible to transfer created puzzles.

PC Backgammon Online 7582)   PC Backgammon Online 2.1
Welcome to the amazing backgammon world where you can play for real money or for fun absolutely free of charge. Our room is one of the biggest online and you can play with thousands players from all over the world any moment.

Dragon Ball Z 3 7583)   Dragon Ball Z 3 1.0
Another funny fangame made for fans. Play as Songo on his magic cloud. Your main objective is to destroy flaying enemies, evil Pilaf again prepared his army and he wants to conquer the Earth!

Naruto Genin Training 7584)   Naruto Genin Training 1.0
The academy is where would-be ninja start; they are not actually considered ninja until they graduate. Academy students take formal and practical tests of all sorts and are taught basic ninja skills, such as martial arts, techniques, physical fitness

Land Air Sea Warfare Mac 7585)   Land Air Sea Warfare Mac 1.0
Command gigantic mega units and dominate in battle! Create factories to pump out legions of vehicles, aircraft, and ships to wage war with. Execute your strategic battle plan and enjoy the carnage that ensues.

Naruto Kunai Avoiding 7586)   Naruto Kunai Avoiding 1.0
A small score game with Uzumaki Naruto and other Konoha characters. The main objective of this game is very simple just avoid the incoming deadly shurikens by moving Naruto using the mouse. If longer You will survive than more score you will gain. Go

Naruto Sakura Dress Up 7587)   Naruto Sakura Dress Up 1.0
Another dress up game with Naruto characters. This time you will get a fancy set of Sakura clothes, from boots to jackets, ninja suits and other cool stuff. Just use mouse controls to drag and drop wanted suits. You can also take a screen shot to cre

copy that game 1.0 7588)   copy that game 1.0 1.0
Copy That Game - The Easiest Way To Copy Games If you want to make back up copies of your games then the CopyThatGame system is the best way to do it.

Horse Racing Track 7589)   Horse Racing Track 1.000
Wager on which horse will win in this exciting track side racing game. Place your bet down and cheer the horses on as they gallop at thunderous speeds in a struggle to finish first.

Assasins Creed Stoneage 7590)   Assasins Creed Stoneage 1.0
Stoneage Assassin is a dark tale of revenge that takes place in a prehistoric age. As the player you take the role of the father who had his daughter kidnapped in the middle of the night by hunters. After being left for dead by the hunters the father

Real Live TV Software 7591)   Real Live TV Software
<a href="">real live tv</a> , <a href="">live tv</a> , <a href="">tv software</a> , <a href="">watch live tv</a>

Relaxation Tetris 7592)   Relaxation Tetris 1
Relaxation Tetris is a classic Tetris game. It helps you to lower your stress level and calm you down.

Halloween Madness 7593)   Halloween Madness 1
Halloween Madness is a highly addictive 3-match game which have magical scrolls, awesome items, spectacular special effects and many other funny surprises.

Super Mario Funny World 7594)   Super Mario Funny World 1
Super Mario Funny World is really a classic Mario Games remake.Your main objective is stomping on the enemies to not get killed yourself.Jump into fun with Super Mario Funny World.

Cube Monsters 7595)   Cube Monsters 2.0
3D video game mix of Zuma, Tetris and Bejeweled. Addictive and filled with weird and colorful monsters. Fit for all ages.

Cheap hotels Puzzle 7596)   Cheap hotels Puzzle 1
Cheap Hotels Puzzle. Nice 70 piece jigsaw puzzles with full in game control. Some advanced piece shapes in this puzzle so this game is really aimed at intermediate to advanced puzzle solvers. Novices and beginners will enjoy.

Avatar Fortress Fight 7597)   Avatar Fortress Fight 1.0
Launch fireballs and more at the other village. Try to take down their dojo by launching weapons. Use many kinds of boulders to anihilate enemy buildings and bases.

Avatar Game Arena 7598)   Avatar Game Arena 1.0
Create your own character and challenge the world's best benders! Choose your nation and fight against 20 benders in this ultimate tournament. Use special skills to fight against your enemies. Darts Calculator 7599) Darts Calculator 0.9
A free flash darts calculator. Since a lot of people find keeping the score difficult,this keeps track of the score so there can't be a miscalculation, due to maybe one to many beers.

Tiny Sudoku 7600)   Tiny Sudoku 1.0
A tiny Sudoku application that can even help you solve Sudoku problems. Supports many different board sizes and difficulty settings. Supports sketching as you work out the numbers, and can supply you with hints if you get stuck.

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