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ChessPartner 5.1 1501)   ChessPartner 5.1
Love chess but can't find a real person to play with you? ChessPartner is a chess program that willfulfill your need.

Discord Times 1502)   Discord Times 1.3
Discord Times is a new mystical RPG-Strategy made in genre of medieval fantasy. Spells, magic, weapons and strategic thinking all come into play in this challenging game, as one Hero tries to reunite the kingdom and fight off hostile feudal lords.

Amazeing 1503)   Amazeing 6.00
A realistic 3D maze walkthrough game - can you find the exit? Or will you be slimed by the evil mucus? Choose a maze size, single or multi-level, grab your pack of stickers to mark where you've been, check your compass, and off you go!

Storm Angel 1504)   Storm Angel 1.0
An amazing fast-paced action game combining the latest 3D visual effects with the classic side-scrolling shoot'em up formula.

xCheckers for Pocket PC 1505)   xCheckers for Pocket PC 2.0
Play 10 great checkers games: American, Brazilian, Canadian, International, Italian, Pool, Portuguese, Russian Shashki, Russian give-away and Spanish Checkers. xCheckers supports many levels, allows save games in files and more...

Pharaohs Curse Gold 1506)   Pharaohs Curse Gold 1.6
A platform game mixed with cool puzzles, immerse yourself in this great arcade/puzzle game. In this game you use drills, hammers, picks and scoop to dig the breakable tiles to reach Gold, when you collect all the gold in a given stage.

Risk II 1507)   Risk II 1.0
In Risk II the world is at war and you are the commander of an army fighting for global domination.

Tetris4000 1508)   Tetris4000 2.6
Tetris4000 - 3D Tetris is everlasting! This game is a real masterpiece in multiplicity of computer puzzle games. Since the beginning of 3D Games Age you have never seen such exciting Tetris as this game is!

Devils Kitchen 1509)   Devils Kitchen 1.0
Devils kitchen - an action packed game for all hobby gourmets with a wicked fantasy and twisted taste buds. Move the devil through his kitchen, catch a pot, ingredients and a lid to cook for grandma. Enjoy your meal!

Necklace 1510)   Necklace 1.0f
Princess Ania needs a hero to go out into the world and find 9 gems for her necklace. You are the hero who thought the quest was easy. How long will you take to find all the gems and help many others on your way?

BigPatience 1511)   BigPatience 4.1
Play 60 popular and unique solitaire card games! Game features: customizing solitaire rules, unlimited undo and redo, selectable decks and backs of cards, texture and landscape backgrounds, game statistics, the detailed help.

Shift 247 1512)   Shift 247 1.1
Shift 247 is an extremely addictive arcade game with great graphics, thumping music and a variety of different environments to play in. This is a must-have download for any arcade game fan!

Fruit Matching 1513)   Fruit Matching 2.11
In limited time, you are required to complete enough fruit switch to move to the next level. So you got to work hard and be smart . You will get hint if you got stuck.

Scynse-Man 1514)   Scynse-Man 1.31
Klon des berühmten Arcade-Spiels. Auf seiner Flucht vor den bösen Zigarettengeistern muß Scynse-Man durch verschiedene Irrgärten gelenkt werden und sämtliche Pillen verschlingen. Bestleistungen werden mit Namen in einer High-Score-Liste gespeichert.

Match Numbers 1515)   Match Numbers 2.0
Play against the computer in this addictive memory game.

ClickTris 1516)   ClickTris 1.62
ClickTris is a classical tetris game. During all game many pieces fall from top of window. Piece falls until it lands on anoter piece or bottomof window. When pieces form horisontal line, this line erises and all pieces above fall down.

JoBryxz 1517)   JoBryxz 1.1
Break your way through 30 unique levels with realistic bouncing balls. Destroy all bricks. There are up to 7 balls in action. Keep as many balls as possible in the playing field and you will get a great highscore.

Rider Tarot - Light Edition 1518)   Rider Tarot - Light Edition 9.0
Historic card game of divination using the Rider Tarot deck. Users may use the 22 Major Arcane or the 78 Major/Minor Arcane. Eleven popular card spreads. Reversed images, music, individual card readings. Music and more. Must see. Very popular!

Chuzzles Chess Puzzles Pop-up For Your Desktop 1519)   Chuzzles Chess Puzzles Pop-up For Your Desktop 1.0
Chess Puzzles for your desktop! Sits in your tray so you can pop it up any time. Simple click and move allows you to enjoy a Chuzzle Chess Puzzle while talking on the phone. Hee hee.

Sudoku Works Solitaire 1520)   Sudoku Works Solitaire 1
Generate Sudoku puzzles and play them using cards instead of numbers. 5 levels of difficulty, also number and letter puzzles. Play on your PC or print out. Best times roll of honour. Multiple skins and sound effects. Coaching aids.

Beat the Clock 1521)   Beat the Clock 1.0
Got some spare time? Let's waste it (literally) with this brand new arcade game!

Bound Around 1522)   Bound Around 1.0
Your family has been kidnapped to Insect Land.Bounce through the desert, the snow land and all other places of this big land to save them.Over 160 levels full of action and creative puzzles await you in a world full of ladybugs and explosive apples.

UrthWurm 1523)   UrthWurm 1.0
A small DOS game where you guide a wurm though a cave. Unique gameplay, press spacebar to rise release spacebar to dive. UrthWurm is an MS-DOS remake of the game SFCave created by SunFlat, which was released on PalmOS and also Windows 3.x.

BVS Solitaire Collection 1524)   BVS Solitaire Collection 6.3
This enjoyable, easy-to-learn card game collection is one of the most popular in the world. BVS Solitaire Collection features all your old-time favorites, including Spider Solitaire, Monte Carlo, Pyramid, Golf, Freecell, Yukon, Klondike and Cruel.

Funky Farm 1525)   Funky Farm 1.1
A farming frenzy of pigs, sheep and wolves! Make a living as a funky farmer selling wool and pork chops.

Magic Beads 1526)   Magic Beads 3.2
Draw a bead on relaxation and play this gripping puzzle. Draw a one-color line made up of at least three beads and you will start scoring your points! Amusing gameplay, nice music and eye-pleasing graphics, so why not give it a try?

Gold Miner Joe 1527)   Gold Miner Joe 1.02
Help Gold Miner Joe explore the legendary four-shafted gold mine in this cartoon-style jump n run game. Be careful and avoid the sneaky Kentucky brothers who won't hesitate to fire your rump full of salt.

SquareOff Gold 1528)   SquareOff Gold
By combining simple rules with special tiles SquareOff creates a strategy game that will test your abilities for hours.

Hardwood Spades 1529)   Hardwood Spades 1.2 b22
Get whisked away from ordinary spades. Play Hardwood Spades with it's addicting gameplay , gorgeous imagery and an charming feel. Grab your friends and play online, meet new people or just play by yourself. Free to tryout!

Pacman Millenium 1.0 1530)   Pacman Millenium 1.0
A clone of the popular Pacman game.

Drum free editor 1531)   Drum free editor 5
Drum editor. Use this game for record and plaing drum sound. A virtual workshop for drummers and drum editor ear training

Skywriter Plane Screen Saver 1532)   Skywriter Plane Screen Saver 1.0
Have fun creating personalized smoke messages in the blue sky with the Skywriter Plane Screen Saver.

MarienbadMax 1533)   MarienbadMax v0
MarienbadMax draws one's inspiration from the cult film « Last year at Marienbad » But it was too easy. Then I added two rows, now it’s a good brainteaser. The first CBware (ComicBookware) sent on approval. Good distraction.

Seasons 1534)   Seasons 1.2
Give yourself a little boost with our brand-new game - Seasons! In this incredibly exhilarating move-and-rotate puzzle you must find your lucky chip to flip and get several matching chips with the same season icon. They explode, you score! Have fun!

Egyptian Baccarat 1535)   Egyptian Baccarat 1.0
Egyptian Baccarat acquaints you with an inhabitant of Egypt. The Egyptian is so really designed that he seems to be alive. The music is chosen to create the feeling you are in Egypt and bright colors of the game space touch the imagination!

3DRT Dominos 1536)   3DRT Dominos 1.0
A high traditional Dominoes game for two players. This game, invented in China then introduced in Europe in the XIIth century is widely popular in most Maghrebian coffee shops and played in Cuba and even by the Inuits.

The 80 Classic Games 1537)   The 80 Classic Games
The largest collection of classic games ever assembled in one download.

:Puzzle! - Riddle Printmachine 1538)   :Puzzle! - Riddle Printmachine 1.0.0
Print a new 3D-Puzzle sheet. Cut out around outside edges of the pieces. Fold and glue them to form cubes. Now stack up the cubes and count the points on all four sides of the tower. If the sum is the same on each side, then you have won. Good luck!

Carl's Classics 1539)   Carl's Classics 1.52
Carl's Classics is a game collection with 14 classic games like Chess, Backgammon, Checkers, Reversi, Pachisi and many more. You can play against a computer player or against another player over the Internet or through network!

mGames 1540)   mGames 1.6.7k
mGames is a new totally FREE rapidly growing online gaming portal, where users can log on and play games such as chess & checkers against others around the world, and compete in tournaments.

A.A.L. - Alien Eliminator 1541)   A.A.L. - Alien Eliminator 1.88.2
Shoot aliens in this action game: Fight 45 arcade style enemies in 15 alien empires and 135 levels. Shoot whatever moves (or doesn't move for that matter), pick up in-game powerups and unlock stronger ships.

Master Cribbage 1542)   Master Cribbage 3.00
Excellent cribbage card game. Featuring high resolution vector cards graphics. Developed with Macromedia Flash8 Professional. Includes many features such as rules of play, help, sounds, voice, skill levels etc.

TubesMIX 1543)   TubesMIX 1.18
Very addictive puzzle game, the purpose is to collect parts of the tubes in the correct order in the limited time.

Touch Puf 1544)   Touch Puf 1.5
A unique puzzle game that has 150 levels. The goal is to destroy all color blocks in all levels of the game by making similar colored blocks touch each other. The levels start very easy and slowley goes harder. There is also a level editor.

Europe!  Macintosh 1545)   Europe! Macintosh 2K+
Package of fast paced and challenging European geography games including countries, capitals, major exports and geographical features. Used in schools and homes around the world; geography scores improve rapidly. Bon Voyage!

Aaron a dreamer boy 1546)   Aaron a dreamer boy 1.0
Aaron is a dreamer boy. You must help Aaron to complete his dreams before dawn. Help Aaron like a spacial commander, like an adventurous boy across a cemetery or like a brave knight in Anaby's Kingdom.

BALLOONrain XS 1547)   BALLOONrain XS 1.0b
BALLOONrain is a new puzzle game for the family with an original and innovative gameplay. The goal is to gather and combine balloons. Whether you are looking for 15 minutes of relaxation at work or for unlimited challenges, BALLOONrain is for you!

Baby Boom 1548)   Baby Boom 1.2
Fast paced arcade game with 3 different game modes and excellent graphics. Test your speed and reflexes in Manic Mode where the babies just keep on coming or practice your skills in Free Play mode. Remember babies don't bounce, they splat!

PathQuest 1: The Phoenix Arisen 1549)   PathQuest 1: The Phoenix Arisen 1.0
Our uniquely designed epic adventure of betrayal, hope, family secrets, daring escapes and savage combat comes to your PC with explosive revelations, novel-quality writing, stereo music and sound effects, and high-res custom made graphics.

Absolute Backgammon 1550)   Absolute Backgammon 4.7.3
Ready for a fun game of backgammon? Try this excellent, feature packed and easy to use backgammon game. With superb graphics and 5 skill levels, you won't be disappointed. For all levels of player, from beginner to expert. Can play using your voice.

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